Minoring in Twitter: When the Bandits’ bus breaks down

By Danny Wild

I guess we have to lead with this Tweet, right? Minor Leaguers, some half naked, some sitting atop a coach bus on the side of a road:

That was posted by Quad Cities pitcher Daniel Minor, although it’s unclear if that’s Mr. Minor himself without his shirt. As evidenced by his Twitter feed, I’ve discovered this photo depicts (among other things) the River Bandits’ team after their bus broke down three miles from the ballpark in Burlington on Aug. 25.

So you may have some questions. Who is the guy on the left who realistically appears to be naked? Who are the two players that are giving a thumbs up from atop the bus? How the heck did they climb up there? Where was manager Omar Lopez? Why is everyone but that guy in the horrendously ugly orange and black shirt topless?

Lefty Joe Bircher comes through with an alternate angle:

Let’s zoom in:


Some additional shots posted by @Mr_Julius11:

More woes:

Staying with Minor, what about this? Reminded me of this brave man’s experiment.

Or this — you’re waiting at the ballpark outside the player’s entrance, waiting for anyone to walk out and sign a ball or card. What the heck are these guys doing inside the locker room? This:

And more struggles from the life on the road of a Minor Leaguer. Sticking with the Bandits, here’s Brian Holmes:

Sounds like the MiLB.com office.

Jameson Taillon suspects a woman in an elevator was hitting on him. He did not take the bait.

He later tweeted, “gotta respect the effort. But maybe she needs to look herself in the mirror and think of a new ice breaker.”

Maybe something like, “Holy smokes, you look just like Pirates No. 1 prospect Jameson Taillon!”

Brian Flynn of New Orleans posted this amazing photos of the Zephyrs traveling in Realtree camo shirts:

Apparently one guy (far right) didn’t get the memo and went with some bootleg green camo, whereas someone else (left) broke out the Realtree pants and a dog (which actually is hard to spot, due to the camo).

Astros prospect Mike Foltynewicz threw teammate Nick Tropeano under the bus (or in prison) when he outed his fantasy football selection:

Twitter - Folty25- Trope just took Aaron Hernandez ...

Snakes in a cage! A batting cage! Phillies prospect Jiwan James was too scared to hit but bravely snapped this photo of a Clearwater Threshers invader:

Peoria Chiefs don’t lie:

Finally, Jeremy Barfield’s season is over:

Cody Decker Tweet of the Week

Chipotle Tweet of the Week

Admittedly, I have only eaten at Chipotle twice, the second time coming last week. Seriously, that stuff is really filling. Those burittos are huge. And throw in some [delicious] chips? I was feeling it all the way home from NYC. I can’t see how players eat this every single day.

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