Minoring in Twitter: Players react to Bieber bust

Justin Bieber

As you may have heard, noted street racer and boxing fan Justin Bieber was arrested on Thursday, causing the social media universe to flip out. Baseball players, of course, had their stage on Twitter:

Mets prospect Stefan Sabol clearly spent some time on this one, especially with the accented characters:

And a pre-arrest one, just for fun:

* * *

Moving on, Angels prospect Nick Maronde split the 2013 season between the Texas League and the Majors. Now, he’s in Arizona, while the rest of us freeze:

Rockies left-hander Christian Friedrich, who saw time at Triple-A Colorado Springs last year, is ready for a fight at Coors Field:

No one likes waiting in security lines at airports. Especially baseball players:

Speaking of the airport:

Drumming up interest for the Olympics:

Blue Jays lefty prospect Tony Davis is listed at 5-foot-11, 185 pounds. But now?

Twins outfielder Byron Buxton was swamped with congratulations from fellow players on Twitter after being named MLB.com’s No. 1 prospect entering 2014…

Mariners prospect Isaiah Yates is lonely:

A’s prospect Rashun Dixon is hungry:

Royals prospect Chevy Clarke is in love with Royals prospect Chevy Clarke:

Giants prospect Brandon Bednar is losing his patience:

So is the Yankees’ Danny Burawa:

Cody Decker’s mind continues to work hard in the offseason:

Been there, done that:

Chipotle Tweets of the Week

Chipotle and playoff football!! What could be better?!? Omaha!

You’ve been warned: don’t take Reds prospect Ben Lively’s Chipotle:

Someone (Cardinals Minor League Sam Tuivailala) is just starting to discover Chipotle:

To the ballpark, right?

-Danny Wild/MiLB.com

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