Minoring in Twitter: Sims to cultivate mustache

By Danny Wild/MiLB.com

BREAKING NEWS: Atlanta Braves’ No. 1 prospect Lucas Sims to grow mustache. Check back for updates:

We all know mustaches don’t grow overnight, so we here at MiLB.com employed the help of Facetache.com to see what Lucas Sims might look like with his new ‘stache. Behold:

sims 1

sims 2

sims 3

sims 4

sims 5

Finally, we wondered, what if Sims gets the mustache but isn’t satisfied? What if he opts to go full “Duck Dynasty” on the Braves and out-beard Brian Wilson? For that question, we turned to the “Duck Dynasty Beard Booth” app:

sims beard

So, Lucas — good luck. Let us know if you need any inspiration.

Athletics prospect Matt Buschmann has only been at Spring Training for a couple weeks, but he’s already tired of the traffic. Hey, Matt, try crossing the George Washington Bridge into Manhattan some time:

Maybe it’s better than, say, Orlando, Florida?

Jeremy Barfield with a roundabout way to plug his #FaceofMLB nominee:

Tony Sanchez has some advice on success in baseball, and it involves glove love:

Blue Jays prospect Kenny Wilson was looking for some help Thursday:

There’s a new “Big Bang Theory,” “Portlandia” premieres on IFC and “Vikings” returns for season 2 on the History Channel. Or just ask the Twins’ Trevor May, he’s in the loop:

Wow. Andrew Lambo…

Not the most creative hat logo we’ve ever seen, but OK:

OK… Tigers prospect Daniel Fields with apparently no explanation needed on this one:

… or this one …

Barfield isn’t done:

Padres lefty Erik Schoenrock seems to think he’ll be in his Spring Training hotel for awhile:

White Sox prospect Micah Johnson knows he’s fast:

It’s not even Chipotle:

Chipotle Tweets of the Week:

America needs more fast food. Duh.

Most cliched Minor League tweet of all time coming up:

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