Minoring in Twitter: Luke Jackson meets a dolphin

By Danny Wild / MiLB.com

We’re going to just jump right into this. Texas Rangers No. 7 prospect Luke Jackson getting kissed by a dolphin:

Jake Elmore is back with Triple-A Sacramento on a rehab assignment, and, simply put, this tweet caught our eye:

Yikes. And so that being said (and imagined in our collective minds), let us further explore Mr. Elmore’s Twitter musings. The A’s infielder, for example, isn’t ready for any car seats or strollers:

He also knows about the most awful thing you can walk into:

He also revealed a much healthier (or at least a more organic) routine for dinner, thinking outside the Chipotle box:

Indians No. 1 prospect Francisco Lindor has some advice for you, especially if you’re also extremely talented at baseball:

What do Minor Leaguers do in their hotels? That’s probably a question we may not want to entirely know the answer to, but for Nick Wittgren, he watches baseball, duh:

David Dahl is the Colorado Rockies’ top offensive prospect, and he needs your help:

David, we did the homework for you. First of all, just click here. Amazon.com has episodes for as low as $1.99 if you want to cheap out with non-HD video, or you can go big and buy the whole season for $39.99. They’re also free on ABC’s website. And they’re available on Hulu for the right price.

We’re just trying to help, Dave! Maybe just go watch with someone else:

If you came here looking for movie reviews, you came to the right place:

Delightful benefits of playing in the Minors:

No, seriously. It’s a benefit. You’re up early enough to see the sunrise:

Cody Decker is silly:

Not a hard choice here at all — Barq’s. It even says, literally, “It’s good” on the can:

You want to see a selfie of Orioles No. 4 prospect Hunter Harvey? No? Whatever.

BREAKING NEWS: Brandon Bednar announces he will be growing out his hair:

Who knew? Now you do:

Yankees prospect Danny Burawa, I think, is referring to a New York Rangers playoff goal by Dan Carcillo. But you decide:

Not really sure what to make of this:

Here’s a black and white video of Minor Leaguers dancing in their clubhouse. Enjoy:

Giants right-handed prospects Austin Fleet appreciates the simple things in life:

Mariners Minor Leaguer Isaiah Yates has, consistently, some of the weirdest tweets I see every week.

Red Sox pitchers Brandon Workman and Anthony Ranaudo are having some quality time:

Not Chipotle. No one goes there anymore:

How cold does it need to be on a baseball field to make a guy just stop caring what he looks like?

Mariners No. 1 prospect Taijuan Walker needs a boat, please.

Be careful when you’re on the water, though — Indians prospect Trevor Bauer was, in fact, just recently enjoying some great moments in boating history:

Charlotte’s Dan Black is on a road trip to Rochester and took a quick detour:

Bryan Harper (Bryce’s brother) hates spring weather.

Jameis Winston seems like fair game (we’ll avoid the “reactions to Donald Sterling” this week). Winston, in fact, played in a Spring Training game against some Yankees Minor Leaguers earlier this year, so there’s even that connection. In case you missed it, the Heisman Trophy winner was cited for shoplifting crab legs this week in Florida. Minor Leaguers respond:

Here’s Allan Dykstra’s new shoes:

Kris Bryant also has new shoes:

Here’s some old leftovers that Pirates Minor League pitcher Robby Rowland ate. Enjoy:

I’m hoping this turns into a broader Minoring in Twitter topic:


In a rare but totally not funny or sarcastic tweet, we hope things are OK back home, Ben:

They’re coming out with a new one:

Yankees prospect Gosuke Katoh posted this photo and I have absolutely no clue what the caption says:

OK, I kind of do. Here’s what Google Translate says: “Bus travel for 16 hours. When I was tired, rain. Body is peaceful. Minor life for the first time. Issues that need to be adapted in baseball than often. Ok to prepare two game tomorrow!”

The ongoing trend of baseball players having huge trucks and pretty girlfriends:

Chipotle Tweets of the Week


thats a beluga whale, not a dolphin kissing Luke Jackson. just saying

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