Minoring in Twitter: Verlander meets Jeter, and everyone gets new shoes

By Danny Wild / MiLB.com

Last we heard from Tigers prospect Ben Verlander (noted friend of Kate Upton), he was stranded on the side of a highway with a sweaty bus driver and a disabled bus. But, when your name is Verlander, things tend to go your way. Like meeting Derek Jeter with only a thin blue rope separating you?!

Here he is, minus Jeter:

Daniel Norris (great first name) has joined the PROSPECTive team this week with his first post showing his take on a night at the ballpark. So, go check that out, and then enjoy some of his recent musings on Twitter, like the time he bought water for a dude who resembled Morgan Freeman:

Or his dreams of making phone calls like they do in that Progresso Soup commercial:

Bad news if you’re just a casual acquaintance of Angels right-hander Kyle McGowin — you may not be hearing from him again:

Between Hunter Pence and Gary Sheffield lives the in-between pants stylings of the Delmarva Shorebirds:

Forget bus problems, this Minor Leaguer can’t even open his car:

Minor Leaguer Bus Drama Tweets of the Week

Major Leaguers dressing like Minor Leaguers

We’ve chronicled here (and on Ben’s Biz Blog) the onslaught of crazy theme jerseys invading the Minors this summer, from players forced to dress as Santa Claus, a pumpkin and as a chihuahua. Last week, in fact, we brought you a photo of former MLB.com blogger Keith Olbermann sporting the head-turning El Paso shirt.

But now, we’ve found the strange jerseys have infiltrated the Majors. No, big league teams aren’t dressing their players like Darth Vader (yet), but a few, at least in Milwaukee, have pulled out their credit cards to get a piece of Minor League history. National League All-Star Carlos Gomez heard about the new Fresno Grizzlies uniforms, the ones that pay tribute to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, so he got his hands on one for his son and then wore it to the ballpark this week:

He’s not the first Brewers player to dream of dressing like a Minor Leaguer. Brewers reliever Will Smith played up his connection to the star of the Fresh Prince by purchasing a State College Spikes uniform worn in a game earlier this year:


Allan Dykstra has new cleats, although they’re pretty tame by Minor League standards:

How about Buck Farmer’s new shoes?

Was this some special week where everyone got cleat deliveries?

I’m not kidding. I’m not even trying to find tweets about shoes. They’re just everywhere:

Finally, to change it up, we have a bat delivery:

El Paso’s Rico Noel looks more excited than the fan he met:

Round Rock’s Jared Hoying declares he’s “rippin lips” on his day off:

Over in Pensacola? Mackerel was on the menu for these Reds prospects:

Wilmington’s Daniel Rockett played with Play-Doh and coloring books:

Williamsport’s David Whitehead is, approximately, the 454,956th Minor Leaguer this season to take a photo with Duck Dynasty’s Mountain Man:

Springfield’s Ryan Sherriff went all-in with a triple cheeseburger:

Wow, Phillies prospect Mark Meadors scored at the casino:

Oh boy. What a sad day:

Mets prospect Noah Syndergaard would prefer you not ambush him for an autograph at the hotel:

Chipotle Tweets of the Week:

It’s right here, Luke:

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