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Minoring in Twitter: Old cars, new cars, dirty cars and sleeping… on a bus

By Danny Wild /

Lake Elsinore’s Joe Ross arrives in style (can anyone ID the car?)

Indianapolis’ Jake Brigham bought his wife an SUV for her birthday? Or maybe they just found it and took a photo with it?

More on cars: Cardinals No. 13 prospect Jordan Swagerty found an actual cardinal on his enormous Ford Super Duty pickup truck:

Check out these socks from Twins prospect Ryan O’Rourke (he’s a lefty, yes):

Does this photo from Louisville make you like umpires a little more?

Baseball players, you’ve been warned. Ladies, they’re catching on:

Astros right-hander Collin McHugh is living in a world of lies:

Let me enlighten you: taking your car to a car wash is one of the worst things you can do for your car’s paint. The water at car washes is all recycled, so it’s dirty water that’s filtered and gets sprayed on and drips off everyone else’s dirty cars, all day long. Think about all that road salt and mud. The brushes collect pebbles and debris that then gets dragged across your car’s exterior, creating fine scratches over time. Then you have the guys at the end who rub your car down with their dirty towels. Look at a car with dark-colored paint on a sunny day and you’ll see the swirl marks. But the oil change is totally a good idea.

The return of sleeping-teammates-on-buses photos:

And teammates reading on buses:

And players wearing this alien-elephant headsock thing:

And Archie Bradley on a plane:

And Archie Bradley’s view on that very same plane:

Do not disturb!

First-world problems:

Reds No. 1 prospect Robert Stephenson is such a big shot, he gets his own coach bus on road trips:

Bryan Harper, Bryce’s brother, says he’s very patient when it comes to ordering food…

… but when he’s driving? Not so patient:

… or even while waiting in line, patiently, to order his food:

Longtime slugger Jim Thome was caught writing on the walls at Charlotte’s brand-new ballpark:


Uh. What?



Cody Decker is back, with a Willy Wonka-esque fashion statement:

Pirates No. 7 prospect Reese McGuire posts a photo of his behind:

Step aside, Chipotle — Iowa’s Marcus Hatley wants a Starbucks:

So what are you saying?

Need a hand?


Sorry, come again:

Old school:

Weird, but OK:

Stay strong Lucas!


Like, maybe… Chipotle?

Chipotle Tweets of the Week:


Minoring in Twitter: Opening Day, with headphones and a tornado

By Danny Wild/

We hate to fall behind when it comes to chronicling the best and latest Minor League tweets, so first of all, let us apologize for slacking:

Let’s make this a good one — how about Opening Week through the eyes of those on the field? Here’s Tigers prospect Daniel Fields, hoping the rain holds off:

Cardinals prospect Ryan Sherriff probably got used to rain-outs last season at Palm Beach, but he didn’t have to deal with 46-degree weather:

Royals No. 2 prospect Yordano Ventura has his own business card:

Plus, he was also happy to test out his new headphones. Forget about pitching:

Or how about the Beats headphones that A’s No. 1 prospect Addison Russell got?

Or… uh.. what the heck? This is like Minoring in Headphones suddenly:

A’s Minor Leaguer Nick Rickles had his mom at the ballpark with him:

Pre-game, pre-season meal? Wow, good luck finishing that. It’s healthy because there’s some strawberries, right?

One of the most memorable images from Opening Day came from NBC4 in Texas — they posted this photo of a funnel cloud at Frisco’s Dr Pepper Ballpark:

BkVsZvNCcAApz2k Royals prospect Lane Adams was with Northwest Arkansas when the Nats visited Frisco and was one of a few players to sort of brag about surviving what looks like an ad for a Weather Channel storm-chasing reality show:




Baseball players all live glamorous lives, surrounded by pretty girls, flashy cars and autograph-seeking fans. Actually, I kind of sorta believe that’s mostly true, but there’s also this:

Headshot day in Winston-Salem:

And then informal headshot day in Winston-Salem:

And then headshots with friends in the front row in Winston-Salem:

Red Sox No. 8 prospect Matt Barnes is dreaming of Fenway…

Get it?


G Cole is on my fantasy team (but he’s not my #roomie):

Hard to beat this tweet:

4231f174bc2511e3aa4d0002c9e11ff6_8 Astros second baseman Anthony Kemp spent last season in the Midwest League at Quad Cities, which is probably prime country for Sonic Drive-In (my favorite). Now, he’s in Lancaster, Calif., which means…? In-n-Out:

Deep questions:

Cody Decker. Classy:

Yeah, brace yourselves. Sunday is coming:

This is honestly a really good show:

Pre-game donuts:

Chipotle Tweets of the Week:

Minoring in Twitter: Opening Day? Yeah, but did you hear Duke lost?

By Danny Wild/

We may be on the doorstep of Opening Day in the Majors, and so while players race to earn roster spots and impress at Spring Training, apparently nothing really compares to college basketball in March. With Ohio State and Duke falling early, there was plenty of noise coming from the Minor Leagues.

First, we begin with Tigers outfield prospect Tyler Collins revealing his highly-anticipated bracket picks (who cares what Obama thinks?):

What about Oakland outfield prospect Rashun Dixon’s picks? He.. uh… picked Duke:

The Durham Bulls’ Brandon Guyer weighs in:

Marlins prospect Jake Marisnick posts his sideways for good luck (turn your head now):

I’m not a huge college hoops fan, but I know Duke is sort of widely loved and/or hated. So as you can imagine, there was no shortage of comments following Mercer’s upset win Friday:

Despite the lack of Duke love, the loss ruined a lot of brackets:

Here’s one sad prediction from March 16:

And this prophetic one from the same day!

Also, in other Duke news:

Altoona trying to be clever:

The Duke reactions followed Dayton’s stunner over Ohio State:

Braves prospect Lucas Sims — he of the mustache-growing fame — saw this:

Moving on, take a look at Mets top prospect Noah Syndergaard, who enlisted some teammates to help him wade through piles of fan mail in St. Lucie:

White Sox prospect Dan Black shows off the least flashy sneakers in the Minors:

Royals prospect Kyle Zimmer posing at an autograph session:

Padres catcher Austin Hedges was one of many to show off his diamond-encrusted Texas League championship ring from 2013 with San Antonio. Are those real?:

The Class A Savannah Sand Gnats’ South Atlantic League championship ring is decidedly less blinged-out — did they find those at the grocery store coin prize machines?

Cardinals prospect Mike O’Neill landed quite a bluegill:

Here’s Red Sox prospect Anthony Ranaudo holding some VIP card from a bat company:

Major League? Eh? Am I right? Chipotle Tweets of the Week

Random photo of the week

The Class A Lakewood BlueClaws posted this photo, so we have to show it:

Minoring in Twitter: How players survive long bus rides

By Danny Wild/

Pirates catcher Tony Sanchez reveals the latest technology in baseball-players-sleeping-on-buses. No, it’s not an alien Halloween costume:

They watch Thor, probably without a head thing:

Giants Minor Leaguer Justin Fitzgerald posted this photo, probably in a direct attempt to get it featured on this blog:

Astros first-round pick Mark Appel believes he needs to believe. Believe it:

He also believes in more literal things, like an ice cream and cookie “Pizookie”

What’s a Pizookie? “A little sweet and a little salty. Made with caramel cookie dough, pretzel bites and white and dark chocolate chips. Topped with vanilla bean ice cream, caramel sauce and a Ghirardelli SQUARES® dark chocolate.” Marlins reliever Beau Wright feels like a superhero drawn by a high school student:

Pirates top prospect Jameson Taillon has a new glove, or what the kids are calling them these days, a “glove piece”

Rudy Owens may have Taillon’s glove piece beat, though:

I actually saw this trend myself on Facebook:

More on NFL free agency from the Minors:

Rangers prospect and Pelicans third baseman Drew Robinson with some nice seats:

Luke Jackson, another Rangers prospect, shops at some funky sock stores (evidently it’s Urban Outfitters):

Phillies prospect Tyson Gillies is about a year behind:

Ladies, if you enjoy baseball, the Walking Dead and a home-cooked meal, Mr. Gillies might be your man:

Blue Jays outfielder Kenny Wilson. Keeping his finger nails… clean. Hashtag whattttttttt

Yes, you do need better TV options:

Baseball’s No. 1 prospect, Byron Buxton, earning a little spending money with an autograph signing:

This blog would totally kill mine:

Welcome to the Florida State League:

But you can’t play baseball if you’re dead…

Here’s a new one — O’s prospect Matt Hobgood gets serious:

Red Sox prospect Anthony Ranaudo hittin’ snooze:

So did Royals outfielder Desmond Henry:

Yankees prospect Zach Nuding shows off his Eastern League bling:

Chipotle Tweets of the Week

Minoring in Twitter: Sims to cultivate mustache

By Danny Wild/

BREAKING NEWS: Atlanta Braves’ No. 1 prospect Lucas Sims to grow mustache. Check back for updates:

We all know mustaches don’t grow overnight, so we here at employed the help of to see what Lucas Sims might look like with his new ‘stache. Behold:

sims 1

sims 2

sims 3

sims 4

sims 5

Finally, we wondered, what if Sims gets the mustache but isn’t satisfied? What if he opts to go full “Duck Dynasty” on the Braves and out-beard Brian Wilson? For that question, we turned to the “Duck Dynasty Beard Booth” app:

sims beard

So, Lucas — good luck. Let us know if you need any inspiration.

Athletics prospect Matt Buschmann has only been at Spring Training for a couple weeks, but he’s already tired of the traffic. Hey, Matt, try crossing the George Washington Bridge into Manhattan some time:

Maybe it’s better than, say, Orlando, Florida?

Jeremy Barfield with a roundabout way to plug his #FaceofMLB nominee:

Tony Sanchez has some advice on success in baseball, and it involves glove love:

Blue Jays prospect Kenny Wilson was looking for some help Thursday:

There’s a new “Big Bang Theory,” “Portlandia” premieres on IFC and “Vikings” returns for season 2 on the History Channel. Or just ask the Twins’ Trevor May, he’s in the loop:

Wow. Andrew Lambo…

Not the most creative hat logo we’ve ever seen, but OK:

OK… Tigers prospect Daniel Fields with apparently no explanation needed on this one:

… or this one …

Barfield isn’t done:

Padres lefty Erik Schoenrock seems to think he’ll be in his Spring Training hotel for awhile:

White Sox prospect Micah Johnson knows he’s fast:

It’s not even Chipotle:

Chipotle Tweets of the Week:

America needs more fast food. Duh.

Most cliched Minor League tweet of all time coming up:

Minoring in Twitter: The Winter Olympics and Spring Training arrivals

By Danny Wild /

Spring Training is here, giving some degree of hope to those fans buried under snow and dreaming of nights at the ballpark. But this year, we have a new fascination in the post-NFL sports landscape, and it’s the Winter Olympics, an event that turns average Americans into curling apologists and figure skating experts.

Minor Leaguers are no different, and they’ve had plenty to say about the world of ice dancing and women’s hockey.

NBC has been taking flak for, among other things, not airing enough medal ceremonies, but apparently it can’t win if it airs the wrong one, according to Indians DH Adam Abraham (although “Oh, Canada” is a stellar anthem):

I guess we’re stuck with him:

Padres pitcher Matt Shepherd is a convert:

White Sox left-hander Jarrett Casey can’t appreciate the Meryl Davis-Charlie White magic (or their synchronized twizzles):

An Indians Minor Leaguer questions the priorities of a Russian hockey great:

Mets prospect Stefan Sabol just doesn’t care about figure skating medals or songs or Johnny Weir’s outfits:

Time to curl

Luke Jackson, like many of us, can’t turn away from the suspense and colorful pants of curling:

Our friend Mitch Stetter, who retired on Twitter last week to join the Royals as a coach, suggests curling as a cool-down exercise following the hockey drama:

Reds slugger Donald Lutz is German, so this may actually be the only non-sarcastic curling tweet we see:

Come on, Lucas Sims — they have to walk moderately quickly on ice, sideways, while shouting something in a foreign language!

Yankees infielder Gosuke Katoh apparently has forgotten all the pages and pages of rules that baseball itself has. Remember that whole infield fly debacle in the playoffs?

Angels right-hander Dan Reynolds wins:

Moving on…

Jon Denney was Boston’s third-round pick last summer, so he’s attending his first Spring Training this month. How excited would you be in his shoes?

Or Zak Hermans, the Cubs’ 30th-round pick last year, lit up like a kid in an ice cream shop when he saw a photo of Chicago’s mighty facility:

Another Cubs Minor Leaguer, Rob Zastryzny (go ahead, try to pronounce that aloud) shows off his locker in Arizona:

We’re all getting old.

Don’t tell Chipotle:

Tony Sanchez has his hands full and his hair… uhh…

Delino, just … stop

Giants slugger Mac Williamson (great baseball name) has some new orange digital camo foot protectors for 2014:

Red Sox outfielder Alex Hassan shows off his newly embroidered glove:

We’ll end with this: Russell Wilson is probably closer to being a Minor Leaguer than a Major Leaguer when it comes to baseball, so his photo, I think, qualifies for the blog post:

Chipotle Tweets of the Week

I’ve only been twice:

Cardinals prospect Mike O’Neill just putting it out there:

Is there anything more, beyond Chipotle, needed for a solid night when you’re in the Minors?

Yeah, and sadly this is probably true:

And finally…

Minoring in Twitter: Angels’ Stetter retires via iPhone Twitter note, players react to Jeter news

By Danny Wild/

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Photo Day

With a disappearing Snapchat statement not feasible and Instagram maybe too obscure, released Angels pitcher Mitch Stetter created a new yellow note on his iPhone on Monday to tell the baseball universe about his reluctant, career-altering decision.

“I’m from a small town in Indiana, and a lot of people follow my career,” Stetter told us on Thursday. “I had a lot of messages asking if i knew what I was doing this season, if i had signed yet, a bunch of people asking.”

Justifiably so, as  Stetter, 33, had a pretty solid season last year, finishing 3-1 with a 3.86 ERA in 33 games for Triple-A Salt Lake before getting released in August. A veteran reliever who spent parts of five seasons in the Majors with Milwaukee, Stetter turned to Twitter on Feb. 10 to tell the world his career was over.

Using the “Notes” app on his iPhone (apparently an iPhone 4 not updated to iOS 7) he composed his letter of retirement:

In the note, Stetter says his lower back pain forced his decision, and that he’s joining the Royals’ organization as a bullpen coach at Double-A Northwest Arkansas.

Stetter has already been refining his coaching skills — he joined Reds pitcher Sean Marshall at a youth clinic in Illinois last week.

So why Twitter? Stetter said it was just a convenient way to spread the news to friends, family and fans — he posted the statement to both Twitter and Facebook.

“I knew a couple weeks ago, my back had given out again, I knew it wouldn’t hold up all season, and it was bothering me all last year,” he said. “I thought I’d feel better, but I had problems and I knew a couple weeks ago I wouldn’t be able to stay healthy a whole season. One of my friends is a scout with the Royals, he told me this position might be opening up, so I had a phone interview and I was going to wait to see if I got that job before I announced it.

“So, then I announced it all together. People were asking, I thought it was easier. I made a Twitter and Facebook post at the same time.”

Brewers fans may best remember Stetter — he was the lefty reliever who set a Milwaukee Brewers record in 2009 when he recorded 15 consecutive outs by way of strikeouts. That K streak was part of a 17-game span in which the southpaw did not allow a run:

In a less-glorious moment, Stetter was also the pitcher who gave up Gary Sheffield’s 500th career home run back in 2009:

Not only was his unique Twitter retirement a simple way to spread the news, but it also allowed him to directly hear back from fans following the news — his feed is filled with warm wishes and thank-yous from both sides.

“It’s nice,” said Stetter. “I was in the Brewers organization for 10 years, I’d been in the big leagues, I followed a few of the fans too and I’ll answer questions, people will tweet me and ask me stuff. It gives you a chance to interact with the fans, they can be kind of get closer to the players, and that can help with ticket sales, bring people to the ballpark and just showing them you’re a normal, nice guy. I thought it would be the easiest way to send one message.”

Stetter wasn’t even the only Minor Leaguer to announce his retirement from baseball on Twitter on Monday, if you can believe it. Ryan Dunn, the Rays’ 17th-round pick in the 2012 Draft, said he was quitting after just a pair of seasons in the Minors:


Dunn appeared in 144 Minor League games after leaving Oregon State, playing for Short-Season Hudson Valley in 2012 and then with Class A Bowling Green last year. One of those 144 games came in Fenway Park, when the Renegades played the Lowell Spinners in the 2012 Futures at Fenway event:


And then there was Padres No. 14 prospect Cory Spangenberg, who posted on Twitter last week that he’d retired… from playing Flappy Bird:

The biggest retirement news of the week, of course, came from Derek Jeter, who also announced his decision through social media with a letter on Facebook.

“His [letter] was a little longer than mine,” Stetter laughed. “[Mine] was also a good chance to thank everybody too. It was hard to fit what you want to write in 140 characters, but I didn’t want it to be too long, like, ‘Oh, I’m not going to read this.’ Make it brief, where they’ll read it, and thank everybody along the way.”

Jeter thanked plenty in his goodbye, a departure that directly struck a lot of Minor Leaguers, most of which grew up watching Jeter’s glory days:

Yankees prospects reacted, including 2013 first-rounder Eric Jagielo:

Mason Williams, the Yankees’ No. 2 prospect kept it simple:

Cito Culver, another Yankees shortstop drafted in the first round:

In even more retirement news posted via Twitter, we move on to Dong Nguyen, a Vietnamese mobile game developer whose plug-pulling Tweet hit Minor Leaguers harder than a Gary Sheffield swing.

Last week, we evidently reached the climax of Flappy Bird-mania in the Minors. Players from around baseball spent their precious final days and weeks of the offseason glued to their phones on a mission to fly some 8-bit Nintendo-esque cartoon bird across their screens. And then, on Sunday, Dong Nguyen, a misunderstood game developer more irritated with fame than gamers were with his game, told the world on Twitter that his omnipresent app “ruins my simple life” despite generating $50,000 in ad revenue per day. To get the point across, he added: “Now I hate it. I cannot take this anymore.”

The reactions from around baseball were swift, predictable and strong: devastation not seen since Randy Johnson stuck a fastball into that seagull.

Some embraced the news and freed themselves of the addiction:

And, Jeremy Barfield still hates it.

Moving on, this incredible photo of Marcus Stroman and his dad:

Reds pitcher Jon Moscot shows off a unique dinner combo:


Marlins pitcher Bryan Evans spent his winter in Mexico pitching in winter ball, but now that he’s back in the states, it feels a little off:

Whatever gets you into game mode…

Washington’s Bryan Harper (Bryce’s brother) sported quite the mustache last season at Hagerstown and still hasn’t decided whether it’ll be back for Spring Training:

Chipotle Tweets of the Week

Minoring in Twitter: ‘Flappy Bird’ infects the Minor Leagues

By Danny Wild /

I have intentionally avoided learning about whatever “Flappy Bird” is (I know it’s a game that people, evidently, love to hate) ever since it started popping up on Twitter last week. But Minor Leaguers are fully engulfed in this animated obsession:

Minor Leaguers love the “nothing is worse than…” Tweets, and usually they involve a lack of beef in their Chipotle burrito or some guy they saw at the airport, but again, this is a Flappy Bird world we now live in:

Is this good?

Finally, Jeremy Barfield, in a fan Q&A with the Midland RockHounds, declares it will be a short, painful lifespan for the bird:

Man, look at those graphics. It’s like 1992 all over again.

OK, enough Flappy Bird. Jeremy Barfield says so:

Moving on, the Super Bowl was a lopsided blowout, and Minor Leaguers had plenty of opinions:

So, this is awesome. Zach Nuding is a right-hander in the Yankees system, but you’d never know from his kitchen:

Mariners prospect Taijuan Walker’s basketball talents aren’t a secret, but he may be reaching a little now:

Marcus Stroman wearing a vest and pajama pants to a hockey game?

Also at the Maple Leafs-Lightning game? Fellow Blue Jays prospect Aaron Sanchez:

luke jackson

You may see eight slices, but Rangers prospect Luke Jackson (above last season at Double-A Frisco) sees a challenge:

Padres slugger Cody Decker, a man of many observations and aspirations, gives new meaning to being a bat man:

It’s not always that glamorous for pitchers reporting to Spring Training:

Try asking Siri next time?

Astros prospect Lance McCullers Jr. a.) having something weird done to his arm and b.) wearing a “retro” Houston Astros T-shirt:

This is awkward.

Yankees fans, an Aaron Judge sighting! Here’s New York’s 2013 second-round pick Gosuke Katoh tweeting first-round selection Aaron Judge reading the kids’ menu:

Indians 6-foot-6 right-hander Jimmy Stokes loves paper. Not newspapers or toilet paper, but the new app from Facebook, which appears to be slightly less maddening than #flappybird

Low fat, low sodium and plenty of fruits and veggies in this offseason cuisine:

And finally…

Chipotle Tweets of the Week

Don Lutz has previously tweeted about opening a Chipotle in Germany. This guy isn’t messing around: Baseball? No. Tasty burritos, chips and salsa? In Germany? Yes.

Supposedly Mr. Money didn’t actually make the bet (so he claimed right after the game), but either way:

And this might be a first: A baseball player who, striking out in anger at Chipotle, takes his money elsewhere for dinner:

Minoring in Twitter: Stuck in the snow, and always hungry

By Danny Wild/


Last week, Athletics Minor Leaguer Rashun Dixon continued his trend of tweeting about eating. “If you loved me,” he wrote, “you would bring me some food.”

So what happened? It’s been a whole week, is the poor guy still hungry?

After then tweeting about pizza, chicken and Chipotle, we got this:

And then, full circle:

The Twins’ Trevor May, somewhere far away from Mr. Dixon, has a similar problem:

Dodgers first baseman O’Koyea Dickson dares to say what we all think:

Detroit’s Ian Krol doesn’t even want to say the word:

Really, no explanation needed here, it is super awkward:

White Sox Minor League first baseman Dan Black was one of many motorists stuck on icy roads in the South earlier this week, conditions that brought Atlanta to a halt, or what we refer to as “Tuesday” here in New York:

Pirates No. 10 prospect Tony Sanchez, big leaguin’ his way through the local mall:

I don’t know what top Yankees prospect Mason Williams did, but congrats on that:

If you’re a professional athlete, you need to work out (for NFL offensive linemen, that means dinner). And once you’re finished working out? There’s only one option:

Thank you for making my lunch. Here, have a cap:

Here’s a pretty awesome family photo of top Pirates prospect Jameson Taillon and his family, pre-baseball days. Of note is his older brother’s rad American flag shirt, and the fact that Mr. and Mrs. Taillon are Canadian:

e7cbe38c89d611e392990e4ff8a698db_8 With all the talk of eating and Chipotle and food, Ryan Hafner gives us a refreshing change:

The age-old question:

This is like the reverse playoff beard:

Man, rappers today…

Pretty awesome, top Mets prospect Noah Syndergaard taking a stealth cell phone photo of Mark Cuban, best known for his small role in Entourage:

A very specific and totally not-funny question from Red Sox No. 6 prospect Anthony Ranaudo:

Last week, we chronicled the reactions of Minor Leaguers to the stunning, totally-didn’t-see-that-coming arrest of Justin Bieber. Some of our own fans were outraged with their Facebook comments, as thought we were covering Justin Bieber as some sort of trend. Some people apparently weren’t in on the joke. Jeremy Barfield totally was, though, and still is:

Speaking of Jeremy Barfield and the police and traffic stops, how about this?

I admit, I actually had to Google what “DWB” meant.

Addison Russell with the Walking Dead comparison to Atlanta’s snow disaster:

Attention, baseball fans: Jackie Bradley Jr. of the Boston Red Sox does not go near Instagram:

People don’t know the different between the Denver Broncos and Durham Bulls logos. Shocking.

So, on closer inspection, they definitely have some similarities. Durham (on the left) is more of a burnt orange/brown than orange, and it’s a completely different animal snorting inside the “D.” I will admit, the logos on the Bulls caps are decidedly more orange than they appear here:

durham denver

A little gourmet offseason breakfast:

Chipotle Tweets of the Week

Clutch move:

As a reward:

Uhh. I don’t think we want to know, honestly:

Yeah, go figure?

And then there are those Minor Leaguers who take a moment at their table, put their burrito down, and just simply let the world know, look what I’m enjoying right now:

Minoring in Twitter: Players react to Bieber bust

Justin Bieber

As you may have heard, noted street racer and boxing fan Justin Bieber was arrested on Thursday, causing the social media universe to flip out. Baseball players, of course, had their stage on Twitter:

Mets prospect Stefan Sabol clearly spent some time on this one, especially with the accented characters:

And a pre-arrest one, just for fun:

* * *

Moving on, Angels prospect Nick Maronde split the 2013 season between the Texas League and the Majors. Now, he’s in Arizona, while the rest of us freeze:

Rockies left-hander Christian Friedrich, who saw time at Triple-A Colorado Springs last year, is ready for a fight at Coors Field:

No one likes waiting in security lines at airports. Especially baseball players:

Speaking of the airport:

Drumming up interest for the Olympics:

Blue Jays lefty prospect Tony Davis is listed at 5-foot-11, 185 pounds. But now?

Twins outfielder Byron Buxton was swamped with congratulations from fellow players on Twitter after being named’s No. 1 prospect entering 2014…

Mariners prospect Isaiah Yates is lonely:

A’s prospect Rashun Dixon is hungry:

Royals prospect Chevy Clarke is in love with Royals prospect Chevy Clarke:

Giants prospect Brandon Bednar is losing his patience:

So is the Yankees’ Danny Burawa:

Cody Decker’s mind continues to work hard in the offseason:

Been there, done that:

Chipotle Tweets of the Week

Chipotle and playoff football!! What could be better?!? Omaha!

You’ve been warned: don’t take Reds prospect Ben Lively’s Chipotle:

Someone (Cardinals Minor League Sam Tuivailala) is just starting to discover Chipotle:

To the ballpark, right?

-Danny Wild/


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