Minoring in Twitter: Old cars, new cars, dirty cars and sleeping… on a bus

By Danny Wild / MiLB.com

Lake Elsinore’s Joe Ross arrives in style (can anyone ID the car?)

Indianapolis’ Jake Brigham bought his wife an SUV for her birthday? Or maybe they just found it and took a photo with it?

More on cars: Cardinals No. 13 prospect Jordan Swagerty found an actual cardinal on his enormous Ford Super Duty pickup truck:

Check out these socks from Twins prospect Ryan O’Rourke (he’s a lefty, yes):

Does this photo from Louisville make you like umpires a little more?

Baseball players, you’ve been warned. Ladies, they’re catching on:

Astros right-hander Collin McHugh is living in a world of lies:

Let me enlighten you: taking your car to a car wash is one of the worst things you can do for your car’s paint. The water at car washes is all recycled, so it’s dirty water that’s filtered and gets sprayed on and drips off everyone else’s dirty cars, all day long. Think about all that road salt and mud. The brushes collect pebbles and debris that then gets dragged across your car’s exterior, creating fine scratches over time. Then you have the guys at the end who rub your car down with their dirty towels. Look at a car with dark-colored paint on a sunny day and you’ll see the swirl marks. But the oil change is totally a good idea.

The return of sleeping-teammates-on-buses photos:

And teammates reading on buses:

And players wearing this alien-elephant headsock thing:

And Archie Bradley on a plane:

And Archie Bradley’s view on that very same plane:

Do not disturb!

First-world problems:

Reds No. 1 prospect Robert Stephenson is such a big shot, he gets his own coach bus on road trips:

Bryan Harper, Bryce’s brother, says he’s very patient when it comes to ordering food…

… but when he’s driving? Not so patient:

… or even while waiting in line, patiently, to order his food:

Longtime slugger Jim Thome was caught writing on the walls at Charlotte’s brand-new ballpark:


Uh. What?



Cody Decker is back, with a Willy Wonka-esque fashion statement:

Pirates No. 7 prospect Reese McGuire posts a photo of his behind:

Step aside, Chipotle — Iowa’s Marcus Hatley wants a Starbucks:

So what are you saying?

Need a hand?


Sorry, come again:

Old school:

Weird, but OK:

Stay strong Lucas!


Like, maybe… Chipotle?

Chipotle Tweets of the Week:


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