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Minoring in Twitter: Battling boredom with shaving, baby care and TV marathons

By Danny Wild /

Life becomes decidedly less exciting once the offseason comes around. That’s probably not good news for this blog, since we’re less than a week into the offseason and Minor Leaguers seem to be dragging themselves through an empty reality of nothingness, at least on Twitter anyway. How sad is this:

Where once we were getting inning-ending strikeouts and double-play balls, now we’re flipping through HGTV Magazine in a dentist’s waiting room:

Wade Wass, a catcher with the Angels at Rookie-level Orem, built his day around shaving:


Mets pitcher Greg Peavey, who I spoke to just last week after a big win, is now on daddy duty:

Babysitting sleeping dogs and a tiny stuffed raccoon:

Bragging, to no one in particular, about your video game skills:

Memphis’ John Gast is cooking dinner with a Home Depot box and a PVC pipe. What could go wrong?

And we’ve all been here, huh? SVU binge on USA/TNT. You’ll never go jogging through Central Park again:

Some are just mindlessly watching SportsCenter…

This was not tweeted by a Minor Leaguer, but I think it’s relevant enough to show here: Julian Edelman, noted New England Patriots wide receiver and friend of the dreamy and noted Yankees fan Tom Brady, wearing a Richmond Flying Squirrels cap:

So why, you ask, was Julian Edelman wearing an Eastern League team’s hat? Fair question. Edelmen grew up in Redwood City, California, and went to Kent State in Ohio, but he claims his favorite nickname given to him by teammates is “The Squirrel.” “Guys call me ‘Squirrel’ because one time on the sideline I was yelling, ‘Don’t let me get squirrely out there,'” Edelman said.

Good story, right?

I think we all want more details on this — what happens when you work out after eating spicy Mexican cuisine?

Justin Johnson wants you to know, he’s at PF Chang’s. Fun Fact: PF Chang’s also owns Pei Wei.

Old Chinese food, as opposed to fresh Chinese food from PF Chang’s:

Gatorade’s new commercial/tribute/short film on Derek Jeter’s totally unscripted (wink, wink) but still genuinely awesome goodbye to Yankees fans is making the rounds on the Internet this week, and since 74 percent of Minor Leaguers list Jeter as their favorite player growing up (I made that up, but it’s probably not that far off), it’s been big on Twitter:

Steve Brault plays in the Orioles system but has remained a Padres fan:

Giants prospect Mac Williamson with a new haircut:

California League champion right here:

Cody Decker, sources say, is actually the guy who writes all those facts under Snapple caps:

Cargo shorts!

Baltimore’s Christian Walker doubled in his Major League debut on Sept. 17, and if he keeps it up, he’ll find himself ineligible to be featured in Minoring in Twitter:

Also Boston’s Bryce Brentz, who survived a rough offseason last year, made his big league debut after helping Pawtucket claim the Governors’ Cup:

I thought the same thing when I saw the trailer for Liam Neeson’s new movie — although it seems like most of the new suspense/action movies now have identical plots (November Man, The Equalizer):

Ian Kendall is on to you, Prison Break:


Smoking is bad for you:

NFL drama continues:

Clayton Blackburn could just be obnoxious like the people on my train and play loud music straight out of their phones, no headphones necessary:

I think he’s talking to you, beloved Minor League umpires:

In the world of first-world problems, Minor Leaguers were forced to decide whether they want iOS 8 for their iPhones this week. You don’t want to have the phone updating while you could be en route to/at Chipotle, though:

One person favorited this:

Or just the pain of waiting for your iPhone 6 to arrive:

Here’s Cubs top prospect Kris Bryant at Wrigley, where he is not yet allowed to play:

Twins prospect Nick Gordon looks like he’s dressed for __________________:

One of our very own writers would probably be down for this:

Chipotle Tweets of the Week

It’s no secret that statistics say most Minor Leaguers won’t ever reach the Majors, and so with that in mind, players need to plan ahead. Like, maybe they open a fresh Mexican fast food establishment?

Minoring in Twitter: Kris Bryant gets a cat, goes grocery shopping

By Danny Wild /

People really, really like Cubs top prospect Kris Bryant, especially (we assume) his girlfriend, who snapped this gem of him pushing a shopping cart through the Halloween aisle of a grocery store. Yes, the offseason has arrived for many Minor Leaguers, and no, Kris Bryant, for reasons we’ll never understand, didn’t get called up to Chicago, so he’s stuck stocking up on Fritos, corn nuts, sunflower seeds and posing with a real estate agent’s ad:

According to the caption, he was donating the food. How can baseball fans fall even further in love with the slugging third baseman? Cats. People love cats on the Internet, and they also love Kris Bryant, and — awwww, he named it Wrigley! And it lives in a box!

Important questions to think about now that the Minor League season is in its final hours:


Mariners third-round pick Tyler Pike has left behind Double-A Jackson to live the life of Larry the Cable Guy:

Salem-Keizer catcher Hunter Cole needs to jam out in front of his TV. Please help:

Yes, we can confirm, some people do indeed work at Walmart:

Erie’s Will Startup, best known in these parts for his 2008 Moniker Madness win and literal baseball artistry, has moved on from baseball to “trenching,” whatever that is. And whatever that is, it appears to be dangerous:

El Paso’s Rico Noel needs a scratch:

Minor Leaguers reacted to the ongoing drama unfolding in the NFL surrounding former Ravens running back Ray Rice and commissioner Roger Goodell. It’s an ugly story, and it’s spawned plenty of opinions:





Like most of us, players recognized the 13th anniversary of September 11 on Thursday:

Cubs prospect Corey Black (traded by the Yankees for Alfonso Soriano) is hanging on to summer:

OK, we get it, just go already:

Are you guilty of ignoring Rangers catcher Jose Trevino?

OK, Jack, thanks for letting us all know:

The offseason is all planned out for Salem Red Sox right-hander Joe Gunkel:

Xavier Scruggs looking sharp, looking at himself in his iPhone screen instead of the mirror. Whatever works man:

Do not skip the leg press if you see Josh Banuelos near you at Planet Fitness:

Yeah, take that, Paris:

Earlier this week we found out about two new iPhones and an Apple Watch. An improved iPhone 6 camera only means improved Minor Leaguer selfies, which means better Minoring in Twitter content. First, players need to decide which model to get:

Ah yes, the iPhone 6 Plus Chipotle Edition:

Read this in a Stewie Griffin voice:

Either way man. Upgrade:

Brewers first-round pick Jake Gatewood driving around like a first-round pick:

Something about clans:

Daytona catcher Ben Carhart is a big fan of Emilio Estevez:

Look, a bed:

Chipotle Tweets of the Week

Let’s all keep Todd Van Steensel in our thoughts as he embarks on this next stage of life (in Australia) without burritos:

Minoring in Twitter: Embracing the early offseason vacation

By Danny Wild /

Happy days have arrived for those Minor Leaguers who weren’t fortunate enough to a) make the playoffs or b) get a September big league callup. They’re free of long bus rides, sharing hotel rooms, being away from Chipotles and the general grind and life of a Minor Leaguer. Based on my research, which you’re about to see, most players have run off to beaches with dogs and fried food. Enjoy:

Jacksonville’s Austin Barnes reveals that, away from baseball, he’s a dirty mess:

Deck McGuire playing video games with his dog:

More dogs:

Some have gathered around fires:

Some are already on the beach:

Some, like Mike Yastrzemski, have moved on to other sports:

Joe Gatto, the Angels’ second-round pick in June, finally gets to play with his gigantic toy:

Oakland’s Billy Burns gets a head start on Halloween:

Modesto’s Mike Piazza is focused on fishing:

More food:

Wow, Warwick Saupold flew 28 hours back to Australia for his offseason:

Lansing’s Brad Allen … had a baby? Knows someone else’s baby? Found a baby and posed for a photo?

Not sure what this is, but Rays No. 15 prospect Riley Unroe, now away from clubhouse pre-game meals, was hungry:

But for those in the playoffs? It’s go time:

Minor League Bus Drama Tweets of the Week

As the season ends, we’ll be running out of good content for bus stories. So, appreciate it while it lasts. Corey Black isn’t holding back, either:


What a feeling:

Moving on, Alabama in late summer has to be pretty humid:

Pirates prospect Jameson Taillon has begun increasing his throwing program in his comeback from Tommy John surgery. Here he shares a video throwing from 75 feet inside a local gym:

I usually try to tie in current events and notable news items to this blog — the World Cup excitement, Johnny Manziel being drafted, etc — and I can report that, this week, I could not find a single Minor Leaguer tweeting about Joan Rivers or ISIS. But fungus-covered flip-flops? Yep:

Grab your shower shoes!

I see this in Manhattan every single day during the season:

Chipotle Tweets of the Week

Of course he was:

Minoring in Twitter: Celebrating a clinch in style

By Danny Wild /

The Minor League season is winding down, which means the playoffs (along with college football, autumn weather, artificially flavored pumpkin drinks) are on the way. It’s also a chance to celebrate reaching the playoffs, if you’re a Minor Leaguer. Maybe like this:

And this:


Arkansas manager Phillip Wellman (perhaps best known for his incredible ejection tirade several years ago) shared this gem:

You know it’s a serious celebration when you’re wearing a helmet:

Minor Leaguers (this being the Potomac Nationals) celebrating a division crown:

And down to the Gulf Coast League:

Cubs prospect C.J. Edwards can throw hard, but he’s a bit skinny, which makes it hard to decompress an air mattress:

Frisco’s Jake Thompson admits it: he pitched with his fly down, and he’s OK with it:

A Cal Ripken sighting:

Yankees first-round pick Ian Clarkin may not need to shop at Walmart, but he still finds it entertaining:

It’s called, and it’s on every night:

What is a Murray State?

Not from a player, but entertaining nonetheless, there were some ejections in Lowell when an umpire wasn’t happy about equipment in the bullpen: (more…)

Minoring in Twitter: Prospects take a romantic cruise around Manhattan

By Danny Wild /

Connecticut’s Mike Gerber was among some New York-Penn League All-Stars who got to take a nice sunset cruise around lower Manhattan earlier this week, and he snapped a really nice photo, take a look:

Or how about this?

Others spent a day in Times Square, which is a place in Manhattan to which few New Yorkers go, unless friends or family is in town:

So I realize we featured plenty of Minor Leaguers dumping water on themselves last week, but then we received a little message from one of our all-time favorite Minoring in Twitter friends, El Paso’s Cody Decker, who told us he “put a little spin” on the omnipresent #IceBucketChallenge.

So, yeah. Here it is. You’re welcome, Cody. And maybe I’ll just sprinkle in some more ice bucket dumping throughout, as surprises:

This is a good opportunity to feature more of Cody’s random thoughts, although his father might not be too excited:

Remember this when you were a kid?

Jordan DeLorenzo goes to Chilis when he needs his Tex/Mex fix (sorry, Chipotle):

I’ll withold my own comments and opinions about watching golf in general, but…

Here’s what the Myrtle Beach Pelicans made their players wear on Aug. 21. It’s a good excuse for me to tease an upcoming photo gallery I’m working on that will feature all (or as many as I could find) weird and memorable jerseys worn around the Minors this year:

Another night in the Minors:

I thought everyone loved Justin Bieber though?


Here’s a CRAZY photo of a foul ball that went right through a pressbox window:

Jeremy Barfield has lost his mind. Kate Upton is overrated? Really?

Behind the scenes in a Minor League clubhouse:

Maybe Ryan Mathews’ host family just wanted to get on Minoring in Twitter?

Joey Pankake (who plays for Connecticut and travels for road games to Staten Island and Brooklyn):

Sidelined Bucs prospect Jameson Taillon lists his favorite country songs of all time, in case you were curious:

Taijuan Walker is honored:

Someone just got screwed out of empty calories:

Wow, that’s a serious bucket:

New Hampshire’s Cory Aldridge was a very hungry man:


Minor League Bus Tweets of the Week

Here’s a happy tale from the road, when one Minor Leaguer scored his own row of seats:

A 15-hour roadtrip. Ugh.

Chipotle Tweets of the Week

Remember when Luke Jackson ate a baby burrito? (Not really, I saw this on BuzzFeed earlier in the week):

Minoring in Twitter: Francisco Lindor dumps bucket of ice on his head

By Danny Wild /

lindorCEDAR RAPIDSSo if you’re on social media, you’ve probably noticed poor-quality cell phone video clips of your friends getting dumped with ice water. And you probably wondered, “Have Minor League players also been caught up this social media/charity trend?” We here at actually were not wondering that, but we follow a lot of Minor Leaguers on Twitter, so it was unavoidable.

What’s it about? The underlying effort is to raise money for the ALS Association — and it has done just that — but it’s mostly people getting soaked. Vice called it “the latest in lazy, narcissistic hashtag activism.”

But it’s activism! In fact, the ALS Association’s national office has, according to Time, “received $5.5 million for Lou Gehrig’s disease research since July 29, compared to $32,000 in the same period last year.” And so with that, we present Indians No. 1 prospect Francisco Lindor getting ice caught in his hair:

Here’s a good one, it includes a Minor Leaguer wearing blue spandex pants (click the Instagram link to see the video, we’re unable to embed them here):

kc How about 2014 Sochi U.S. Olympic speed skating silver medalist Eddy Alvarez, who recently signed with the White Sox? He’s in Kannapolis, and he challenged fellow speed skating star J.R. Celski:

eddy Giants prospect Mac Williamson kinda cheated, I don’t see any ice cubes in that bucket:

MAC Giants No. 7 prospect Clayton Blackburn wore an “I will” shirt, and indeed, he did:


And another…

Reds No. 1 prospect Robert Stephenson does it himself:

Spencer Kieboom, currently in Moniker Madness, sidestepped the ice and just donated money. Smart man:

Cedar Rapids’ Stephen Gonsalves did it on the warning track while wearing socks but no shoes:

CEDAR RAPIDS San Jose’s Matt Lujan does it in style, kicking back pool-side:

lujan Of course there’s also those who think, instead of taking videos of yourself making funny faces under water, you could just, like, donate money or support a cause personal to you, free of social media:

Others are confused:

Others point out to the haters, hey, money is being donated regardless, which is cool:

Lucas Sims claimed he would be getting iced, but we have no visual evidence…yet:

You want to see more of this, right? Ladies, if you ever wondered what Jackonsville’s Austin Barnes looks like beneath that Suns uniform, today is your day:

Before: austin barnes before After: barnes after How about Pirates No. 2 prospect Jameson Taillon, who is recovering from Tommy John surgery? Stetson Allie

stetson splash Tigers prospect Pat Leyland, the son of longtime manager Jim Leyland, takes one from above:


Finally, this isn’t someone doing the Ice Bucket Challenge. It’s just some Minor Leaguer eating dinner out of a hotel ice bucket. Impressed, right?

eating dinner

*  *  *

Moving on, Spokane’s Jose Trevino shows off his teammate Reed Garrett’s new mustache, in case you ever wondered what Reed Garrett looked like with a mustache:

Chan Moon, I dunno what’s going on here:

Somewhere, Taijuan Walker is locked in a room, binge-watching 90s episodes:

Here’s a selfie for a top 2014 D-backs pick:

GCL Orioles left-hander Kevin Grendell has some kind words for outgoing MLB Commissioner Bud Selig following the news that Rob Manfred will take over next season:

Idaho Falls’ Eric Skoglund is 21 and just bought his first car. How old were you when you got behind the wheel of your own ride?

Memphis’ Tim Cooney with the best photo this season in front of Walter White’s house in ABQ:

Twins prospect Jose Berrios showing off his bling and Futures Game tee:

Dovydas Neverauskas wants your vote:

This is so true. I hear my old alarm ringtones on other people’s phones while riding the train and it makes me kinda stressed:

West Michigan’s Ross Kivett, standing up to cancer:


Want to challenge Phillies prospect Tyson Gillies in hockey? Fire up the PS3:

Minor Leaguers, and people in general, for reasons unknown to me, love watching Little League Baseball on television:

West Michigan’s Grayson Greiner is about three years late to the awesomeness that is Westeros, direwolves, dragons, Hodor and the one true king, Stannis Baratheon (that’s right — I said it):

Probably tastes good though:

Things you should avoid tweeting:

I’ve done this. I’m getting worse typing on the iPhone:

Finally, we want to send good wishes to Twins top prospect Byron Buxton, who was involved in a scary collision during his Double-A debut for New Britain on Wednesday night:

Minor League Bus Tweets of the Week

A Gulf Coast League bus breakdown:


Mmmm. Dinner at Walmart:

Okaaaaaay… TMI…

Chipotle Tweets of the Week Yankees first-round pick Ian Clarkin has decided we need more Chipotle in America:

Minoring in Twitter: Verlander meets Jeter, and everyone gets new shoes

By Danny Wild /

Last we heard from Tigers prospect Ben Verlander (noted friend of Kate Upton), he was stranded on the side of a highway with a sweaty bus driver and a disabled bus. But, when your name is Verlander, things tend to go your way. Like meeting Derek Jeter with only a thin blue rope separating you?!

Here he is, minus Jeter:

Daniel Norris (great first name) has joined the PROSPECTive team this week with his first post showing his take on a night at the ballpark. So, go check that out, and then enjoy some of his recent musings on Twitter, like the time he bought water for a dude who resembled Morgan Freeman:

Or his dreams of making phone calls like they do in that Progresso Soup commercial:

Bad news if you’re just a casual acquaintance of Angels right-hander Kyle McGowin — you may not be hearing from him again:


Daniel’s Diary: A view from the seats with Blue Jays prospect Daniel Norris

By Daniel Norris / Toronto Blue Jays

Beginning this season, Blue Jays top prospect Daniel Norris will be sharing his perspective from the Minors as he works his way toward the Major Leagues. Currently, the left-hander is with Double-A New Hampshire, where he’s 9-1 with a 2.38 ERA in 21 games. Follow Daniel on Twitter.


A fan’s perspective from behind the plate during a Harrisburg Senators game. (Photo by Daniel Norris)

HARRISBURG, Pa. —  A night at the ballpark is more than just two teams facing off. It’s more than long balls and wrong calls. It’s more than strike threes and 6-4-3 DPs.

Yeah, a night at the ballpark is about a hot dog and a coke or popcorn and cotton candy… It’s about the chance of catching a foul ball or winning the 50/50.

A night at the ball park is full of lots of things, but most of all, it’s just a good night at the ballpark.

— Perspective of a Fan.

Radar Gun

A radar gun in the crowd focuses in on the action. (Photo by Daniel Norris)

Minoring in Twitter: Prospects react to Trade Deadline moves

By Danny Wild /

Baseball’s Trade Deadline is sort of the game’s version of Christmas in July, where fans of at least some teams wake up and find they’ve gotten what they wished for all summer: Martin Prado.

Oh, sorry, I meant David Price.

But beyond the marquee names on the move exists a whole other world in the Minors, where young players are pulled away from the only organization and system of teammates they’ve ever known as parts of larger deals. For these players, the Trade Deadline is more about Yankees infielder Gosuke Katoh scared to death he’ll have to say goodbye to his roommate than whether Jon Lester can bring a ring to Oakland. So for that perspective, we turn to Twitter, where Minor Leaguers weighed in on moves, reacted to being traded themselves or said farewell to friends:

Former Tacoma infielder Nick Franklin was dealt at the deadline as part of the David Price deal:

An interesting image via Twitter, here’s how Yankees No. 9 prospect Peter O’Brien found out he’d been traded to Arizona — sort of exactly how you might imagine it would look:

And would you expect anything less? What does LeBron and Tebow think of the trades, maybe?

Mitch Haniger was the Brewers’ No. 8 prospect before being shipped out:


And Taijuan Walker is just here thinking about lunch:

Moving on, we get to see what Keith Olbermann looks like dressed in El Paso’s new jersey (it’s not especially slimming, I have to say):

Nationals No. 1 Lucas Giolito, a man who owns the ranking once held by Bryce Harper and Stephen Strasburg, living the dream with a monkey:

Pawtucket’s Ryan Verdugo, who was born in California and went to LSU, has somehow avoided one of the staples of seafood: lobsters…

Great news, DJ Hicks’ fish are off the street and no longer homeless:

Look at those pants on Rockies No. 19 prospect Daniel Winkler (not to be confused with Reds No. 2 prospect Jesse Winker):

Injured Pirates No. 2 prospect Jameson Taillon is looking for a chance meeting with an ESPN icon:

New Orleans’ Justin Bour is 6-foot-4, 250 pounds and has a dozen homers and 51 RBIs with a .314 average this year, so I guess he’s allowed to wear this?

By the way, 250 on him looks a lot better than 250 on the rest of us.

But baseball players make errors…



Joey Pankake, who owns maybe the best name in the Minors (you’ll be able to vote on that soon) is thinking of… what?

Royals prospect Lane Adams is on the DL, so apparently now he’s spending his time legislating:

What is this, coffee made with Country Crock and Powerade?

Here’s Marlins prospect Chipper Smith’s socks:

And here’s laundry in a hotel room:

Minor Leaguer Bus Tweets of the Week

Uh oh. We’ve seen flat tires and disappearing drivers, but not empty gas tanks:

Minor Leaguer with Pretty Girl Tweet of the Week

Daniel Winkler is also dining on some hot sauce (honestly, salted caramel BBQ sounds like it could be amazing):

Michael Chavis plays for the GCL Red Sox and… um… well… he Tweeted this:

Here’s Manny Ramirez looking old like a wise veteran:

Help Phillies No. 1 prospect JP Crawford decide if he should buy a white Camaro or a black Camaro? Or, the correct answer, just tell him to get a Dodge Challenger instead:

Lucas Sims, still fishing:

What the heck is this?

Vic Black hasn’t been in the Minors since May, but come on, bacon on a stick:

Opossum Photo of the Week

Chipotle Tweets of the Week

Birmingham’s Kevin Vance is just trolling us, clearly just wanted to be featured here. And, you win:

Minoring in Twitter: Vegas always wins in airport money prank

By Danny Wild /

the prank

After a somewhat depressing look behind the curtain at the bus problems facing Minor Leaguers last week, we switch gears and present the Las Vegas 51s and their dugout prank that ended up fooling every opportunistic airline traveler who walked by. You know the trick: a player connects a baseball to a fishing line or piece of string and tosses it over the dugout roof, only to pull it back from wide-eyed fans. Take a look:

How many people can say they’ve been publicly pranked by an entire team of New York Mets prospects? But Anthony Seratelli also has a softer side — look at his view of Mt. Rainier from the air, after he was done stealing money from old men:

And he also posted this gem from PhotoBooth:

Here’s your sneak peak at the Ninja Turtle uniforms Fresno is making its players wear next month:

Ever wonder if all ballplayers wear sunscreen or are, like, magically immune from getting sunburned, despite being out in the sun every day for seven months?

Free life advice from Rangers prospect Luke Jackson:

Here’s Yadiel Rivera, a shortstop with Double-A Huntsville, showing off his fingers:

The Syracuse Chiefs are now the most mohawked team in the Minors:

Great Falls left-hander Eric Skoglund is documenting the consequences of teammate Eric Stout, who lost some bet or game or whatever and is now toting around a rock that resembles a poorly drawn face:

Uh, what?

How ugly is this couch? It looks like the Duck Dynasty guys should be wearing it:

Louisville’s Kris Negron got some goody bags:

Oakland catcher Nick Rickles hasn’t played this season — we’re assuming you’re just hurt, Nick. But you can appreciate his latest selfie:

Bat Boy Tweet of the Week:

For those of you who enjoy Twitter and Minor Leaguers who use Twitter (that’s why you’re here, right?), you may appreciate this list:

Minor League Bus Drama of the Week

Last week, we covered the various bus-related issues plaguing the Minors, from shredded tires to missing drivers to seven-hour delays. This week, we heard that Hillsboro’s bus broke down en route to Vancouver, a seven-hour drive on a good day. The Hops got in late and played their game on three hours’ sleep, beating the Canadians, 13-3, on July 22.

The Rancho Cucamonga Quakes’ bus broke down in Bakersfield and the team found the most bad-ass truck ever to haul it away. Seriously, how powerful is that truck that it can carry a bus?

It’s not:

Moving on, someone is hungry:

When you’re a first-round pick, you get free stickers mailed to you in the Gulf Coast League. Just ask Cole Tucker:

Clinton’s Isaiah Yates is a gourmet chef:

Here’s more Reds Minor Leaguers invading Party City:

Cole Tucker’s grandma is named “Gooch,” like the nickname of Major League umpire Chris Guccione. And holy smokes, he has 346 unread text messages? What?

Cubs No. 4 prospect C.J. Edwards trying to look cool in Mesa:

Louisville’s Chad Rogers is ready for Shark Week on Discovery:

Bored at his hotel, Jupiter’s Colby Suggs bought a dozen donuts. Did he share them?

Chipotle Tweets of the Week

Surely, Minor Leaguers have helped Chipotle rise to the elite levels of the American restaurant industry. Here’s a pictorial on how to eat Chipotle:


Wow, what’s the world coming to?


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