Minoring in Twitter: Cartwheels, cookies, crawfish and snow

By Danny Wild / MiLB.com

Not sure what’s more authentically Minor League about this photo: the guy doing a failed (but somewhat impressive) cartwheel, or the classic white plastic lawn chairs they’re using to set up this team photo:

Jacksonville manager Andy Barkett doesn’t mind a little road trip, as long as it’s to Montgomery, a place that apparently never has a shortage of the rare Golden Double Stuf Oreos (Related facts: MLB.com and MiLB.com are operated out of the original Oreo cookie factory in New York City, and one of our editors often goes on missions throughout New Jersey to find the newest and most exotic of Oreo flavors).

White Sox prospect Micah Johnson is fast, both on the basepaths and in NHL 14:

Omaha’s Brett Eibner, perhaps a Game of Thrones fan:

Best known for women’s yoga pants (some of which had to be recalled), Lululemon is seeing its brand expand to ballplayers like the Rockies’ David Dahl:

Indians top pitching prospect Trevor Bauer has a new t-shirt and wants everyone to see it. Is the epitome of Twitter? Hey, look at what I’m wearing and guess what I had for lunch?

Quad Cities’ Brett Phillips has a special surprise for Mrs. Phillips on Sunday (unless she has Twitter, than it’s not a surprise):

Poor Dean Green has his name misspelled. Little known fact — several years ago, Dean Green hit me in the face with a foul ball at Dutchess Stadium when I was taking photos, and I haven’t forgotten:

Best dressed? You decide:

Mmmm, mall food court food. Is there anything better than mall food court chinese food? China Maxx, Panda Express? Why would anyone buy those tiny Sbarro slices?

Bradenton’s Ryan Hafner loves free food:

Anything to pump you up for gametime:

Adorable but not sanitary:

Delino DeShields Jr update: You may recall our friend Delino was smiling through the pain of getting beaned in the face. Sadly, Mr. DeShields has not posted any selfies since then, but we can still check in as he waits for the swelling to subside. The most notable news? He’s totally bedridden now:

But, that still allows him to watch great TV:

A guy can only lay in bed for so long, though:

Oh no. He’s given up completely:

(We’re kidding, he’s probably totally OK. Maybe.)

Confirmed — he’s OK:

New Orleans reliever Josh Spence has been awesome this year (0.93 ERA), and now he’s cashing in on his local fame with a literal boatload of crawfish (don’t tell the folks in Hickory):

13990147046_22a59a19c3_z Examining Yankees prospect Mason Williams: A man of few words, Yankees No. 2 prospect Mason Williams isn’t interested in using all 140 characters. And above all, he REALLY wants you to have a pleasant first-half of your day:


Oh no.

Minor Leaguer and #poet:

Time for a new mattress?

Free advice of the day:

Ouch. Evan Frey plays for Colorado Springs. Any questions?

Yeesh. Savannah right-hander Rob Whalen is on the 7-Day DL. Guess why.

Apparently chicks don’t dig scars:

Phillies reliever Phillippe Aumont is a multi-sport athlete:

Springfield’s Jonathan Rodriguez is dedicated… to something called House of Clashers:

Corrections: Last week, we reported that Rangers prospect Luke Jackson was being kissed by a dolphin. I thought the dolphin looked a little fishy (no pun intended) and I actually google searched “types of dolphins” to make sure this was, in fact, a dolphin. I found out there are A LOT of species of dolphins, and after glancing at drawings, I assumed this was, pretty safely, a dolphin. But, Minoring in Twitter reader “Josh” says otherwise, claiming that’s “a beluga whale.” So we apologize to you, Josh and Luke, and to that whale that looks like a dolphin. (Although if you were a whale, wouldn’t that probably be flattering to have someone mistake you for a dolphin?) Also, beluga whales are adorable! Addendum to correction: The beluga whale’s street cred just sunk after this photo surfaced of one with Justin Bieber. This also diminishes Luke Jackson, too, I think: Chipotle Tweets of the Week Cedar Rapids’ Todd Van Steensel — out of the Minors since 2011 — is back, and he’s trying to fit in:


Wow! Sleeping late over Chipotle? What is going on?!


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