Minoring in Twitter: How players survive long bus rides

By Danny Wild/MiLB.com

Pirates catcher Tony Sanchez reveals the latest technology in baseball-players-sleeping-on-buses. No, it’s not an alien Halloween costume:

They watch Thor, probably without a head thing:

Giants Minor Leaguer Justin Fitzgerald posted this photo, probably in a direct attempt to get it featured on this blog:

Astros first-round pick Mark Appel believes he needs to believe. Believe it:

He also believes in more literal things, like an ice cream and cookie “Pizookie”

What’s a Pizookie? “A little sweet and a little salty. Made with caramel cookie dough, pretzel bites and white and dark chocolate chips. Topped with vanilla bean ice cream, caramel sauce and a Ghirardelli SQUARES® dark chocolate.” Marlins reliever Beau Wright feels like a superhero drawn by a high school student:

Pirates top prospect Jameson Taillon has a new glove, or what the kids are calling them these days, a “glove piece”

Rudy Owens may have Taillon’s glove piece beat, though:

I actually saw this trend myself on Facebook:

More on NFL free agency from the Minors:

Rangers prospect and Pelicans third baseman Drew Robinson with some nice seats:

Luke Jackson, another Rangers prospect, shops at some funky sock stores (evidently it’s Urban Outfitters):

Phillies prospect Tyson Gillies is about a year behind:

Ladies, if you enjoy baseball, the Walking Dead and a home-cooked meal, Mr. Gillies might be your man:

Blue Jays outfielder Kenny Wilson. Keeping his finger nails… clean. Hashtag whattttttttt

Yes, you do need better TV options:

Baseball’s No. 1 prospect, Byron Buxton, earning a little spending money with an autograph signing:

This blog would totally kill mine:

Welcome to the Florida State League:

But you can’t play baseball if you’re dead…

Here’s a new one — O’s prospect Matt Hobgood gets serious:

Red Sox prospect Anthony Ranaudo hittin’ snooze:

So did Royals outfielder Desmond Henry:

Yankees prospect Zach Nuding shows off his Eastern League bling:

Chipotle Tweets of the Week

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