Minoring in Twitter: Peyton Manning torments the Minors

By Danny Wild


You’d think being arguably the most talented pitcher in the Minor Leagues would be enough to sort of feel above everyone else. And rightfully so — if I was Jameson Taillon, I would feel like the man. I’d walk into Chick-Fil-A and expect the VIP booth and the finest waffle fries. But for this humble Pirates No. 1 prospect, he gets his real thrills by seeing the common folk wait for their fried chicken on the drive-thru line:

Cody Decker admits to stealing money and winning back Julia Roberts. Or maybe he was the flexible ninja guy?

On the mound, Wild Thing! A nickname I grew up with:

Pretty funny, A’s outfield prospect Rashun Dixon took to Twitter to complain about his mom waking him up with early phone calls. Mom, please. Only problem? Mrs. Dixon is also on Twitter, and you best believe she follows her son:

Instructional League in Arizona?

Jake Floethe is a Rays Minor Leaguer with Double-A Montgomery in the Southern League. Enough said?

Pawtucket’s Tony Thomas reveals the elusive Red Sox’s “Locker Room Man,” who evidently hides behind players being interviewed?

Yes, we know.

The season (and your Moniker Madness run) is over, Stone.

Anthony Ranaudo protecting the teeth:

Mariners prospect Isaiah Yates shows off his dogpile-hurdling skills from Thursday’s Appy League championship clincher:

Yates’ teammate, Gabe Franca, Delivered the walk-off hit. Evidently, he did not get to sleep after the excitement:

Peyton Manning rules the Minors

We noticed a trend on Friday: a lot of Minor Leaguers who either rode Peyton Manning’s seven-touchdown night to a Week 1 fantasy win or were crushed when they were on the [likely] losing end of that performance. (Luckily, I did not face Mr. Manning this week):

Chipotle Tweets of the Week

Straight to the dugout, right?

Rays prospect Riley Unroe eats mexican food and announces he’s “about to be bomb.” Use your imagination I guess.

An actual glimpse into the Minor League Chipotle obsession:

Hey everyone, just letting you know I’m doing exactly the thing you definitely would assume I would be doing today:

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