Fifteen MiLB Prospects Answer This Question: What Jersey Number Do You Hope to Wear When You Reach the Majors?


The Royals’ Yordano Ventura: “Because Pedro [Martinez] was 45, and I want to be the first one after Pedro.”


Bruce RondonThe Tigers’ Bruce Rondon“My dad’s favorite number — his dream was to watch me pitch with Detroit wearing number 44. Unfortunately I didn’t get that number, but I have the one right before, number 43. Honestly, he has never told me why [he liked that number]. I always ask him why and he never wants to tell me, but that’s his favorite number. I told him that one day he has to tell me what the number means to him.”


The Rays’ Jake Odorizzi“My jersey here is that. If I don’t make it out of Spring [Training] or do, I’ll be wearing that. I’ve always had that number growing up. My friends and I just wanted to be in the 20s, and that was the one I settled on. This is the first time I’ve been able to wear it at the Major League level, which I’m excited about.


MiLB: AUG 31 Class A Advanced - Tampa Yankees at Lakeland Flying TigersThe Yankees’ Tyler Austin“I would love to wear it. That is my favorite number. My brother wore 21. I wore 21 growing up, so it was like an always-21 deal. I wore it all throughout high school and travel ball, so I would love to wear 21 if the opportunity presented itself for me to wear that number. Guys usually pick it before I do [on Minor League clubs]. They usually get in there and pick their numbers before I have a chance to get in there.”

The Rockies’ David Dahl (to colleague Ashley Marshall): “I haven’t really thought about it. I’m just trying to get there. When I was a freshman in high school, I got the last pick out of all the numbers; 21 was available, so I used that all the way through high school and then I used it my first year in [Class A Short-Season] Grand Junction, so now I like it a lot.”

11 (or 12?)

The Marlins’ Jake Marisnick (to colleague Danny Wild): “That’s kind something I’m trying to nail down. I’m not sure. I might look at 11 or 12, that’s what I wore in high school. But I’m not 100 percent sure.”


The Blue Jays’ Roberto Osuna: “I feel like that’s my lucky number. I’ve worn it all the time since I was a little kid.”


MiLB: SEP 20 Florida Instructional League - FIL Rays at FIL OriolesThe Brewers’ Rays’ Richie Shaffer (to colleague Ashley Marshall): “I’ve worn number eight pretty much my whole life because of Cal [Ripken Jr.]. That’s just something I grew up doing. I started at a young age with that and I’ve tried to keep it going as much as I can. It’s a little more difficult when you get into professional baseball. You kinda get given a number. But whenever I can, I try to keep eight in there somewhere — when I can’t get it straight up, either 18 or 28. Having an eight in there is something I’ve always connected with.”


The Mariners’ Stefen Romero“I don’t know if anyone in the big leagues [ on the Mariners] has seven right now — I don’t think so — but that was my [Arizona] Fall League number actually and I thought it looked pretty good on the [Mariners’] big league uniform.”


The Padres’ Jedd Gyorko (to colleague John Parker): “I’ve been wearing that since I was in school, but Alexi [Amarista] has it with the Padres, so I’d probably have to go with nine as an alternate.”

The Marlins’ Andrew Heaney: “I wore that in high school, and when I got to Oklahoma State we had a senior that was leaving, and they were like, ‘Yeah, you’ll get number five when he leaves. And then one of the guys that was older than me was like, ‘Uh-huh, no, I’m getting number five. I’ve been waiting for it.’ So I changed to eight, and since then I haven’t had a specific number. Honestly, should I get [to the Majors], whatever number got me there, I will be sentimental to that number or try to get five or eight, but it really doesn’t matter. I don’t have any tattoos with my number or a chain with my number, so it’s not dear to my heart.”


7904147488_8995b4bf54_oThe Astros’ George Springer (to colleague Sam Dykstra): “It was the number I was assigned in college. I’ve always worn four, eight, 12 or 24, but four is a little bit special because it’s what I had in college and the experience I had there was better than anything I could have asked for.”

The Reds’ Ryan LaMarre“I wore that in college, but I’m not really too picky when it comes to numbers. I don’t have a superstition or a jersey number that I have to wear. I wore four at Michigan — it was just in my locker when I got there when they assigned us numbers, and I wasn’t sure that I even wanted it, but I ended up sticking with it — so if I had to pick a number I’d wear 4, but I’ll wear whatever number they give me when I get to the big leagues.”


The White Sox’s Marcus Semien“I would say that because that’s the number my dad wore. He was a wide receiver at Cal and, also I’ve grown up liking Derek Jeter.”


The D-backs’ Adam Eaton (to colleague John Parker): “I have no idea! My numbers were always two and 10, but when I was called up Aaron Hill and Justin Upton had them, so that was out. I think they were originally going to give me number one, but we were on the road in San Francisco when I was called up and I guess they didn’t have a 1 with them. Stephen Drew had been traded, and I think they just tore his name off the back of a six jersey and gave it to me. It’s all cool with me.”


Richie Shaffer is a Tampa Bay Ray- I wish he was a Brewer.

Thanks for catching the mistake. It’s corrected.

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