Minoring in Twitter: Decker’s El Paso prank a viral sensation

By Danny Wild / MiLB.com

So, if you’re a frequent reader of this column, you know one of the main subjects is bus travel — how to sleep, how to take photos of teammates sleeping, how to wear the right head-engulfing balloon pillow hat, etc. Cardinals No. 7 prospect James Ramsay has taken bus snoozing to the next level — thinking outside the box and inside the sticky, narrow coach bus aisle. He’s borrowed one of summer’s most iconic pool party necessities and turned it into a rolling motel bed. Behold:


We’d be bad bloggers to not highlight Cody Decker’s moment in the sun this week, with everyone from Peter Gammons to Deadspin to Maxim to Yahoo celebrating one of baseball’s most elaborate and funniest clubhouse pranks this season.

Decker, one of this very blog’s favorite and most-quoted players on Twitter, began his reveal on Twitter by apologizing to Major League veteran Jeff Francoeur, the victim of a Decker-documented prank by Triple-A El Paso, On Jeff Ears:

He then posted the video for the world to see:

“On Jeff Ears” took off and went viral. In short, the film shows how the Padres affiliate fooled the veteran outfielder into believing that one of the club’s pitchers, Jorge Reyes, was deaf. Decker has received his share of criticism for the film from folks who found it insensitive, but simply put — it’s a prank, and it was well executed.

My first reaction was, how the heck did this entire team, including the manager and coaches and players, all get on board with this? You’d assume there’d be some killjoy roving Padres instructor that wouldn’t get on board, but Francoeur’s reaction (and belief) was pretty genuine. So, congrats Cody.

Also, after dressing like Willy Wonka last week, Mr. Decker appears to have more fashion tips for the baseball world:

And then there’s this gem:

OK, thank you Cody for the endless Minoring in Twitter content. Moving on…

Imagine this was your office every morning?

Gosuke Katoh, the Yankees’ second-round pick last year, is showing off his new… ankle guards? Forearm? I’m not sure. They cover important places:

What do you think Roy Hibbert would say about Micah Johnson, though?

Astros prospect Delino DeSheilds with a warning for all:

Henry Owens is having a great start to the season with Double-A Portland, but when you start posting videos of Justin Bieber playing streetball? Look at the tough-guy glare Biebs gives the camera at the end:

Want to mingle with Red Sox prospect Anthony Ranaudo?

Mariners prospect Jabari Blash is pulling a page out of the Daniel Nava playbook — he left his comp tickets for Rihanna at Double-A Jackson’s will-call window:

New Britain’s Sean Gilmartin is prepared in case an outlaw calls him out into the street and draws on him:

Dante Bichette Jr. works out at Planet Fitness. Why not? $10 a month:

Where do the players go when it rains? Sounds like Logan Bawcom moonlights as a Food Network host:

Is that legal?

Yeah, you should visit Manhattan:

So 2013 Minor League home run champ Joey Gallo living the whole “chicks dig the longball” lifestyle:

Also, if you click on that Instagram photo, look at the comments.

Guy No. 1: Are you in triple A?
Guy No, 2: yeah hes at trip a myrtle beach!

Really? REALLY? Even when Kenny Powers signs with Texas and the Rangers assign him to Myrtle Beach, the “Mermen” are a Double-A team (I looked. The scene with McConaughey on YouTube).

Finally, Lakewood’s Zach Green gives us a tip on a healthy athlete breakfast option:

Chipotle Tweets of the Week

Breaking news, Chipotle is getting more expensive. Can Minor Leaguers still afford it?


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