Minoring in Twitter: ‘Flappy Bird’ infects the Minor Leagues

By Danny Wild / MiLB.com

I have intentionally avoided learning about whatever “Flappy Bird” is (I know it’s a game that people, evidently, love to hate) ever since it started popping up on Twitter last week. But Minor Leaguers are fully engulfed in this animated obsession:

Minor Leaguers love the “nothing is worse than…” Tweets, and usually they involve a lack of beef in their Chipotle burrito or some guy they saw at the airport, but again, this is a Flappy Bird world we now live in:

Is this good?

Finally, Jeremy Barfield, in a fan Q&A with the Midland RockHounds, declares it will be a short, painful lifespan for the bird:

Man, look at those graphics. It’s like 1992 all over again.

OK, enough Flappy Bird. Jeremy Barfield says so:

Moving on, the Super Bowl was a lopsided blowout, and Minor Leaguers had plenty of opinions:

So, this is awesome. Zach Nuding is a right-hander in the Yankees system, but you’d never know from his kitchen:

Mariners prospect Taijuan Walker’s basketball talents aren’t a secret, but he may be reaching a little now:

Marcus Stroman wearing a vest and pajama pants to a hockey game?

Also at the Maple Leafs-Lightning game? Fellow Blue Jays prospect Aaron Sanchez:

luke jackson

You may see eight slices, but Rangers prospect Luke Jackson (above last season at Double-A Frisco) sees a challenge:

Padres slugger Cody Decker, a man of many observations and aspirations, gives new meaning to being a bat man:

It’s not always that glamorous for pitchers reporting to Spring Training:

Try asking Siri next time?

Astros prospect Lance McCullers Jr. a.) having something weird done to his arm and b.) wearing a “retro” Houston Astros T-shirt:

This is awkward.

Yankees fans, an Aaron Judge sighting! Here’s New York’s 2013 second-round pick Gosuke Katoh tweeting first-round selection Aaron Judge reading the kids’ menu:

Indians 6-foot-6 right-hander Jimmy Stokes loves paper. Not newspapers or toilet paper, but the new app from Facebook, which appears to be slightly less maddening than #flappybird

Low fat, low sodium and plenty of fruits and veggies in this offseason cuisine:

And finally…

Chipotle Tweets of the Week

Don Lutz has previously tweeted about opening a Chipotle in Germany. This guy isn’t messing around: Baseball? No. Tasty burritos, chips and salsa? In Germany? Yes.

Supposedly Mr. Money didn’t actually make the bet (so he claimed right after the game), but either way:

And this might be a first: A baseball player who, striking out in anger at Chipotle, takes his money elsewhere for dinner:

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