Minoring in Twitter: Opening Day? Yeah, but did you hear Duke lost?

By Danny Wild/MiLB.com

We may be on the doorstep of Opening Day in the Majors, and so while players race to earn roster spots and impress at Spring Training, apparently nothing really compares to college basketball in March. With Ohio State and Duke falling early, there was plenty of noise coming from the Minor Leagues.

First, we begin with Tigers outfield prospect Tyler Collins revealing his highly-anticipated bracket picks (who cares what Obama thinks?):

What about Oakland outfield prospect Rashun Dixon’s picks? He.. uh… picked Duke:

The Durham Bulls’ Brandon Guyer weighs in:

Marlins prospect Jake Marisnick posts his sideways for good luck (turn your head now):

I’m not a huge college hoops fan, but I know Duke is sort of widely loved and/or hated. So as you can imagine, there was no shortage of comments following Mercer’s upset win Friday:

Despite the lack of Duke love, the loss ruined a lot of brackets:

Here’s one sad prediction from March 16:

And this prophetic one from the same day!

Also, in other Duke news:

Altoona trying to be clever:

The Duke reactions followed Dayton’s stunner over Ohio State:

Braves prospect Lucas Sims — he of the mustache-growing fame — saw this:

Moving on, take a look at Mets top prospect Noah Syndergaard, who enlisted some teammates to help him wade through piles of fan mail in St. Lucie:

White Sox prospect Dan Black shows off the least flashy sneakers in the Minors:

Royals prospect Kyle Zimmer posing at an autograph session:

Padres catcher Austin Hedges was one of many to show off his diamond-encrusted Texas League championship ring from 2013 with San Antonio. Are those real?:

The Class A Savannah Sand Gnats’ South Atlantic League championship ring is decidedly less blinged-out — did they find those at the grocery store coin prize machines?

Cardinals prospect Mike O’Neill landed quite a bluegill:

Here’s Red Sox prospect Anthony Ranaudo holding some VIP card from a bat company:

Major League? Eh? Am I right? Chipotle Tweets of the Week

Random photo of the week

The Class A Lakewood BlueClaws posted this photo, so we have to show it:

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