Minoring in Twitter: Golf etiquette and exotic cats

By Danny Wild / MiLB.com

Twins prospect Trevor May is in Seattle and seems to be enjoying the weather. Is that two or three bikes?

Last week we heard about Jeremy Barfield’s Dominican paycheck of 400 Dominican pesos, or $9.40 US. This week, Giants Minor Leaguer Justin Fitzgerald takes us to Venezuela:

Don’t mess with Marlins prospect Beau Wright when he’s behind the wheel:

Blue Jays prospects Marcus Stroman and Aaron Sanchez, cheesin’ for the camera:

Phillies prospect Tyson Gillies takes a baseball approach to his golf swing (and it’s pretty awesome)

Watch that video. Gillies is wearing some black training/warm-up/mesh kinda athletic pants — gym-class style. Good thing Colorado Springs’ Cory Riordan wasn’t waiting to hit:

Even more golf-related etiquette, this from Quad Cities’ Brian Holmes:

Orioles first-rounder Matt Hobgood owns a very valuable arm. In fact, Baltimore handed him a $2.42 million signing bonus in 2009. And then, this week, Hobgood stuck that very same arm around the neck of a lion — a lion, which, by the way, really doesn’t look too pleased.

He wasn’t done, of course:

Dunedin pitcher Daniel Norris offers up this weight loss tip:

Bradenton right-hander Matt Benedict did what any irritated traveler would do upon being seated next to a loud passenger. He pulled out his cell phone and complained (and I think we can all feel his pain):

Delino DeShields Jr. has a solution for those moments:

Cody Decker. What more do you need to say?

Rochester’s Dan Rohlfing has a lot of rice, some soupy-looking sauce and “macoroni” down in the DR:

Blue Jays prospect Justin Jackson just received his weekly dosage of sodium (seriously, check the label):

Yankees prospect Mason Williams kills time just like the rest of us:

What would possess Braves prospect Myke Jones to think a tweet about folding clothes would be interesting? Honestly. He was folding clothes, stopped, pulled out his phone and thought, “I need to tell everyone about this.”

But then, things got interesting:

Money that could otherwise be spent on Chipotle:

An actual, nice, uplifting tweet:

Quad Cities’ Dan Minor (a great name for a Minor Leaguer) needs a larger bed:

Blue Jays right-hander Casey Lawrence pitches for a team north of the border but finds entertainment from south of… sorry, bad joke:

This couldn’t be put better:

Last week a reader encouraged us to include some Micah Johnson tweets. Here you go:

Chipotle Tweets of the Week

Life sucks:

Double meat, you say? That’s weak. Try triple meat. TRIPLE MEAT.

What isn’t good at Chipotle? Just look at that bowl, he might as well lick it clean like Dan Minor’s dog:

What a joke

In order of importance:

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