Prospect Flashback: Marlins Slugger Giancarlo Stanton When He Went Simply By ‘Mike’

In case you missed it Wedneday, the No. 1 Marlins Major Leaguer, slugging outfielder Giancarlo Stanton, was struck in the helmet by a pitch from No. 1 Marlins Minor Leaguer, right-handed starter Jose Fernandez. (See the video with’s article.)

Things move so fast here in 2013 that it’s easy to forget that Stanton was, like Fernandez is now, a top prospect — but an unproven one at that — as recently as three years ago. Stanton, who went simply by Mike back then, played just 324 games in the Minors and all below the Triple-A level. He hit 81 home runs as a farmhand, or one ever 14.75 at-bats, portending his MLB power potential.

Here is a gallery of Stanton in every Minors uni he donned 2007-2010. Click on any picture to begin the slideshow. For all past editions of Prospect Flashback, head here.

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