Minoring in Twitter: Minor Leaguers are sick of LeBron

By Danny Wild / MiLB.com

What’s the most inescapably draining, exhausting and never-ending sports story lately? No, not the World Cup — LeBron James, of course.

LeBron James

We here in New York have relative confidence that Carmelo will come back to our beloved, inept Knicks, but LeBron? ESPN’s speculation is about as accurate as a bunch of random Minor Leaguers on Twitter, and so you can guess what comes next:

LeBron is going to Cleveland to join Johnny Manziel:

Hillsboro’s Jordan Parr says LeBron is going to be in Myrtle Beach next year. Oh wait, wrong Pelicans:

Yes. Yes. About as frequently as MiLB.com says “prospect”:

Oh wait, even better:

Yeah, take that, LeBron:

Ouch. Yes. Florida sports fans are hard to sympathize with:

Look at this, all the way back on June 15, we had this in the works:

Moving on…

Made with real fruit:

Atlanta’s Joey Terdoslavich went to the movies by himself, and he didn’t even turn off his cell phone. Dude. Come on.

Minor Leaguer Tweet of the Week

Here’s how bad life is in the Minors — Riley Unroe, the Rays’ second-round pick in 2013 who received a $1 million signing bonus, is already sick of life in Princeton after 18 games. Just look at all those other half-dressed, tattooed men sitting around eating sandwiches. Ugh.

Terrible, huh? I mean, just look at Reds prospect Ben Lively, a fourth-round pick who is surrounded by half-dressed, tattooed men and bikini-clad women. Ugh.

Speaking of being around tattooed men, poor Todd Van Steensel got stuck next to this guy:

Things are so bad for half-dressed, tattooed Nick Rickles, he’s living underwater:

Things are so bad in the Minors, the teams force you to shave your heads:

They have to dry their laundry on fences!

And it won’t stop raining in Florida!!

A nice, thoughtful photo and tweet:

I don’t. Can maybe get it up to 60 on my best day:

Does Cody Decker’s bat say “Jerk” in the engraving?

Please, baseball fans, help:

Gotta pre-order NHL 15:


Daniel Norris Tweet of the Week

First, this is a pretty funny video. Second, I’m just going to assume that pizza in Florida isn’t any good. Third, I’m going to break the news here that Daniel Norris, the Blue Jays’ No. 3 prospect, will be joining us here on the PROSPECTive blog in the coming weeks to showcase some of his behind-the-scenes photos of life in the Minors. Maybe we’ll even see photos of him eating that pepperoni and pineapple pie:

Jeremy Barfield is good at tweeting, but it’s been more of a struggle on the field. A hitter, converted to a pitcher, and now converted back to a hitter, the A’s and Barfield hope he’s finally his path back to the bigs. Good luck, Jeremy!

Donald Lutz, riding the wave of emotions following the touchdown (and extra point) scored by Germany this week, is now a the proud owner of this Reno 911-esque mustache:

I’ve never seen this show, but maybe this makes sense to some:

Clinton’s Isaiah Yates is hungry:

Mmmmm… Chipotle/Waffle House/Chick-fil-A/Moe’s/Applebees…

Isaiah Yates is STILL hungry. Guy needs to spend less time tweeting and more time grocery shopping:

Ryan O’Hearn, who we just featured on MiLB.com, spent his day off fishing in Idaho. Not bad scenery:

Ya’ll should be thanking me right now, I’ve had to wade through hundreds of #VoteRizzoTargetSaleMorneauHitsMcGehee tweets from players campaigning for MLB’s Final Vote. I’ll leave you with this:

Yankees prospect Dante Bichette doesn’t like striking out, rain delays, bad umpires and…

Minor Leaguers Eating Chick-fil-A Tweet of the Week

Chipotle Tweets of the Week

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THat’s what the NBA is: travelling.

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