Minoring in Twitter: Minor Leaguers react to Pineda’s love of pine tar

By Danny Wild / MiLB.com

There are two things the baseball community appears to agree on when it comes to the ongoing Michael Pineda saga: 1) cheating is bad, and 2) pretty much everyone is using pine tar or something similar. Pineda, busted for having pine tar on his neck Wednesday night at Fenway Park, said he was trying to get a better grip on the ball on a cold night in Boston.

So, how prevalent is this? Did Pineda use pine tar in the Minors? Do most Minor League pitchers today use pine tar? Angels prospect Kyle McGowin said, pretty much, yeah:

Some asked about a double standard, considering the Red Sox aren’t without similar suspicions:

Others were just stunned that Pineda would be so blatant:

Some blamed the TV cameras and scrutiny for fueling the situation:

Jacksonville manager Andy Barkett chimed in:

Moving on, how good is life right now for Luke Jackson? The Texas Rangers prospect was literally lounging poolside at the office on Wednesday:

Reds No. 1 prospect Robert Stephenson pitches for Pensacola, not Augusta, but he still got to see a green jacket up close this week:

While other Minor Leaguers actually went and played golf:

Ben Verlander is from Virginia:

Maybe the CRAZIEST TWEET EVER? Wow. This is Astros No. 7 prospect Delino DeShields Jr., who was hospitalized after getting hit in the face by a pitch:

That tweet seemed to gain DeShields some attention.

He also posted an aftermath photo, giving a thumbs-up:

Clearly he’s having as much “fun” with this as he can, retweeting this gem:

Signs of life from Twins prospect Miguel Sano:



Ask this guy:

Hagerstown’s Jake Johansen is right-handed, for the record:



Like, walk and/or drive to a massage place?

Micah Johnson took a moment away from stealing bases to sign for a Little Leaguer:


Marcus Stroman… I dunno, man. And that carpeting?


Just, simply, it was Monday for Taijuan Walker:

Despite the bitter Eastern League rivalry, these two have remained friends:

Baseball players never seem to have trouble finding pretty girls. Mets prospect Jake deGrom, away from Triple-A Las Vegas, for example:

Corpus Christi’s Brady Rodgers, for example:

Indians No. 1 prospect Francisco Lindor is winning is a battle against cold spring weather:

Tigers prospect Ben Verlander knows he’s pretty:

Athletes always eat fruits and veggies to stay in shape:

Chipotle Tweets of the Week

Need it.

Boy. Someone is mad:

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