Notable Quotables: More from the Mets Organization All-Stars

After a successful season as an organization, there was a lot to talk about with Mets director of player development Paul DePodesta. As such, there wasn’t enough room in the full piece to include all of the quotes, including those about a few players who didn’t make the list. Read on to see what else DePodesta had to say about Wilmer Flores, Rafael Montero and others.

More on Kevin Plawecki’s abilities at the plate:

“He’s a guy, who even in college, always had a good strike zone and always had low strikeout totals. He puts the ball in play but puts the ball in play with some authority.”

On Wilmer Flores and his knack for driving in runs:

“He’s a guy that, I don’t say this about a whole lot of guys. but Wilmer can smell RBIs. He’s one of our best hitters we have in RBI situations. Maybe one of the best young hitters I’ve been around in this situation. He has a knack for situational hitting. I think that’s going to continue to show up at the highest level.”


On some of the other highly regarded shortstops in the system:

Gavin Cecchini was rated one of the top prospects in the New York-Penn League and Amed Rosario was rated one of the best in the Appalachian League at just 17. Both of those guys, we’re very excited about their future potential as both offensive players and defensive guys. They both have a chance to be dynamic guys. They are certainly thought of very highly, not just internally but externally as well.”

On where Cesar Puello will play in 2014:

“Given what he did in Double-A, he’s prepared to make the jump. He’s playing Winter Ball right now, so he’s making up for lost at-bats. We anticipate him being ready for Triple-A. He can be dangerous in Vegas.”


More on Rafael Montero:

“As far as we know, nobody, aside from Cuban-born players, has ever gone quicker from the Dominican Summer League to Triple-A than Montero, who basically did it in the course of about 24 months. [He] pounds the zone with a plus fastball, does it easy, not a lot of effort to the delivery. There’s a little bit of Mariano Rivera deception to his delivery because it looks so easy and it jumps on hitters the last 10 feet. The same thing with the slider, he’s got excellent command of the slider, he can change the shape of it and the location of it.”

On Steven Matz and his ability to deal with adversity:

“He’s another guy who I think has a chance to come pretty quickly, he’s a lot more mature than your typical 22-year-old because of everything he’s had to deal with. He’s prepared for the inevitable hiccups, they won’t bother him and I think he’s going to have more success than hiccups. He’ll blow through the hiccups.”

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