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Minoring in Twitter: Players mourn Prince; Decker tweets trade; Bregman shares dinner

By Danny Wild /

He might be a little before their time, but Prince’s sudden death sent Minor Leaguers to Twitter on Thursday:

Of course, there’s also Padres Royals Rockies slugger Cody Decker, who for some reason once (or probably more than once, who are we kidding) dressed up as Prince. I don’t even think this was Halloween:

The Rays should be a little concerned about right-hander Kyle McKenzie. Another shower incident could land him on the DL:

What’s going on here?

Where the heck was Chattanooga’s Dalton Hicks eating? Plywood benches?

NASCAR’s Joey Logano suited up for Charlotte on Wednesday:

Check out Indians No. 2 prospect Clint Frazier breaking his bat over his knee:

We saw Cody Decker above as Prince. But that was only part of his week — the infielder was traded from the Royals to the Rockies for cash on April 20 and of course tweeted the process. First, he thanked the Royals and Triple-A Omaha:

Then he showed off his chest hair and purple attire in celebration of joining Colorado:

And then he periscoped himself drawing on his cleats:

Top notch clubhouse chairs in the Minors:

Jimmy John’s offered $1 sandwiches from 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. on Thursday, and of course I went in an attempt to secure lunch for me and’s Kelsie Heneghan. Instead, I found a line wrapped down around the block. No good. It seems Minor Leaguers met a similar reality:

Was there a fire in Fort Myers?

How much food did Orioles prospect David Hess order?

Joey Pankake may sound like he’s made for breakfast-timed games, but apparently not so:

Injured righty Logan Bawcom planted some flowers on Thursday:

The verdict on this napping head brace? Not cool, says Dodgers right-hander Seth Frankoff:

Astros top prospect Alex Bregman eats steak with a very large knife:

Royals No. 3 prospect Ashe Russell thinks his tweets are worth $300K. OK then.

Showing off the leather:

The Isotopes know about carpooling:

Chipotle Tweets of the Week

You know what never fails? Unless it gets you deathly ill from E. coli? Chipotle.

And wow, really good news for Blue Jays right-hander and former Buffalo Bisons ace Marcus Stroman, who scored a lifetime of free burritos from Chipotle. How awesome is that, you ask? #ExtraGuac says it all:

Minoring in Twitter: Prospects react to Kobe’s last game, Jackie Robinson Day

By Danny Wild /

Kobe Bryant

Minor Leaguers sent their social media farewells to Kobe Bryant on Wednesday when the Lakers legend played his final game:

Well, not all Minor Legauers:

But, mostly, they cared:

Are fake roadblocks any more or less obstructive than real roadblocks?

Royals No. 5 prospect Nolan Watson now has internet, in case you were curious:

Brett Favre Tweet of the Week

Brett Favre tweeting about a Southern League game? You’ve officially made the blog:

Rookie Davis is no longer a crawfish rookie. Or maybe he still is, if this was just one time?

Babe Ruth Reference of the Week

Someone mailed Brewers Minor Leaguer Trey Supak a package of Somersaults crunchy sunflower seed bites in two flavors, in case you’re wondering:

Jackie Robinson Day

Braves top prospect Dansby Swanson was one of many players who showed some appreciation on Jackie Robinson Day on Friday:

Hey, how about Shia Labeouf, huh?

Just going to leave this here:

Braves prospect Matt Marksberry needs a barber:

Austin Gomber is bait:


Chipotle Tweet of the Week

Padres third base prospect Ty France makes a bold claim: he can eat Chipotle for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day for the rest of his life. First, the tweet:

Let’s crunch some numbers on that — the average life expectancy for an American male is about 78 years, and he’s 21, so let’s say he has (not to be morbid) about 57 more years left. Three Chipotle meals a day over one year is 1,095 burritos, bowls or taco orders, multiplied by 57 years is … 62,415 Chipotle dishes. And nothing else. Assuming nonstop Chipotle wouldn’t affect his life expectancy either.

The Astros released Austin Chrismon a couple weeks ago, and he’s apparently banking on Chipotle coupons to get him through to his next job:


Minoring in Twitter: Opening Day snowmen, flat tires and broken elevators

By Danny Wild /

Opening Day has arrived, which means Minor Leaguers are back on the Minor League diet. No, there’s more than just Chipotle — there’s PB&J and Waffle House!

Forget fast food, how about an Opening Day snowman? Remember this when it’s 98 and humid in July:

Half of the Pensacola Blue Wahoos’ roster got stuck inside an elevator for 45 minutes on Thursday:

Here’s some dancing Grizzlies, enjoy:

For top Astros prospect Alex Bregman, more shoes = fewer doctor visits:

Rockies prospect Josh Fuentes lent his car to teammates and they proceeded to get a flat tire:

Dodgers prospect Jack Murphy, taking a shot at futbol, warns his next HBP may be his last:

Sometimes pitchers aren’t angry with home plate umps:

Country music legend Merle Haggard died on Wednesday, prompting some reactions from the Minors:

Jeremy Barfield isn’t actually in the Minors anymore — it looks like he’s landed in indy ball at the moment — but this tweet is still pretty funny, and we still like him:

This is actually a tweet about sacrifice bunts:

First bus trip of the year!

More championship rings, these from Bowie:


Chipotle Tweet of the Week


Minoring in Twitter: Coffee, shiny rings, BBQ and Gretzky’s farewell

By Danny Wild /

Indians lefty Sean Brady shows it’s Starbucks, not Chipotle, that gets him through the spring:

Same for Rookie Davis:

But coffee keeps you awake, and Giants right-hander Jake Smith says that’s the opposite of what you want:

Former Angels and Cubs prospect Trevor Gretzky was released by Los Angeles on March 23 and, to my knowledge, has not signed with another team, so … hopefully, this isn’t the end of the road for one of my favorite Minor Leaguers. He’s been a little quiet on Twitter lately, but he did post this gem of a photo on Instagram last week when the Gretzky family ordered the other pride of Canada, Justin Bieber, as a birthday present for one of the younger kiddies:

🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦 great guy.

A photo posted by Trevor Gretzky (@trevorgretzky) on

The Adelaide Bite, a team in the Australian Baseball League that often features Minor Leaguers in their offseason, tossed out this April Fool’s tweet, but I can’t imagine many fans bought it:

Good luck, Trevor! Come back to us!

Rays No. 9 prospect Jacob Faria shows off his Florida State League championship ring:

And Pirates prospect Brandon Waddell took a shot of his New York-Penn League ring:

Now you’re wondering what a Pioneer League championship ring looks like, right? Here ( you’re welcome):

Tigers prospect Ben Verlander homered off his brother and former Cy Young Award winner:

Speaking of Ben, he’s a little tired of dealing with slow Florida drivers:

Some advice:

Brewers No. 23 prospect Yadiel Rivera is pumped:

Ever wondered who has the weakest thumbs in Minor League Baseball?

Yankees prospect Cale Coshow enjoyed “the best BBQ in Tampa”

Royals prospect Nolan Watson would like these $600 sneakers, if perhaps you want to spend your tax refund on something:

Veteran Minor Leaguer Jeremy Barfield is still unsigned as Opening Day approaches, but come on, we have to include this tweet:

Brewers outfielder and 2014 second-round Draft pick Monte Harrison “tour” his butt cheek and he’ll never forget it. I guess you don’t forget stuff like that:

But he’s done touring and he’s OK:

Mets Triple-A starter Seth Lugo caught a nice bass from his kayak:

Dodgers prospect Walker Buehler needs a gaming partner:

Pirates prospect Trevor Williams stands up to manatee body shaming:

Blake Schmit was released by the Twins this week and thanked the club anyway:

Things are just not going well for Eric Skoglund. I hear you, buddy:

Reds No. 12 prospect Rookie Davis can’t understand why you don’t love all animals, including mosquitoes, snakes, goblin sharks and those horrendously gigantic fuzzy bumble bees that follow you around no matter what:

Twins prospect Todd Van Steensel, profiled this week on, makes a point:

He also told the clowns at Instagram not to change their photo feed. Incidentally, our Q&A with Todd was written by Kelsie Heneghan, who hates clowns:

Yankees prospect Ian Clarkin enjoying the Tampa nightlife:



Chipotle Tweets of the Week

Well, we’ve got good news and bad news this week. Bad news first — Chipotle ran out of everything #joke

But here’s the good news: Giants prospect Matt Pare has a few gift cards for delicious, free burritos:

Not only that, he scored even more seven days later:

For real😦

Minoring in Twitter: Brewers’ Phillips, Hader battle it out; players react to Brussels attacks

By Danny Wild /

Brewers No. 2 prospect Brett Phillips got destroyed by teammate and top Milwaukee left-hander Josh Hader in MLB the Show, but apparently it wasn’t a total loss — both Minor Leaguers walked away with free PS4 consoles:

Speaking of Hader, he’s been busy hiking Arizona this spring:

Don’t be a Hader just because Josh has been living it up this month:


Yankees prospect Jacob Lindgren wants to know if you think he’s a little chunky?

The Triple-A Salt Lake Bees were set to host the parent club Angels in an exhibition on Tuesday, but snow in Utah had other ideas:

Ever seen a real-tree camo baseball glove? No? Ready to see one? No? It appropriately belongs to Buck Farmer:

The Lehigh Valley IronPigs revealed they’ll change their name for a day in June to honor delicious cheesesteaks:

Minor Leaguers also reacted to Tuesday’s terror attacks in Brussels:

Dodgers No. 4 prospect Grant Holmes celebrated his birthday on the field:

Astros top prospect Alex Bregman swears by Chick-fil-A for breakfast:

And he was also a little insulted that it would only take 10 retweets to entice him to take a girl to prom:

Chipotle Tweets of the Week

Why would eating lunch at a chain burrito shop be a sin that not only sent you to hell but warranted a special reserved area of hell? “Why are you here?” “I ate too many burrito bowls.” Of all the fast food chains out there you could be looked down upon for eating at, Chipotle probably isn’t one of them. Their mission statement is “Food with Integrity” and they use GMO-free naturally grown ingredients. Still, Red Sox outfielder and 2013 30th-round Draft pick Nick Longhi is thinking ahead:

And then his teammate, Tyler Hill — whose Twitter name is Lou Will (??) — backed him up a little:

Reds prospect Rookie Davis assures us all, Chipotle — never a sin:

Dodgers prospect Matt Jones lays in bed at night pondering life’s questions and his daily problems, like, if you were to visit a Chipotle, would you get one gigantic burrito or for some reason try to digest two of them at once?

Pirates right-hander and 2013 second-round pick Trevor Williams issued a warning to all:

But hey, everyone makes mistakes:


Red Sox prospect Jantzen Witte has an idea for the Boston brass: instead of giving players some money to buy meals, why not just hand out Chipotle gift cards?

Minoring in Twitter: Players get serious about ‘The Bachelor,’ March Madness

By Danny Wild /

I learned this week that Minor Leaguers love watching The Bachelor, a show I have never seen. Yankees prospect Aaron Judge told me last week he got sucked into watching it with teammates, and sure enough, Twitter is full of other players tuning in:

Even Major Leaguer Phil Hughes:

If the emoji and translation are to be believed, Rockies prospect Raimel Tapia enjoyed talking about hitting with Mariners star Robinson Cano:

Players show off their bats, including Pirates outfielder Ty Moore:

Red Sox No. 5 prospect Michael Kopech broke his hand fighting with his roommate last week in Spring Training, and it appears the team has sent him back to Boston for some follow-ups:

Stone Speer’s savage schedule:

Here’s Yadiel Rivera’s new haircut:

Dodgers prospect Walker Buehler shows off a birthday selfie from his girlfriend:

Twins lefty Pat Dean made some friends on the golf course:

Twins No. 5 prospect Nick Gordon had fun on picture day:

Things got hot in Spencer Kieboom’s kitchen:

Nationals top prospect Lucas Giolito made some pie on March 14:

Rough afternoons at Spring Training:

Is this a sock selfie?

Bracket time

The NCAA tournament is finally here, and Giants No. 2 prospect Tyler Beede was off to a good start in his March Madness bracket, as of Friday afternoon:

Not everyone was so lucky:

Reds No. 12 prospect Rookie Davis shows some love for an incredibly sweaty shirt. How is this even possible? It was only the middle of the first half:

Upon further inspection:

The folks in Hartford may have a new take on player development this summer:

Can always count on a workout photo from Twins prospect Jose Berrios:

Thursday was St. Patrick’s Day, and the Braves celebrated again with green uniform tops:


Chipotle Tweet of the Week

Minoring in Twitter: ‘Thrones’ twins and secret talent

By Danny Wild /

Is Royals prospect Brett Eibner secretly a loyal Stark bannerman from the North during the offseason? Behold the photo he tweeted below, where he stands, with beard and flowing hair, in striking resemblance to the beloved Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch, Jon Snow (no spoilers; but be warned of advanced-level Game of Thrones nerdiness). He has a crown on his uniform sleeve, which is maybe a subtle reference to Robb Stark, the last King in the North, or even Torrhen Stark, the last real connection to northern royalty of yesteryear. The “KC” on the hat and sleeve? Probably stands for Karhold Castle, the seat of House Karstark in the North:

Cubs prospect Anthony Giansanti gathered his squad for yoga and hand gestures:

Padres Minor Leaguer Austin Smith says he was carded for ordering water:

Jake Cave was a Yankees prospect who was traded to the Reds and now has Orioles socks:

Angels Minor Leaguer Wade Wass has the solution to Denver’s sudden quarterback holes:


Minoring in Twitter: Steph Curry captivates the Minor Leagues

By Danny Wild /

Minor Leaguers apparently lost their collective minds over Steph Curry during the Warriors-Thunder game last weekend:

Todd Van Steensel was like, nope, not impressed. Only when it comes to Taylor Swift:


Best in the world:

OK, OK, we get it:

Royals prospect Riley King says he landed a shark while fishing in Florida:

Caught a shark today doing some Florida fishing with my dudes @_dak15 and @1mwilliams2

A photo posted by Riley King (@rileyking3) on

Apparently Mookie Betts drove a golf cart into a pond while on the links:

He denied the claim:

Van Steensel tweeted about Jurassic World, so you know he’s making the blog:

He also offered this photo to ponder:

Very good, no one would argue:

An O.J. Simpson reference! Maybe the first in Minoring in Twitter history:

Angels prospect Joe Gatto is done with driving in Arizona:

Twins prospect Pat Dean has car envy:

Fellow Twins prospect Adam Brett Walker II shows off his lunch:

Quality lunch with pops at @fancyssoutherncafe today! #AdamsAppetite #OhYouFancyHuh #Food #Foodie #FoodPorn #Eeeeets

A photo posted by Adam Brett Walker II (@walkoff28) on

How many gloves does Lance McCullers have this spring? Better question is, what’s up with those sneakers?


How do baseball players not get sunburned all season? Only at Spring Training? Do they just wear a ton of sunscreen all year?

Players are pumped about House of Cards:

Chipotle Tweet of the Week

Is there any question?

Minoring in Twitter: Players react to Trump, Kobe visits a clubhouse, Chipotle history

By Danny Wild /

This week we saw politics and baseball collide when Donald Trump — who I think is campaigning for something — took a shot at the Chicago Cubs, primarily the team’s ownership. Thursday then brought us a CNN debate that had plenty of Minor Leaguers tuned in and tweeting their thoughts.

Some like the billionaire:

Some… not so much:

But how would Donald Trump do on the field? Could he be a terrific pitcher? The best? Rays prospect Brent Honeywell isn’t sold yet:

I’ve never done this, although I’ve also never had a pickup truck:

What’s the worst idea you’ve ever had?


Can Indians prospect Nellie Rodriguez be “quietly grinding” if he’s posting photos of himself proclaiming his grinding?


Minoring in Twitter: O’Brien shows off new hair, De Leon’s proud moment

By Danny Wild /

Dodgers No. 3 prospect and top-ranked right-hander Jose De Leon revealed on Twitter that he’s dating a fellow Puerto Rican athlete, Monica Puig, the No. 58th-ranked women’s tennis player in the world:

Welcome to hockey, Jake:

Hurry it up. Ain’t got all day here:

Like me?

My dog died today (Feb. 19)… so seeing some of these dog tweets is a little rough:

Orioles catching prospect Chris O’Brien shows off some shots from the salon:

And yet look at all these candidates eager to take the job:

Minor Leaguers weigh in on dreams:

Probably not good news for Connecticut:

Twins prospect Jose Berrios visited an orphanage before heading to Spring Training:

Boog just wants to get back in the game:

Mitch needs a throwing partner:

Jose De Leon showing off his Spring Training number: [Editor’s note: A tribute to Sidney Crosby? We can only surmise.]

Jake Yacinich found walking shoes for his dad:

What’s up with these socks?

Spencer Kieboom shows off his cake skills and cereal collection:

Last weekend was Valentine’s Day… I’m saving this stuff for the end, for those of you who hate the holiday and/or were alone:

Chipotle Tweets of the Week

I don’t usually get guac, so I can’t comment:


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