Minoring in Twitter: Cubs’ Williamson goes from field to studio

By Danny Wild / MiLB.com

John Williamson studio.jpg

Remember Cubs Minor Leaguer John Williamson, the part-time/aspiring rap artist? Now that the season is over, he’s back in the studio:

Which I guess is an upgrade from rapping in the passenger seat of some guy’s car:

Hey, I take hikes all the time. Hiking and nature can be therapeutic.

So the question is, is Williamson better at rapping than pitching? The 23-year-old finished the season 2-1 with a 2.37 ERA and 53 strikeouts in 57 innings at Class A South Bend — he allowed just one home run all year and held batters to a .218 average, so at this point, maybe music can wait.


What if you’re not an actual rapper? Sometimes you just need to drive and sing:

Sometimes you just need to dance and sing:

Micah likes getting dirty:

If uniform isn't dirty I didn't do anything that day.

A photo posted by Micah Johnson (@micah.johnson11) on

Rays Minor Leaguer Mike Franco had one of the weirdest dreams last night! #suspense

Where have all the scary movies gone?

You know who LOVES yoga? Rays Minor Leaguer Zack Trageton:

Y’all are clowns:


How much is Sandy Alcantara bleeding in his bullpen throwing sessions? Seriously.

Jeremy Barfield and the game of baseball have a rocky relationship:

Jeremy Barfield and his local Ford dealership have a rocky relationship:

Guess what? Phillies right-hander Kenny Koplove is correct:

Mariners prospect D.J. Peterson is not pleased with American Airlines:

Switch-hitting Tigers Minor League second baseman and Texas native Brett Pirtle spent most of the season in Michigan, but now he’s finally home and reunited with Chicken Express:

How nice is this photo by Angels prospect Michael Hermosillo?

No worries

A photo posted by Michael Hermosillo (@michael_hermosillo) on

Giants Minor League catcher Matt Pare documents his cross-country road trip, which includes seeing bats in Austin, Walter White’s car wash from Breaking Bad and sunrise over the Grand Canyon, among other things:

Erie outfielder Wynton Bernard met Jerome Bettis:

Cardinals Minor Leaguer Corey Baker suited up for Israel in the World Baseball Classic on Friday:

Tim Tebow Tweets of the Week

The Mets are selling Tebow apparel to fans after the former QB signed a deal with Majestic to license stuff with his name (usually a player would have to be in the MLBPA), and Minor Leaguers are jealous:

Tebow is “grinding” and players appreciate it:

Tim Dillard Tweets of the Week

Tim Dillard hasn’t been called up to the Majors, but he is in Milwaukee now, wearing a Brewers uniform and re-enacting scenes from Office Space with Bernie:

Chipotle Tweet of the Week

In New York City, where a Chipotle chicken burrito bowl is $9 with tax instead of $6.30, it’s more like two:

Minoring in Twitter: Players reflect on 9/11

By Danny Wild / MiLB.com

A Mets Minor Leaguer took to Twitter to reflect on Sept. 11, 15 years later:

Others also posted notes:

Giants Minor League catcher Matt Pare is now on dog-walking duty:

But Charlotte left-hander Matt Purke? He’s already got the dog-walking routine down:

Yankees prospect Jake Cave is ready for an offseason of fried chicken and tea:

Cubs Minor Leaguer Zack Short takes a shot at American Airlines. Ouch.

Padres prospect Carlos Asuaje has a message for El Paso as the Pacific Coast League Finals head to Oklahoma City:

Red Sox prospect Tyler Hill is freaked out:

Put your rifle down — there’s balls to be thrown:

Would you like to sell Indians prospect Justin Toole your kayak?

What would you do to save your mozzarella sticks?

White Sox Minor Leaguer Brad Goldberg got stuck with a $7 coffee bill:

Sauce Boss:

Blaise Salter, Super Star:

Yankees prospect Josh Rogers broke his driver:

The new MiLB team in Kinston, North Carolina is asking for help in naming its team:

Tim Dillard Tweets of the Week

The iPhone 7 came out Friday but Tim Dillard is already thinking ahead:

Minoring in Twitter: Raining garbage — how one MiLB team cleans up

By Danny Wild / MiLB.com

The Daytona Tortugas, a Florida State League team and Reds affiliate, revealed how they clean garbage from fans that’s fallen under the bleachers this season. It’s pretty awesome:

Royals No 6 prospect Kyle Zimmer has been on the DL since May, which allowed him to take a nice vacation to Kauai, a Hawaiian island where parts of the Jurassic Park movies were filmed:

Here’s everyone who’s called himself a Round Rock Express this past season:

People have been looking at Red Sox Minor Leaguer Justin Haley funny:

I’m not really sure what happened in this photo — how did players from Midland get into the hotel rooms of Corpus Christi players?

Mamma Chia really loves Tyler White. What’s he gonna do with all that stuff?

Tim Dillard Tweets of the Week

Tim’s season in Colorado Springs is over, and so is his long hair and beard. See for yourself:

Yes, we said the beard and hair are gone. He documented that process, of course:

Yes, the season is over for many Minor Leaguers. Some — most — did not get a September promotion to the Majors:

Minor Leaguers Aren’t Excited About Tim Tebow, Part III

Tim Tebow Mets.jpg

Tim Tebow is officially headed to baseball’s professional ranks, and haters are hating. I think a lot of the resentment among current Minor Leaguers stems from Tebow getting a $100,000 signing bonus — the most money the Mets could give him without incurring penalties — despite having not played baseball since high school in 2005:

I’m guessing A’s Minor Leaguer and 2013 28th-round pick Joe Bennie did not get a lucrative signing bonus:

Wait, wait, hold on. Has anyone asked Tigers Minor Leaguer Blaise Salter what he thinks of this whole Tebow thing?

As for Tebow himself? Welcome to Minoring in Twitter:

Chipotle Tweets of the Week

Does this count?

Minoring in Twitter: Reactions to Tim Tebow’s pants, 4 a.m. bus meltdown, Kaepernick opinions


By Danny Wild / MiLB.com

Tim Tebow took his first big step toward living the high life in the Minors (see our 4 a.m. bus breakdown drama below!), working out for 200 or so folks at USC on Tuesday, with most of the assembled onlookers being Major League scouts and media members. Tebow? He’s confident. The scouts? They’re cautiously optimistic. According to the LA Times:

Scouts queried agreed that Tebow is likely to be signed and assigned to the lower levels of the Minors, perhaps high Class A or Double-A, as a corner outfielder.

First of all, Double-A is not a “low level” of the Minors. I would be stunned if Tebow was sent to a Double-A team to open the 2017 season, or even a Class A Advanced club. But could we see Tebow sign, get a crash-course in baseball at instructs and then spend the offseason working closely with coaches to learn the basic (and finer) points of the game? Sure. Tebow at Class A next April would be a great story.

For those not familiar, Tebow won the Heisman Trophy as college football’s top player while at Florida before an up-and-down NFL career that saw him lead the Denver Broncos to the playoffs and then basically get discarded by the Jets, Patriots and Eagles, effectively ending his football career. He’s remained popular (and polarizing) as he works as an analyst for ESPN. Earlier this summer he surprised us all by pursuing a career in professional baseball, a game he hasn’t played since he was a high school junior. His workout Tuesday was attended by every Major League team except the Cubs, Giants and Athletics. Red Sox GM Dave Dombrowski said his team wouldn’t be “rushing out to make a signing,” but Tebow’s agent said five or six teams expressed interest.


According to the LA Times report, Tebow’s agent, Brodie Van Wagenen, noted that “teams expressed immediate interest after the tryout.”

But what did actual professional baseball players think of Tebow’s power, speed and outfield arm?

Tim Dillard recaps the Colorado Springs Sky Sox’s thoughts on Tebow:

Colin Kaepernick stirs up debate


Another NFL quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, has accomplished much of what he intended to do this week: create an on-going debate/dialogue about American values, freedoms and society in general. Kaepernick has decided not to stand during the National Anthem before football games, and sports fans have taken the behavior down a few different paths. Minor Leaguers? They also chimed in:

Minor Leaguers love riding buses

Hey, it’s September, so our days of players whining about 19-hour bus rides through Iowa are growing slim. Enjoy ’em while they last:

Hot Rods’ 4 a.m. bus meltdown

The Class A Bowling Green Hot Rods could have used some actual hot rods to get from “middle of nowhere Ohio” to Lake County, which I’m guessing is also middle of nowhere Ohio.

Hot Rods radio announcer Alex Cohen takes over, documenting the entire nightmare:

“Sun beginning to rise”

Grab your pillows boys, the new wheels are here!

They look like Little Leaguers on a school field trip, holding their baseball gloves and pillows while the adults talk things over:

But this story has a happy ending! The Hot Rods earned a trip to the Midwest League playoffs three days later, which means more baseball and more bus trips through Kentucky and Ohio!

Pigs in the community:

Micah Johnson says he did pretty well in his fantasy football draft (for the record, I got an A- in mine):

Bakersfield’s days in the Cal League are numbered, but they made the playoffs:

Stay tuned:

Good luck Florida:

Tim Dillard Tweets of the Week

Tim Dillard takes his videos seriously. Look at this dude, these are real, un-edited screengrabs from his videos:

tim 1.jpg

tim 2.jpg


Gene Wilder is gone, but Willy Wonka lives on forever:

Wait for Bill Murray:

But here’s how it all really goes down:


Chipotle Tweets of the Week

Due to a lack of MiLB Chipotle-related tweets, please enjoy this story about kids eating free.

More from High Desert

By Josh Jackson / MiLB.com

In this week’s California League notebook, MiLB.com visited with fans, staff members and players who are in the process of saying goodbye to the High Desert Mavericks, one of the two Cal League clubs (along with the Bakersfield Blaze) being eliminated in a Class A Advanced realignment.

Here, we have more thoughts about the end of an era from people connected to the Mavs.

Players Luke Tendler and Scott Heineman

Heineman: “It’s known as a hitter-friendly ballpark, because on most days the wind is blowing out. Defensively, it can make it kind of frustrating, because if a ball gets caught up in the air, it’s a tough one to read. But definitely as a hitter, knowing that you just need to put a good swing on one and it can travel out of here is a good feeling.”

Tendler: “That’s the biggest thing with me, when I see the wind blowing out, I can definitely go up there like, ‘Hey, let’s try to hit one in the air and try to get it out of here,’ and sometimes that will affect my approach, instead of going up there with a clear head to try to hit the ball hard.”


Luke Tendler hit 22 homers and 35 doubles in his first 125 Cal League games. (Ben Sandstrom/MiLB.com)

Heineman: “As hitters, even though some days we want to come out here and take BP because it’s fun to see the ball travel and put on a show, we also like to take BP in the cage, just because we want to stay focused on a line-drive swing and not let the wind get caught up in it and let it affect our swings.”

Tendler: “When I got drafted, I went to short-season [Class] A, which is in Spokane, Washington, and they had a big crowd there every single night. The next year, I went to [Class] A, which is in Hickory, North Carolina, which is not a bad crowd. Then you come here … it’s definitely not as big a crowd as other places I’ve played before, but we have some good fans here. We’ve got some loyal fans.”

Heineman: “We don’t get many, but the fans who are here are die-hard fans. We see [some] every single night, always in the front row cheering us on. To have those guys here helps us want to play here.”

Tendler: “It’s cool [trying to win a championship] knowing this is the last High Desert team, at least for a while. At the same time, we’re hungry, and it don’t matter what stadium we’re playing at. We’re going into the playoffs, and we’re trying to win it. That’s the biggest thing — we’re going there trying to win every game if possible.”

Heineman: “We’ve been talking about it in the clubhouse, obviously, we’ve got eight games left, and we want to play well in those games. We want to get to 80 wins at least and see how many ‘W’s we can get out of that, but this group is just excited to get going in the playoffs.”

General manager Ben Hemmen

On coming to the team ahead of the 2016 season only to see it shuttered after 2016:

“I call it the High Desert experience adventure. We work in an unbelievable industry where we get to create lifelong memories with people. This ballpark’s been open for 26 years, and that’s evident through a lot of different things. For all the old that you see at the ballpark and everything that’s been aging and hasn’t been kept up, there’s that same season-ticket holder who’s had that same seat for 26 years. It’s been awesome to be able to impact their lives over the last 22 months and bring them joy while we can, while we’re here. It’s been a fun adventure.”

“I didn’t come here with the idea of moving or doing anything. I just came here to do my job and learn, and it was a great place to be able to come and be a first-time GM. So much history, so many people have been here and gone to great places.”

“It’s been amazing to be able to contribute. It’s too bad it’s the final days, and I’m going to be the last one — I guess I’ll be a trivia question: ‘Who was the last GM in High Desert?’ But it’s been great for me, personally.”


Ben Hemmen has found 20-year-old photos of fans who are still season-ticket holders. (Josh Jackson/MiLB.com)

On dealing with the question of what comes next:

“It’s a perplexing situation. But every baseball season, something comes to an end: the season, the team, the record, your attendance — on all levels, or whether you’re a player on the field. Every season’s a new chapter or a new beginning. I’ve dealt with this once before in the closing down of an old stadium, because I got my start in Omaha with the Royals affiliate. So, I was with the Omaha Royals in ’09 and ’10, and we closed historic Rosenblatt Stadium, so I’ve been through the whole rummage-sale, move-out process, but we had a new ballpark to move to in the city, so there was excitement. This is a completely different story. Personally, it’s a change, and change is tough.”

On fans:

“I told the staff, people are going to be sad, and when they’re sad, they get mad. Some people get angry, some people just get really, really sad, and we don’t know where to direct that. It’s too bad, but for our staff, we’re just going to be out there, be free agents looking for jobs, and we can use this as great experience to leverage our next step.”

“HoJo [Howard Johnson], our manager, great guy, lets people experience the game more than they ever wanted to. He lets staffers, his staff, other people, bring out the lineup card. He let Margaret May, who’s been a season-ticket holder for over 20 years, do it the other day. She just had tears in her eyes. It was sad, but it was happy tears. I’ve talked to people, and for a lot of them, their question is, what are they going to do? Where are they going to go? A couple season-ticket holders have started an email chain. They went around getting people’s addresses to stay in contact. I guess this is the open call for Lancaster, Inland and Rancho…. Who wants to give me a referral fee for sending them the business?”

“They’ll find their baseball, they’ll find their stuff, but for them it’s truly sad, because they live here. I only got here two years ago. I came here just for this job, so I can move on and move out, but these people — it’s their lives. This is where their families are. Generations have been raised here. I talked to one lady who brought their daughter here when they first moved here when she was 4, and she now has her daughter here, so it’s a mother, a grandmother and a kid. It’s those stories that are going to be the most sad, because at the end of the day, baseball goes on. There will be 30 teams and their affiliates. But it’s the history that’s leaving that’s sad.”

Fan Margaret May

“My husband [John] is a very devout baseball fan. Actually, his team is the Detroit Tigers. He’s from Detroit. I’m from England, but I still love the baseball.  It’s a lot of fun. We meet a lot of nice people.”

“[The Quakes’] radio announced [Mike Lindskog] used to be our radio announcer. We’re very good friends, and we go down there and visit with him and his wife and their little boy all the time.”

Fans David and Sharon Martin

David: “In 2010, we moved here. We got a half a year season-ticket the first season we arrived, and solid ever since.”

Sharon: “Full season tickets ever since.”

David: “But I guess we’ll just become Quake fans. Longer drive down the hill…. I guess next stop is the Quakes. OK.”

Minoring in Twitter: Goats, falling mascots and lots of dogs

By Danny Wild / MiLB.com

Goats with a goat. Twitter is probably not going to beat this photo this week:

It should be noted that the Hartford Yard Goats (a) have yet to play in Hartford and (b) refer to something that isn’t actually like the goat pictured in these tweets:

Here’s a bunch of food-themed mascots hilariously and repeatedly falling over a bullpen mound in Reno:

What does it look like when a fan throws up on the field during a game? The Charleston RiverDogs answered that question for us:

What’s it like to play in front of a stadium closed to fans? Here ya go:

Pretty gigantic salmon:

Twins prospect Todd Van Steensel apparently orders Jimmy John’s takeout every day:

Luke Jackson loves you:

Tim Dillard Tweets of the Week

“But he looks like a troll”

“I gotta gain some more weight”

“Michael Phelps and the dude that lied.”

“Oh no”

Minor Leaguers tweeting equipment photos

Minor Leaguers celebrate their dogs

Friday was supposedly #NationalDogDay or some made-up holiday. Here’s some photos:

Bowie’s David Hess swapped out his Mustang for a pickup truck:

Is Columbia’s Andrew Church  — who looks really happy in his player page headshot — saying he’s going to steal yoga pants?

Chipotle Tweets of the Week

Let’s make it a week of Chipotle!

Extra meat is $3.25 now?! #MakeChipotleGreatAgain!

Minoring in Twitter: Joey Gallo’s kiss, Ben Verlander’s traffic drama, thoughts on Ryan Lochte

By Danny Wild / MiLB.com

Joey Gallo kissed a teammate before a game, and then both hit home runs:

Other teams in Texas did not have as much good luck. The Hooks’ bus was so broken that a guy holding a bucket over his head was called in to help:

U.S. Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte did not have the best end to his Rio adventure:

Tigers prospect Ben Verlander isn’t sure how to pay for things:

Ben also had some strong words for folks who don’t hit the gas when the light turns green, including some lady named Patti who mostly tweets about Senate Republicans and whose profile photo is a cat:



Braves top prospect Dansby Swanson already has his own card after getting called up:

What happened to Sal Romano? He’s a wanted man and the enemy of elevator technicians everywhere, apparently:

Mets Minor Leaguer PJ Conlon isn’t into seeing feet while watching gymnastics in Rio:

Reno needed some new windows in the press box last week:

Baseball players love their shoes:

Tim Dillard Tweets of the Week

While adding these tweets to this blog, MiLB.com’s Ben Hill walked by my desk and muttered, “Oh no, looking at Tim Dillard, your new boyfriend.” Admittedly, I am a fan:

I don’t know what this game is about, but here you go:

One lump sum of cash, they will pay to you:

Heads up!

How many Harry Potter movies exist?

Who’s he?

Momma Bear has arrived:

Red Sox prospect Josh Ockimey is a morning person

He also thinks Usain Bolt is crazy:

And he thinks nuts in peanut butter is nuts:

Matt Marksberry is also a morning person, and he hopes you are, too. I tried to sleep on a train this morning:

What the hell is this guy talking about?

Cody Decker dreams of being Tom Selleck:

Can you eat moderate portions of food within a responsible diet?


Twins prospect Todd Van Steensel — recently promoted to Double-A! — threatened to assault a baby:

Also, he, like us here at MiLB.com on Friday, watched Olympic racewalking:

Never change, baseball:

OK, we’re waiting, Raphael:

Who is Tory?

Trevor Williams wasn’t drinking water:

If you’ve ever been stuck in a group text, it’s usually not super fun. But what if it was with 24 other Minor Leaguers?? Hmm…

Chipotle Tweets of the Week

None this week from players, as far as I can see. Instead:

Minoring in Twitter: Could Tebow be riding a MiLB bus soon?

By Danny Wild / MiLB.com


Tuesday’s most unexpected and seemingly random headline was no doubt Tim Tebow potentially playing Minor League Baseball. After his agent announced the former NFL quarterback and current ESPN analyst would work out for Major League clubs, the speculation and reactions rolled in.

Could Tebow realistically be sitting on a Minor League bus next summer, enduring an 11-hour ride to Fort Wayne? A’s lefty prospect Alex Tomasovich wants to know:

The Cleveland Indians even tweeted out a mock-up of Tebow wearing a Tribe uni:

Hey, Tebow’s swing looks pretty good. Dude has plenty of muscle to spare, if anything:

Some are happy to help Tebow:

“Why not?” asks Chris McFarland, a guy who is currently trying it as well with Double-A Biloxi:

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, though. The Dodgers’ Micah Johnson called it a “crazy idea” when the news broke:

Former Rays prospect Patrick Grady — who was released last July after hitting .207 at Rookie ball –lined up in the “hater” category :

Grady isn’t the only former Minor Leaguer who isn’t pleased:

Mexican Leaguer Alex Sanabia says now is your chance to play pro ball:

Orioles Major Leaguer Adam Jones feels inspired:

Hartford, never missing an opportunity to tweet, tossed this out there:

Then Fort Myers won the prize as the first team to try to cash in on the Tebow buzz:

The internet was captivated Monday by “cupping,” an ancient treatment for muscle pain that resurfaced in the Olympics this week, and now suddenly a 1,000-year-old tradition is fascinating:

Pawtucket righty Justin Haley had a nice day at the beach:

Michael Phelps’ face became a meme Tuesday, so of course it was related to baseball:

Church bus rescues stranded Cardinals

Springfield right-hander Corey Baker tweeted about the Cardinals’ team bus breaking down before being saved by “some nice church folk” in the middle of Arkansas:

Twins prospect Nick Gordon hasn’t forgotten about the squad, just so you know:

Yasiel Puig is back in the Minors, which means he’s working overtime to get out of the Minors:

Tim Dillard Tweets of the Week

Give him a uniform:

How much do you like pancakes?

We’re on location from the laundry room, weighing golf balls:

The end of this one includes a guy on Colorado Springs who doesn’t know the name of his own coach:

Yadiel Rivera eating frozen waffles and tuna:

Ken Rosenthal is better at basketball, according to Twitter:

What about Bernie Brewer?

What are your thoughts on cheese? Can you name three countries in North America?

Who needs air conditioning in August?

Chipotle Tweets of the Week

Taking an indirect shot at the struggling Chipotle brand here?

Minoring in Twitter: Yankees prospect Frazier is really excited about New York

By Danny Wild / MiLB.com

Clint Selter.jpg

Clint Frazier — a first-round pick known for his flowing red hair — was traded at the deadline last week from the Indians to the Yankees as part of a deal that sent Andrew Miller to Cleveland.

For Clint, that news meant two things:

  • He needs a haircut
  • He needs to meet Jen Selter

You may have questions. First, the Yankees have a long tradition of making their players sport clean-shaven faces and neat, short hair. Those rules have garnered plenty of attention — Jason Giambi’s mustache was a thing at one point, and then pretty much all the Yankees grew ‘staches in 2015 — so Clint probably rightfully assumed he’d need to at least trim his hair:

But who is Jen Selter? First of all, you should already know who Jen Selter is. And if not, she is one of the most popular “Instafamous” “models” on social media, with almost 10 million Instagram followers, and known for photos such as this:

And she’s someone Clint really wants a date with:

Frazier told NJ.com that, hey, they’re the same age, and he’s gonna be in New York pretty soon, so why not?

“I’ve been trying to reach out to her,” Frazier told NJ Advance Media. “She lives in New York,” Frazier said with a smile.

“I think she’s 22. I’m 21. I’m single. Let’s hook this up!”

No word yet from Ms. Selter on the date, but the #SelterFrazierDate hashtag is gaining steam.

NJ.com also reported that Frazier has a back-up plan — Jennifer Aniston, who is more than twice his age and has been married since 2015:

Frazier has had another celebrity crush on a more famous Jen for a long time. Like millions of others, he adores Jennifer Aniston.

“After watching ‘Friends,’ I feel like I know her,” Frazier said. “I’ve had a crush on her forever. I feel like we grew up together.”

This whole thing reminds of us Mets prospect Nicco Blank’s quest last month to lure Taylor Swift to a Columbia Fireflies game:

And, of course, let us never forget the time former Cubs farmhand Anthony Giansanti tried to get Ronda Rousey to come to an Iowa Cubs game, prompting every corner of the internet to pretend they knew who Anthony Giansanti was (he’s since been released and now plays for an independent club):

Moving on, would you consider this beard to be “decent”?

Tim Dillard Videos of the Week

Colorado Springs superstar Tim Dillard may have a career with MiLB.TV if pitching doesn’t pan out. Would you rather hold hands with your cousin or ground into a double play?

Want to hear Sky Sox players try to sing the national anthem? A song they literally hear every day of the baseball season?

How many Red Bulls do you drink per week? (I’ve never had one):

Hard-hitting questions here include “What day of the week is it?”

The Sky Sox take on Game of Thrones (and real fans will recognize this scene as the one from season 1 in which ::spoiler alert:: Brienne beats Ser Loras to win the respect of King Renly Baratheon, First of his Name):

Not if your name is Trump:

Might as well toss ’em in the bag:

Twins reliever Todd Van Steensel’s ongoing drama with loud music continues. Evidently his neighbors don’t follow him on Twitter or read this blog:

Yes, and this year they can enjoy Zika threats, bacteria-infested water, robbery and the knowledge that their housing displaced thousands of residents:

Birthday Selfies

2016 No. 1 pick Mickey Moniak bites medals:

Dodgers right-hander and 2010 Draft pick Seth Frankoff was really hungry at Waffle House:

Yankees prospect Jacob Lindgren won’t be pitching again for a long time:

I am obligated to say this: Go Army, Beat Navy:

MiLB Bus Fun

Old school movie choice here:

It’s August — not the best time for a MiLB bus to drop its air conditioning:

Baseball players on a bus:

Chipotle Tweets of the Week

Rockies top pick Riley Pint shows off his lunch order, which appears to be a grilled chicken burrito bowl with cilantro-lime white rice, cheese and guac. Pretty basic:

Yankees prospect Kevin Cornelius claims he ate an entire burrito while sitting at a red light? I’m not sure I’m buying that one, Kev:

Orem’s radio guy celebrated a Pioneer League playoff berth by adding a spoonful of guac to his burrito:

Here’s someone who isn’t down with Chipotle:

Minoring in Twitter: Noel goes for dugout swim

By Danny Wild / MiLB.com


Loyal readers of this blog may be noticing a pattern. Dugouts are flooding around the Minors, and it’s creating spectacular photos and videos. This week, Oklahoma City’s Rico Noel raised the bar pretty high with this clip of him swimming through what appears to be 4-5 feet of disgustingly muddy water in Memphis:

When the dugout floods, adventures begin.!. 😂😂😂

A video posted by Rico Noel (@richavoc) on

As someone commented on his Instagram post, “Hahaha omg this is disgusting.”

Yes. Totally. Even curious visitors to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory would be like, ummm, no thanks.


While trying to find more flood photos and videos from Oklahoma City players, I stumbled upon Ralston Cash, a reliever in the Dodgers system. I don’t think he’s on Twitter, but his headshots from 2015 and 2016 are too amazing not to show. So, enjoy:

Ralston Cash.jpg

Subway has come under criticism in recent years for selling footlong subs that don’t measure up, but High Desert’s Jose Trevino exposed the popular sandwich chain for a pathetic attempt at what I can only assume is a Chicken Bacon Ranch — minus the cheese, lettuce, ranch and, really, most of the chicken and bacon:

Did that make you hungry? How about this — Quad Cities’ Zac Person shared a touching moment at a local restaurant:

Lehigh Valley’s Phil Klein has got the hot tub bubbling on a Triple-A off-day:

Off-days in Pensacola aren’t too bad either:

What really happens in the Minors, after the games end and the lights go out?

Here’s a new one: Lancaster’s California League game on July 24 was postponed due to “poor air quality” thanks to nearby wildfires:

Brooklyn’s Colby Woodmansee is lonely in Coney:

Tim Dillard Tweets of the Week

Yeah, this is happening now. Tim Dillard is pretty awesome.

It’s true. Hand sanitizers claim to “kill more than 99.99 percent of germs.”

Moving on, our other favorite Minor Leaguer on Twitter, Todd Van Steensel, was attacked by a zombie:

Does Todd wear ankle bracelets?

I guess not — his wrist looks a lot like an ankle though. And oh snap, here comes Taylor Swift:

Stockton Ports radio man Zack Bayrouty tweeted that his team’s dugout was infested with poisonous spiders this week in High Desert. Not sure what the full story is, but here’s the tweet:

No, Minor League players did not drop dead in the dugout. He clarified:

Is LeBron James the greatest athlete of all time?

Who is Tyler Higgins? He was the Marlins’ 23rd-round pick in 2011 who is now selling his dog:

According to legend, coffee was discovered by “a 9th-century Ethiopian goat-herder named Kaldi” who realized his goats were “behaving erratically” after eating the beans. So you can thank him too, Zach.

Dean Green, as mentioned before, once hit me in the forehead with a foul ball and I have never forgotten:

Apparently the Biloxi team bus stopped to help a stranded driver:

Ever wondered how the South Bend Cubs get ready for games? Eddy Martinez, Eloy Jimenez and Adbert Alzolay revealed their secret this week:


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