He played away games at home

By Josh Jackson / MiLB.com

With the end of the Minor League season, young ballplayers are scattering to different corners of the country and beyond. Some are headed to territory that’s been a big part of their summer.

Angels prospect and Rosenberg, Texas, native Randal Grichuk spent the season in the Double-A Texas League, but his Arkansas Travelers played more than 400 miles away from and in a different state than his hometown. Other Texas League cities, though, felt quite familiar to the 22-year-old outfielder, and he was thrilled play in that circuit.

“Definitely being back in Texas, with Corpus three hours from the house, I see a lot more familiar faces, and it’s great being able to go out with them after or before games,” he told me a couple weeks ago. “It’s been great. Since I’ve signed, I’ve played in the Arizona League, the Midwest League and the California League.”


“My family hasn’t gotten to see me much. Previously, my mom and dad and sisters have been able to come out for, like, a weekend. This year, a lot of family has been able to come out when we play in Corpus, and other places — they even drove to Frisco.”

The Travelers lost the Finals to San Antonio on Sunday.

C.J. Cron, another highly ranked Angels prospect and a teammate of Grichuk on the Travelers, is from Arizona. He was happy to be in regional proximity to his native Arizona, but he had one gripe.

“It’s been overall pretty good. It’s still pretty different than what I’m used to,” he said. “The humidity is ridiculous. But at least it’s not really far away, like the East Coast or something.”

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