Minoring in Twitter: Astros’ Appel poses in football helmet, watches chick flick

This isn’t exactly what Astros fans envisioned when their team drafted Mark Appel with the No. 1 overall pick in this year’s Draft, but if he does in fact hold up the standards of Notre Dame, they’ll be fine:

How many Minor Leaguers sit in their hotels and do yoga?

Jabari Blash is from St. Thomas, so yes, his offseason will be better than yours.

What’s the rule on laundry frequency?

Last week, we saw Jameson Taillon living the high life from the luxury of a Chick-fil-A booth. Today, he’s dreaming a little larger — clubhouses with a view:

So does this mean more or less Chipotle?

Rough day for Orioles first-round pick Matt Hobgood

Even worse for St. Louis’ Xavier Scuggs

I dunno, can they figure out how to make a battery last more than six hours? We sent people to the moon but can’t keep my iPhone powered throughout a bus ride to New York City:

Jeremy Barfield got into a pretty nasty Twitter fight with some Rangers fans after this one:


Twins prospect Trevor May is a DJ and now that his season is over, it’s back to work:

I think this should be “will be eaten,” but either way, point taken.

Mr. Taillon, torn on Jose Fernandez’s home run drama

This is hilarious if you haven’t seen it:

On a more serious note:

Chipotle Tweets of the Week

“All day every day”


Simply put:

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