Minoring in Twitter: Giving prospects a voice, 140 characters at a time

By Danny Wild

Twitter helps fans and media alike can take a peek behind the curtain to see what burritos some outfielder is currently eating or what their thoughts are on Justin Bieber. From a journalistic perspective, Twitter has helped us in finding small, lesser-known details about games and players (great catches, unseen in the box score, come to mind), usually in real-time. Attend the Winter Meetings and you’ll see the entire battalion of reporters are all getting their scoops from rumors on Twitter.

But Twitter is also a pretty entertaining source of life in the Minors. We’ve made it easy for you to spend hours, maybe even days, waiting for updates from players about their workouts, dinner plans and new T-shirts — check out our custom Twitter list.

But really, who has time to waste just to see what kind of bizarre socks Mets right-hander Collin McHugh is wearing today?


Nice carpeting too. Let’s browse some recent Minor League player “news”:

Beau Wright, who is actually left-handed, was the Marlins’ 48th-round pick in 2010 and is currently on the roster of short-season Batavia. Not really the progress he probably had in mind three years later, but the man is hungry to advance:

Adam Eaton reached the Majors last season but has yet to suit up this season after suffering a small ligament tear in his left shoulder during Spring Training. Now, he’s stuck rehabbing in the warm Arizona sun.

Braves prospect Mycal Jones knows the weekend is near, which for us means it’s a chance to relax, but for him likely means at-bats against Double-A Huntsville.

As a Jets fan, I was hoping the team pulled the trigger Thursday night on Geno Smith, who led all FBS quarterbacks with 42 passing touchdowns in 2012 for West Virginia. The Jets, as it’s occasionally mentioned on ESPN, have two quaterbacks who can’t throw the ball at all. Blue Jays No. 5 prospect Marcus Stroman had the right idea.

Mark Sanchez nervous? I’d rather have Stroman himself in the Jets huddle at this point.

Taijuan Walker may pitch for the Mariners, but he’s got plenty of love for D-backs No. 1 right-handed prospect Archie Bradley:

Archie Bradley actually has bigger things to worry about besides pitching, though — like getting verified on Twitter.

Finally, Red Sox prospect Sean Coyle, a third-round pick in 2010, showed his Benjamin Hill-esque excitement over a promotion tonight at Salem.

You know, tiny monkeys riding on a dog during a professional baseball game?

Chipotle Tweet of the Week:


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