Notable Quotables: C.J. Edwards and the butterfly effect

By Jake Seiner /

Cubs prospect C.J. Edwards on pitching in the postseason (Edwards hurls Daytona to FSL crown):Image

“It was just more intense. In the regular season and playoffs, it’s totally different. It’s a different atmosphere when you’re in the playoffs. I don’t care if it’s the Arizona League or the Dominican Summer League, once the playoffs come, everything changes. Your body changes and everything.

“You’re going to have butterflies. I have those every game, anyway. There’s a lot that changes, though. Going out, you have to be more focused. I focus in every game, but in the playoffs, you have to have more of it. It’s a different atmosphere, and it feels like anything can happen.”

Nationals prospect Isaac Ballou on adjusting to the South Atlantic League (Ballou sends Suns into SAL Finals):

“In Short-Season, there were a lot of 3-1 fastballs, 2-1 fastballs. The first couple of games up here, there were a bunch of changeups. I wasn’t struggling, necessarily, but I didn’t swing like I should have, wasn’t making the necessary adjustments. I discussed it with Tripp Keister, what my approach was and what I need to do, what he was seeing and how I was feeling. The rest is history.

“He says, ‘I know you can play here. I have faith in you. Step up and be an intricate part of this team.’ They were good enough without me, so hopefully I can just add to that. It doesn’t matter if I go 0-for-4 or 4-for-4, I know [Tony Renda, Shawn Pleffner, Wander Ramos], those guys are behind me. That kind of takes the pressure off me.”

Mets prospect Steven Matz on his recently improved breaking pitch (Matz pitches Gnats into SAL Finals):

“Usually, the first time around, I try to establish the fastball. The second time around, I’ll try mixing in some first-pitch breaking balls, and that’s been huge for me. Since that has developed, and it’s really come along the past four outings, I’ve been throwing that first-pitch breaking ball for a strike.

“It’s really showed its benefits, like today. I threw a couple of them, and the changeup, too, the second and third time around. I’ve been using everything lately.”


Pirates prospect Austin Meadows on being a GCL All-Star and his first pro experience (Meadows, Jammers clinch playoff spot):

“It’s just a good feeling, especially coming out here and not knowing what to expect. Getting used to life in the GCL, used to the whole schedule. Pretty much every day, you have to be as consistent as you can. The factors outside of baseball, like being away from home, friends, family — you have to push yourself through the hard times. Especially when you’re slumping, there’s nobody to go to.

“You have to be as consistent as you can. I had some tough times earlier, but the big thing about professional baseball is there’s always another day. It was definitely a good experience down there, and I’m glad it ended well for my first year.


“I always try to go out there and play the game hard. I took away a lot about the game. It’s definitely a lot different than high school and travel ball back in the day. Just every day, you have to have your mind right and be prepared for the next day and all that.”

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