Notable Quotables — Thoughts on the Top 100: 61-70

By Jake Seiner /

The Minor League season has come and gone, and sadly, that means Notable Quotables will be heading into hibernation until the games start up against next spring. We’ll still have plenty of regular content, both here on the blog and over at, but to celebrate the end of the 2013 season and the temporary end of this column, we’re going to bring you a “Best Of” from this summer featuring each of’s Top 100 prospects.

Below, you’ll find prospects 61-70 (also see: 71-80, 81-90, 91-100). And over the coming weeks, we’ll bring you more thoughts and reflections from and about the best prospects in the game.

A quick note: Though we managed to feature just about every Top 100 prospect this season, there are a few who evaded our eyes/tape recorders for one reason or another. In that case, rather than leave you hanging, we’re going to drop in one fun fact or statistical quirk of note that hopefully reveals a little something about the player.

Image61. Kohl Stewart, RHP, Minnesota Twins –
Stewart on his lone start in the Appalachian League this season:

“I didn’t really have the fastball command I wanted early in the game, so I ended up throwing a lot of pitches. … I got a feel for my changeup and slider only toward the end. And I didn’t have a curveball tonight.”

62. Mike Foltynewicz, RHP, Houston Astros –
Foltynewicz on his strong 2013 performance:

“I’m real excited right now. … I’m finally proving to a lot of people that I’m the real deal. People who doubt me, who thought that the Lexington season [in 2012] was some kind of fluke or something, to show people why I got drafted and what I can do. … I’m just really, really happy to be here.”

63. Eddie Rosario, 2B, Minnesota Twins –
Fort Myers manager Doug Mientkiewicz on Rosario’s plate approach:

“[Rosario’s] a little unorthodox, but his barrel stays through the zone for a long time. … The great ones at the big leagues, their bats stay in the zone for forever. Eddie does that. He has a special knack for finding the ball with the barrel.”

64. Courtney Hawkins, OF, Chicago White Sox –
Hawkins on missing time with an injury and dealing with a tough 2013 season:

“Harder than the whole getting back healthy part was the sitting out, seeing your team go out every day and you’re sitting on the bench, can’t contribute, can’t do anything. … So you just learn the game more, different situations, just a couple things a day with how the game was happening or a different situation you could pick up.

“Now I feel a bit more comfortable. Back into it the first day, I got a little anxious to get something started, making something happen, and it wasn’t a good day. But I’m feeling fine. People might not see it as me developing, because of my strikeout numbers — I know people are big on that — but as far as our coaching staff and me, we know it’s coming. Got a long way to go, but it’s coming.”

Image65. Casey Kelly, RHP, San Diego Padres –

Kelly did not play in 2013 after undergoing Tommy John surgery in March.

66. Brian Goodwin, OF, Washington Nationals –

Goodwin was the third youngest player in the Eastern League to hit at least 10 homers and steal at least 10 bases, joining Jarek Cunningham and Michael Almanzar.

67. Matt Davidson, 3B, Arizona D-backs –
Davidson on his experience in MLB Spring Training and his goals for 2013:

“Obviously, this was my second time at big league camp in the spring, and I’m really just trying to focus on what kind of player I am and knowing exactly what works for me in this game. … In the Minor Leagues, you’re told so many different things about what to do in so many situations. But once you figure out what’s best for you, you’re able to take it all to the next level.”

Image68. Tyler Austin, OF, New York Yankees –

Austin landed on the disabled list with a wrist injury in July but returned in time to play 11 games at the end of the regular season. In those games, the 22-year-old hit .375 with five extra-base hits. In six postseason games, he hit .304 with an .838 OPS and three more extra-base knocks.

69. Austin Meadows, OF, Pittsburgh Pirates –
Meadows reflecting on his pro debut:

“It’s just a good feeling, especially coming out here and not knowing what to expect. Getting used to life in the GCL, used to the whole schedule. Pretty much every day, you have to be as consistent as you can. The factors outside of baseball, like being away from home, friends, family — you have to push yourself through the hard times. Especially when you’re slumping, there’s nobody to go to.

“You have to be as consistent as you can. I had some tough times earlier, but the big thing about professional baseball is there’s always another day. It was definitely a good experience down there, and I’m glad it ended well for my first year.

“I always try to go out there and play the game hard. I took away a lot about the game. It’s definitely a lot different than high school and travel ball back in the day. Just every day, you have to have your mind right and be prepared for the next day and all that.”

Image70. Lucas Giolito, RHP, Washington Nationals –
Giolito reflecting on his first start outside the Gulf Coast League:

“It was something I’ve looked forward to for a while — pitching at a Minor League stadium under the lights, the crowd, the team atmosphere. … It was awesome to get up here and get this under my belt. … I feel back at 100 percent,” he said, “like I was before the surgery.”


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