Minoring in Twitter: Bus rides and bathrooms

By Danny Wild

We’re back with another rundown of entertaining Minor League player tweets. Last week, Archie Bradley was pumped to get verified on Twitter. This week, he’s got a slightly better accomplishment to celebrate: bring promoted a level. It was probably a direct result of us highlighting him on this very blog last week.

We’re going to begin with probably the most bizarre “inside baseball” Tweet I’ve ever seen:

What can you say? If you’ve ever played sports and prepared for a game, the thought of being ready in that regard probably crosses your mind. But I’ve been in plenty of Major and Minor League dugouts, and while the bathrooms aren’t exactly the most pristine of places, they are nearby. Jeremy Barfield, who Tweeted that on April 26, had a pretty good day at the plate, too — he went 3-for-3 and missed the cycle by a triple, knocking home two runs, scoring three times and drawing a pair of walks. When you gotta go, sometimes you don’t actually have to go.

Rays prospect Matt Buschmann is in his second season with Double-A Montgomery, which owns one of the Minors’ most beloved cap logos: a smiling biscuit with a slice of butter for a tongue. After signing autographs for some fans, he had some regrets:

Padres prospect Cody Decker is not a fan of American Idol judge Nicki Minaj — he’s more of an old-school, Happy Days TV fan:

Evidently Jose Contreras is still pitching and he’s still pretty good. Pirates No. 2 catching prospect Tony Sanchez had a unique way of describing the experience:

Blue Jays right-hander Ian Kadish was welcomed to the cherished life of Minor League bus rides when he signed in June 2011. He’s spent time with Bluefield, Vancouver and Lansing and has some complaints:

Ian later tweeted, “I feel like they should have a lotion for that..” Maybe some day. Or get up and stretch, as is the craze during the seventh inning.

Kadish also came back with another life-in-the-Minors type thought:

Most of us have probably never been to Iowa, although we’re told in Field of Dreams that it is the place to be (John Kinsella asks his son, “Is this heaven?” to which Ray says, “It’s Iowa.”) There was also the iconic Terence Mann/James Earl Jones speech, “They’ll come to Iowa for reasons they can’t even fathom.” But Kadish? He was there to play the Cedar Rapids Kernels, duh.

Marcus Stroman made an appearance in last week’s blog about the Jets passing up Geno Smith (they later selected him and dumped Tim Tebow). But he’s equally passionate this week about his new car:

I get a hard time in the office because I’ve been known to ask players about what cool cars they bought with their Draft bonus, and being a car guy myself (2012 Dodge Challenger), I can appreciate Stroman’s excitement.

Giants No. 2 prospect Gary Brown is already looking beyond his baseball career or offseason gig:

Chipotle Tweet of the Week

Finally, a pair of Yankees Minor Leaguers put it all on the line for the Rangers-Capitals playoff series:

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