Minoring in Twitter: Tall pitchers in small cars

By Danny Wild / MiLB.com

I’ll be catching up on some memorable Tweets from the offseason thus far, since I’ve missed a few weekly blogs celebrating the beloved musings of prospects on Twitter. We’ll start strong: Can anyone help out Rob?

Being 6-foot-3, I thought I had it bad — here’s Trevor May, who is 6-foot-5, sitting in a car behind fellow Twins prospect Alex Meyer, who is 6-foot-9:

Cody Decker, seeking a movie date:

Astros right-hander Aaron West is trying to clean up his life:

You may remember San Diego’s Walker Weickel from this 80s Night video in which he sings alongside packets of boxing hot sauce (seriously). Things have calmed down since that crazy night in Fort Wayne. Now in the offseason, his biggest problem is whether to wear socks to bed:

Back to Cody Decker, who just has more free time than anyone in baseball:

I think we’ve all come to this crossroad:

The purple guy from McDonald’s is his mentor.

Jeremy Barfield, now a pitcher, has a new perspective on broken bats suddenly:

Small steps in learning English:

Also, small steps in spending your paychecks:

For those without a handy currency converter, 400 Dominican pesos is equivalent to … $9.40 U.S.

Marlins prospect Christian Yelich is still trying. And honestly, after reaching the Majors, is it so far-fetched the pop/country star would give him a look?

The Padres’ Anthony Bass with a very relatable quote:

I’ll just simply translate this for the less hip/nerdy of you: Lance Durham just bought the new Call of Duty game (as I’m sure countless other Minor Leaguers did) and would love to play you online:


Tweeted while driving to Chipotle, no doubt:

What’s the Minor League equivalent?

Even world-famous Minor Leaguers (Rio Ruiz played at Class A Quad Cities) get stuck with flat tires:

People have been critical of the new Akron nickname, the RubberDucks. But rooting for a child’s squeaky bath toy really isn’t much worse than saying “Fear the tree.”

It’s a lot of work to produce the perfect Instagram shot:


Chipotle Tweet of the Week


Danny, you really should check out Micah Johnson’s twitter feed. He doesn’t tweet a lot, but when he does, it’s great.

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