Chat No. 2: A Call for Reader Questions

Got Dylan Bundy questions? (Tony Farlow/

Got Dylan Bundy questions? (Tony Farlow/

One month ago, on Nov. 7, we — you all and I — worked together on this blog’s first online chat (link here). All indications are that it turned out pretty well. And with so much happening over the past month (trades involving prospects, Rule 5 Draft, etc.) and because we are one month closer to Opening Day 2013, I’m sure there are some more lingering questions out there. So let’s hear them. As a reminder, this is how it will all work:

Here’s my pledge: Send me your prospects-related questions anytime between now, 10:30 a.m. ET on Saturday (Dec. 8), and 2 p.m. ET next Wednesday (Dec. 12), and I promise to fully answer each and every one of them. They will appear in a wrap-up post (that will look like this) before 6 p.m. ET next Wednesday.

There are three ways to send in your queries and a piece of identifying info (first name, hometown or something else):

1) Simply post a comment at the bottom of this post

2) Email me at

3) Tweet at me on @andrewmilb

So send along those questions!

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Which 2012 Tulsa Driller do you see having a better season in 2013, Nolan Arenado or Corey Dickerson?

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