Ready to Chat? A Call for Questions

This blog is closing in on its 40-day anniversary — big deal, I know — and I’m ready to try a new experiment. Here goes: If you’re a fan of prospects, you’re probably also a fan of the prospects-topical online chat. Baseball Prospectus does ’em all the timeBaseball America has its way, too. And, once in a while, produces a good one with its readers as well.

Want to know how far Jonathan Singleton is from the Majors? Have something else on your mind? Let me know!

So there’s no reason the PROSPECTive brand can’t moderate its own conversation. Here’s my pledge: Send me your prospects-related questions anytime between now, 2 p.m. ET on Saturday (Nov. 3), and 2 p.m. ET next Wednesday (Nov. 7), and I promise to fully answer each and every one of them (even if there is only one or two of them). They will appear in a wrap-up post — the very next blog post on this very page — before 6 p.m. ET next Wednesday.

There are three ways to send in your queries and a piece of identifying info (first name or hometown):

1) Simply post a comment at the bottom of this post

2) Email me at

3) Tweet at me on @andrewmilb

One last thing: You’re going to want to know that the “A” I provide to your “Q” carries some weight, right? I’d be disappointed if you didn’t. Well, this should put your inquisitive mind at ease: I have been covering Minor League Baseball, with a focus on prospects, since April 2011 and, in that time, have had countless conversations with players, coaches, managers, scouts, farm directors and other front office personnel. I’m also, perhaps like you, a curious and thorough reader of prospects-related news and analysis in publications and on websites beyond the one I work for.

This is the experience that will inform my A. So send along those Qs!


could i get your complete analysis of tyler collins, detroit tigers, farm system. chances of getting to the BIGS? his strikeout to walk ratio plus 20 stolen bases; interesting. mike

Who are your top 5 overall prospects for 2013 and why? Thanks.

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