Notable Quotables: Dealin’ in Daytona

By Jake Seiner /

New Cubs prospect C.J. Edwards on reuniting with pitching coach Storm Davis (Edwards dominates in Cubs’ debut):

“This is really my first time working one-on-one with him. Ryan O’Malley used to be my pitching coach [in Hickory]. [Storm] knows what I’m working on, and he and Storm talk about the same things, staying up on the ball and not pulling off. I’m pretty much just staying in my arm work, and Storm and I have good communication going right now, just trying to help me in my career. He and O’Malley, they’re just trying to look out for a young kid with a young career.”

480 Edwards Netta-Lee Lax Daytona Cubs

Edwards on the process of getting traded:

“It all started with the trade rumors about me getting traded, and nobody was really paying attention to it, and then I got traded. I’m not struggling with it, and it’s not hard for me to make new friends. I’m still out here battling, but like I said, it’s a different team, but it’s still baseball. This is the business part of it.

“There’s not really much I can say about the transaction. I just go out there to compete and try to win. I don’t look at the rosters or the big name players or whatever. I look at everybody equally. The Major League team might be struggling, but they got a lot of young guys I can see out here that can change things.”

Great Lakes manager Razor Shines on Dodgers prospect Corey Seager (Seager lifts Loons with pair of homers):

They obviously have begun to pitch him very carefully. They’ve tried to pitch him backward of late, trying to throw fastballs in off-speed counts and changeups and soft stuff in fastball counts. This kid is pretty intelligent. He’s sitting on pitches, and even when you’re sitting on pitches, you still have to hit them. He’s sitting and hitting them. It’s very impressive.

“I think with Corey Seager, he’s just scratching the surface. I think he’s really that good. He’s been consistent all year. He’s never dropped way down with his average, even though he’s been hitting balls hard right at some people.

“He’s hitting around .310 right now, maybe a little higher, and he could easily be hitting .330. He’s hitting the ball that hard. It doesn’t matter how they pitch him. If they pitch him a certain way and get him out, they’re going to have to change their approach the next at-bat. He’s capable of making those kinds of adjustments.”

480 Seager Paul R Gierhart MiLB

Recently called up Phillies prospect Cody Asche on his recent hot streak (Asche keeps slugging for IronPigs):

It was nothing crazy. In baseball, you tend to get a good feeling in the box, and you’re able to consistently put good swings on the ball. You do that, and the numbers will come. I’m just feeling a little more comfortable in the box, seeing pitches well. You take some tough ones and swing at the good ones.”

Lehigh Valley IronPigs third baseman Cody Asche (Ken Inness/

Asche on dealing with the rumors he may be called up around the deadline:

I was just joking with our radio guy the other day. The only time I hear about it is during interviews. I get my updates from you guys. I’m playing with the IronPigs, and I’m just trying to get better every day. If and when the time comes, the time comes, but otherwise, I’m going to stay here and try to be the best player I can.”

Yankees prospect Evan Rutckyj on how he’s evolved as a pitcher (Rutckyj tosses seven one-hit innings):

I feel like mentally, I’ve been working this year a lot on the mental side, staying focused, executing pitches and really trying to stay calm on the mound. I’m not worrying about other facets, just going one pitch at a time. I’m starting to get that down. The first couple of years, I would get really frustrated if an umpire made a bad call. I would make bad pitches and overthrow or get mad about errors. From the mental side, I’ve gotten a lot better. Now the thing I’m working on is just being more consistent with my mechanics.”

MiLB: JUN 08 South Atlantic League - Asheville Tourists at Charleston RiverDogs

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