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Minoring in Twitter: Minor Leaguers react to Paris terror attacks

By Danny Wild / 

Terrorist attacks around Paris shocked the world last Friday, and the baseball community took to Twitter to share their thoughts in the aftermath:

On the subject of the Paris attacks, a day after here in New York, I captured Army football’s tribute:

Minor Leaguers really like Justin Bieber

A’s prospect Matt Olson throws his support behind Justin Bieber, who is perhaps best known to sports fans as Floyd Mayweather’s bling:

David Dahl? Count him as a Belieber as well:

No, no – believe it. This is apparently a trend. Minor Leaguers really do like Justin Bieber:

MiLB feels for Ronda

Minor Leaguers had to weigh in after — spoiler alert — UFC champ Ronda Rousey was dealt a stunning knockout loss this past weekend. Now, y’all remember Cubs outfielder Anthony Giansanti and his absurdly over-publicized offer to leave Triple-A tickets for Ronda. He, like many, weighed in on her defeat:

Get over it, folks:

Minoring in Twitter: Verlanders golf, Glasnow feeds an elephant, Boog surfs and Reed wants to sell you his Jordans

By Danny Wild /

It’s a slow news week here on Minoring in Twitter, but when in need, there’s always Ben Verlander:

Kate Upton was also there:

This is what Minoring in Twitter was made for: Pirates No. 1 prospect Tyler Glasnow appears to be feeding bananas to an elephant while wearing a blue denim dress:

Now hold on, there’s a valid explanation for this. Tyler is in Thailand:

Hunter Harvey went hunting in Ohio, but didn’t have much success:

Cody Decker takes a shot at the embattled Colin Cowherd:

Red Sox righty Michael McCarthy has been busy teaching baseball around the world:

Rays righty Kyle McKenzie tweets about the taste of water and dating woes:


Minoring in Twitter: A comprehensive chronicling of Halloween costumes in the Minors

By Danny Wild /

Halloween has sadly passed — I wish October would just continue on for another five months — but at least we can now look back on the ridiculous costumes Minor Leaguers donned for parties and team photos. Sit back, there’s a lot to see:

Yankees prospect Tyler Wade:


Kaminsky: Indians prospect reminisces on ‘glamour’ of the Minors 

kaminsky_blog_headerKaminsky blog

Kaminsky headshotBy Rob Kaminsky / Special to

Indians Minor Leaguer Rob Kaminsky recently wrapped up his third season in professional baseball, one that saw the 2013 first-round Draft pick get traded at the deadline from St. Louis to Cleveland. The 21-year-old left-hander joins’s PROSPECTive Blog to share his memories, insights and thoughts on life in the Minors. Read more of his posts on

The Minor Leagues are far from luxurious. But then again, the Minors are the stepping-stone to get to where we all want to be, so complaining is pointless… But while it may not be too lush an experience, it does have some unbelievable benefits including a multitude of opportunities unavailable elsewhere, and many important life lessons to be learned.

When I got sent to the Midwest League to play with the Peoria Chiefs, it was the first time I would be spending more than just a few days in the Midwest. I am from New Jersey, three miles from New York City. The Midwest was something I only saw in the movies or read about in books. I never thought I would end up there for an extended period of time.

Lo and behold, baseball brought me there. As a nineteen-year-old “city” kid (as some more suburban folk have labeled me), playing in the Midwest with kids from Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, etc. was an enlightening experience. It opened up my eyes to how diverse the world is and how different people can be. At the end of the day, it made me more whole of a person.

Baseball has facilitated many of my friendships that will last a lifetime. No – the Minor League experience is not some fairytale where everyone is best friends and gets along. But trust me: when you know you’re going to be being crammed on a bus for ten hours straight or in a hotel with only one restaurant within a twenty mile radius, you try your best to keep the peace in every sense of the word.

B4DoInfIUAEc0iAThough for the most part, we do all get along. We make the most of a unique and sometimes trying experience. In baseball, and particularly in the Minor Leagues, there are many things to be learned – on and off the field. And for the latter, there are many unwritten rules, which inevitably result in significant individual maturation and lots of team bonding.

The MiLB executives don’t expressly teach you how to handle your first ten-hour bus ride or how it might be a worthwhile investment to learn the basics of a new language in order to be able to communicate with some of your fellow teammates. We are constantly discovering these things ourselves and learning to adjust, as did the players who came before us. The journey is an incredible, eye opening experience.

And every player who came before us did exactly what we’re doing: bonding over Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches with the new friends we’ve found in teammates from other places around the world, and otherwise figuring it out as we go along.

Follow Rob on Twitter @Kaminsky21 and on

Minoring in Twitter: Rockies’ Rodgers denies he was fired from coaching soccer team


By Danny Wild /

Apparently soccer fans are not familiar with the latest Top Prospect rankings for the Colorado Rockies, where Brendan Rodgers is, of course, rated the team’s No. 1 prospect.

Maybe soccer fans didn’t watch the 2015 MLB Draft, when Rodgers was the No. 3 overall pick. Or they forgot to bookmark our Draft Tracker.

Enjoy this unflattering photo of another guy named Brendan Rodgers, who apparently was fired by a soccer team:


Granted, I don’t know who that guy above is, if you couldn’t tell. But is the Rockies’ Brendan Rodgers’ Twitter profile really that hard to mistake? I mean, he’s standing there in a Rockies uniform, in front of an MLB Draft sign, shaking hands with the commissioner. His bio? “SS in the Colorado Rockies organization.”


But apparently, so many people thought he was the other Brendan Rodgers that he needed to clarify, with a tweet that got 13,000 retweets:

In other Brendan Rodgers news, he went fishing:

And he’s thinking about his fans:

After helping Columbus to the Governors’ Cup this year, Toru Murata is going back home:

Breaking news:


Minoring in Twitter: Giants prospect Pare scales a mountain to kickoff the offseason

By Danny Wild /

Giants Minor League catcher Matt Pare, who has branded himself the “Homeless Minor Leaguer,” made a video about his offseason adventures, which included his weird college roommate, workouts, a Boston College football game and a roadtrip to a spectacular mountain peak in New Hampshire, where he spotted a squirrel and drove with a friend who wears napkins in his shirt:

Pare 3

Pare 2

Pare 1

Check out the video here:

All kidding aside, he did a pretty nice job creating that video and he obviously has a feel for being on camera (although ironically we have few photos of him on file since his debut in 2013). Check out this little mountain creek cascade he found (and if hiking is also your thing, here’s a shameless plug for my Instagram, which is full of my own hiking trips here in New York):


Here he is in a more familiar setting:

Pare 6 Pare 4

Pare also has a blog, where he gives advice on being an Uber driver, which he says has helped him pay rent in San Diego for two years. He also says he’s worked as a product model. More from Pare:

In other Minor League hiking news, Red Sox prospect Michael McCarthy tries to one-up Pare:

Moving on, Todd Van Steensel, who appears to have gone with grilled chicken, brown rice, black beans and no sour cream or guac, is not pleased with the size of his burrito bowl:

Dace Kime gets back to his roots with a reminder that Jurassic World — the No. 1 movie of 2015 and the No. 3 top-grossing box office film of all time — is now available for digital download (pre-order now for the Blue-Ray and DVD release on Oct. 20):

Pretty cool moment in Charlotte:

Marlins No. 7 prospect Trevor Williams has a new baby:

Reds right-hander Cody Reed got caught staring at someone:

This Week in Spelling

Like an island?

Like the top of a mountain?

This Week in Automated MiLB Horoscope Tweets

This Week in Horrible Problems

There are worse things in the world:

Apparently we have to rise and grind. Why not sleep late and relax?

Can someone give Josh a ride to Fresno?

When you get on TV at the game:

And this:

It’s a new world for Venn Biter:

Van Steensel weighs in on the 45th U.S. school shooting of 2015:

Florida. Is anyone surprised?

Look how old Jordan Lennerton is:

Chipotle Tweets of the Week

John Mincone retired earlier this season but I’m happy to include his Chipotle tweet:

Minoring in Twitter: Minor Leaguers react to Yogi Berra’s passing

2012 Baseball Hall of Fame Induction CeremonyBy Danny Wild /

Baseball Hall of Famer, World War II veteran, three-time MVP and Yankees legend Yogi Berra passed away Tuesday at the age of 90. While today’s players never saw Yogi play, they still felt the impact of his death:

Philadelphia Phillies v New York Yankees, Game 1


Minoring in Twitter: Cody Decker finally makes it big

PHOENIX, AZ - SEPTEMBER 14:  Cody Decker #28 the San Diego Padres gets ready during his first major league at bat during the ninth inning against the Arizona Diamondbacks at Chase Field on September 14, 2015 in Phoenix, Arizona. Padres won 10-3.  (Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images)

By Danny Wild /

Cody Decker, who undoubtedly owes some of his fame to this very blog, was finally called up to the Majors by San Diego this week. Our friend Ben Hill, who drinks his coffee from a cartoon Ben Hill mug, was all like, “Hey, you need to write about Cody Decker this week!”

But Cody is losing his eligibility here on Minoring in Twitter now that he’s all big time. Cody, you have a choice to make: stay in the Majors, play in beautiful Petco Park, surrounded by the ocean and palm trees and trendy restaurants and lots of money and never be quoted again in Minoring in Twitter, or come back to us. Up to you.

Cody still took out time for this festive selfie:

Anyway, congrats to Cody Decker. We miss you already.

Moving on, Red Sox prospect Andrew Benintendi, who received a $3.6 million signing bonus out of Arkansas in June, is finally going to spend a little bit of that cash on an iPhone 6S:

Minor Leaguers no more, the D-backs’ rookies were ordered to dress up on Thursday:

Ride with Harper


Bryan Harper’s brother is a favorite for NL MVP. The Triple-A Syracuse reliever is focused on other things, though, like teaching and being an Uber driver in Las Vegas this offseason:

Sounds cool:


Minoring in Twitter: Brewers’ Phillips puts out dugout fire, players get fired up about Kanye


By Danny Wild /

Brewers No. 2 prospect Brett Phillips says he saved his teammates from a fire in the dugout on Tuesday:

Spiders in the Minors can grow to huge sizes:

Rays prospect Kyle McKenzie is pretty funny. This tweet about his solo movie adventure (solo as in, he went by himself and was the only person in the entire theater) introduced me to the rest of his feed:

Kyle — you may remember him from when he photographed an alligator in a dugout — has lately tweeted about two awesome things: dogs and Chipotle:

Now, if you just ate a Chipotle burrito and had hot sauce all over your hands, it wouldn’t be as cool to wipe it on a dog. But, if you’re at a Chipotle, it apparently means, according to Kyle, a baby is coming:

Kyle won’t be sharing his burrito with you:

But what about froyo? Maybe you could share that with someone?

When in doubt about sharing food, ask your deceased grandfather:

And finally from Kyle, we present this gem:


Minoring in Twitter: Minor Leaguers honor their dogs, Verlander live-tweets brother’s no-hit bid


By Danny Wild /

Wednesday was Women’s Equality Day, but it was also National Dog Day, and you can probably guess which of those holidays received more attention on Twitter from Minor Leaguers.



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