South Atlantic League All-Star Game Outtakes: Lewis Brinson

By Ashley Marshall

Over the next week, I’ll be publishing a series of short posts featuring players I spoke with at Lakewood’s FirstEnergy Park during the South Atlantic League All-Star game. 

You can read the full game recap, revisit the gameday box score or check out the sidebar feature on the Pirates prospects at the game. Follow me on Twitter for more interview outtakes.

Lewis Brinson did a little bit of everything for Hickory in the first half. He hit 13 homers, plated 28 runs, swiped 12 bases and played a solid center field.

He’s taken his first full season in stride by staying humble and refusing to bow to the expectations that often come with being a high Draft pick (the Rangers picked him 29th overall in the 2012 Draft).

“It’s as hard as you make it. If you put that kind of pressure on yourself, then obviously you’re going to struggle with trying to be that guy, that first-rounder,” Brinson said. “I just take it as being one of those guys, I’m not anybody. I’m just a regular Minor League Baseball player.

“I’m not a first-rounder. I mean, I got drafted in the first round, but I don’t like to see myself like that and put myself on that pedestal. I don’t think I’ve really done anything. I won’t until I make it to the bigs.”


The Crawdads are stacked from top to bottom with power, including Ryan Rua and Joey Gallo, who share the Minors lead with 22 long balls each.

“They call themselves the Bash Brothers and they really are,” said Brinson, a threat to go yard every at-bat himself. “If one of them hits a home run, the other guy is going to hit another one that game.

“They’re two unbelievable players, but they both play great defense. Ryan is unstoppable at second base and Joey’s doing the same with that rocket of an arm. Those two take the cake, easily. I’ve played with some pretty good players coming up, but those guys have unbelievable power and talent and upside. They’re future big leaguers for sure. They have the most power, definitely.”

Brinson on the toughest pitcher he has faced:

“[Hagerstown’s Dixon] Anderson is on our [All-Star] team, and he’s probably the guy who gave me the most trouble this season, so I’m glad he’s on my team. He has a funky little delivery, coming from the side, stepping toward a right-handed batter and throwing across his body. It’s 93 mph to 95 with a slider and a changeup that’s devastating. He’s very tough to hit off.”

Brinson on improving in the field:

“I have to make adjustments and keep it going and hopefully have an even better second half. The ground balls, I’ve definitely been working hard on that this season. I think I can do better on ground balls and also tracking down balls in the right-center gap — that’s my weak spot. Every day during BP I’m going to have either a coach or a pitcher hit me some ground balls, maybe 15 or 20 just to get a feel for it before the game.”

On deck: West Virgina’s Allie discusses the one pitch he still has trouble hitting


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