Minoring in Twitter: Yelich and Taylor Swift?

By Danny Wild

I only discovered Josh Satin’s eyebrows earlier this week — they are easily the biggest eyebrows in baseball, perhaps in sports (except for maybe Anthony Davis, but he only has one). And so when Zack Wheeler tweeted a photo of his teammates on a Las Vegas road trip, I instantly recognized those brows in the second seat:

On the subjects of Minor League teammates and “facial” hair, check out Padres pitcher Walker Weickel’s snapshot of teammate Matthew Shepherd:

I like how they’ve decorated — blank walls, fishing pole.

And on the subject of Matthew Shepherd, he Tweeted this shot of Class A Fort Wayne’s patriotic uniforms:

I’m not sure if these were a tribute to Captain America, the military, or the Puerto Rican flag. Either way:

Brewers prospect Hunter Morris may soon get to be living the life of a big leaguer, but for now, he’s stuck in mediocre Minor League hotels that don’t have TV:

But Hanley Statia was a good teammate and offered up his room for shared viewing of… Duck Dynasty? Game of Thrones? MLB Network?

Mariners outfield prospect Dario Pizzano (not the guy from Game of Thrones) is 22 but still feels old:

Tucson’s Cody Decker needs no introduction:

Hey guy. Nice job on the whole getting-hitched plan. Bacon for everyone. (paraphrase of Lehigh Valley’s Cody Asche);

I don’t really know what Trevor Bauer is referring to, but it sounds like he’s carrying a lot of lunch meat?

Rangers No. 2 prospect Mike Olt reveals in a Twitter Q&A that he regularly converses with animals:

White Sox prospect Chris Beck gave up four runs in three innings on June 12 and, like many of us, ate his way back to happiness.

It pays to be the Red Sox’s top pitching prospect. Matt Barnes Tweeted this photo of his nasty black and red Shelby Cobra GT500 Mustang that he enjoys on rare sunny days in Maine:

That thing would destroy my Challenger — 662 horsepower, 200 mph, SVT painted forged aluminum wheels. The Cobra starts at $55,000, which is pennies for a guy who received a $1.5 million signing bonus.

Marlins top prospect Christian Yelich has already planned his breakup with Taylor Swift:

And really, if Cutter Dykstra can marry Meadow Soprano, I think Yelich could score a date here.

Rangers prospect Luke Jackson is worried about invisible lizards taking over his house:

Finally, Indianapolis catcher Tony Sanchez delivers with an outstanding obscure Boardwalk Empire reference for Andrew Lambo:

I agree. What do you think? (Also, Gyp’s eyebrows probably in the same league as Josh Satin):

andrew lambo

Chipotle Tweet of the Week

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