Interview Outtakes: Five Extra Questions with Top Twins Prospect Byron Buxton

My first Prospect Q&A of the offseason — the Q&As are a staff-wide effort that I detailed here not too long ago — focuses on Twins prospect Byron Buxton and was just published on (link here).

Most of the good stuff from the interview is in that story. Below are some leftovers. His answers might strike you as terse or shallow, but consider that Buxton is an 18-year-old kid who is baseball, baseball, baseball all the time. I came away from my chat with him thinking this kid has the kind of mindset that will prepare him for the growing pains of the Minor Leagues.

(Cliff Welch/

(Cliff Welch/

Me: Did you make any fun, even extravagant purchases after receiving your $6 million signing bonus last summer?

Buxton: Nah, just saving my money.

Me: I was sort of intrigued by the season of one of your Elizabethton teammates, Max Kepler. Impressions of him?

Buxton: He hit the ball as far as I can possibly think of.

Me: What do you have to do on the diamond to improve?

Buxton: Just work hard, keep swinging the bat well, take advice, listen and my performance, hopefully, will take me where I want.

Me: Do you have goals stated for the 2013 season?

Buxton: Not really. I’m just trying to get myself to the big leagues.

Me: What’s your timetable?

Buxton: I want to get there as fast as I can.

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Can not wait till you come Reading Byron i have a few cards for you to sign thanks.

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