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Minoring in Twitter: Players rejoice in Chipotle’s good news; Trevor Gretzky on the road and a Minor Leaguer’s monkey

By Danny Wild /

Good news if you’re a Minor Leaguer — the E. coli outbreak that has plagued America and Danny Ainge’s favorite Mexican restaurant is over, according to the CDC:

Yankees prospect Gosuke Katoh was completely undeterred by the E. coli fears, claiming he stopped by for dozens of burritos:

If my math is correct, Gosuke was averaging about three Chipotle trips per week.

Cubs left-hander Rob Zastryzny (go ahead, pronounce that in your head) said he would pay someone to follow his Twitter account with Chipotle:

There’s no better feeling than sleeping on clean sheets, says Blue Jays prospect Jeremy Gabryszwski. What about going to sleep — even on dirty sheets — and knowing you don’t have to set an alarm and can sleep in? What about that feeling you get when you first bite into a slice of crispy, cheesy pizza? What about waking up on those dirty sheets, thinking you have to get up for work/school and then realizing nope, it’s Saturday?

What about that feeling when you dig into a nice cold chocolate frosty?


The Binghamton Mets would like to warm up the night for fans on April 12 with this promotion (to which they provided zero details):

Valentine’s Day is approaching (no need to remind me, honestly) and our own Ben Hill is sharing his love for the Carolina League:

What’s more annoying than getting an egg shell in your scrambled eggs? Maybe hearing Sarah Palin’s voice?

Couldn’t find a single player who tweeted about the Iowa Caucus on Monday, but there was this:

For those who watched the Iowa coverage — where people wrote candidate names on scrap paper and dropped them into popcorn buckets — you may have noticed an MiLB angle. At least one district was using Iowa Cubs buckets to collect votes:

The D-backs released 2014 27th-round pick Nate Robertson in October, and you’re probably wondering a couple things: will he latch on with a new team for Spring Training, and what’s the status of his stuffed peppers recipe?

Apparently when a gigantic tornado rolls through Texas, no one really stops playing baseball/runs from the ballpark:

A Minor Leaguer cradling a monkey in the clubhouse? Sure, why not?

Memphis right-hander Deck McGuire says this mobile gaming station was “best $350 I’ve ever spent”:

Rays righty Kyle McKenzie says what you’re all thinking: putting on ChapStick just doesn’t feel macho:

Is there a manly way to bake a cake, though?

McKenzie also has some thoughts on the right and wrong way to apply milk to your bowl of cereal — careful, or he’ll call the authorities:

That will be the next great Netflix docudrama — society’s efforts to free an imprisoned man convicted of filling his bowl with milk before his Frosted Flakes.


Of course I’m a Trevor Gretzky fan, but he’s been a little inactive on Twitter lately. In that case, we turn to Instagram, where he’s posing next to his family’s jet:

The kids

A photo posted by Trevor Gretzky (@trevorgretzky) on

Taking in a Kings game. “What are you saying dude?”

Goofin. Go Kings go @cutter_dykstra

A video posted by Trevor Gretzky (@trevorgretzky) on

Looking sharp:

Love these things 👰🏼

A photo posted by Trevor Gretzky (@trevorgretzky) on

And a family tennis outing:

Road to Wimbledon

A photo posted by Trevor Gretzky (@trevorgretzky) on

Gretzky is entering his fifth Minor League season and third with the Angels:

1-0 good guys @functionalcoach @dingerbats

A video posted by Trevor Gretzky (@trevorgretzky) on

Here’s Jason Bay before he became a Mets Hall of Famer:

My lower back hurts just watching Pirates righty Trevor Williams:

People here at make fun of me for putting CNN on the TV. But I need my daily Donald Trump entertainmen:

Pirates prospect Jameson Taillon can taste Spring Training. Mmmmm.

Twins prospect Jose Berrios is back with more family snapshots:

Ben Verlander shows his struggles with bubble gum:

Finally, are you ready for the long road to Spring Training?

Also, Michael Kopech … what?

Minoring in Twitter: Berrios’ selfies, Michael Phelps and Kanye

By Danny Wild /

Twins prospect Jose Berrios shows selfies on a plane and at the dentist:

Giants prospect Jake Smith and right-hander Rob Ramer (who last pitched for the Giants in 2014) met Michael Phelps:

Yankees prospect Kane Sweeney got engaged this week on the court at Morehead State, from which he was drafted this past summer:

Want to play a Minor Leaguer in Call of Duty?

Looking good. I guess.

Aren’t they all?


Minoring in Twitter: Prospects hooked by ‘Making a Murderer’

By Danny Wild /

Let’s talk about great snack combos. Buffalo wings and bleu cheese. Chocolate and peanut butter. Bananas and peanut butter. Ketchup and french fries. Bacon and cheese. Tostitos Hint of Lime and guacamole (you’re welcome). But what about broccoli? No?

Red Sox catcher and paint tycoon Benjamin Moore is finally catching up on watching Netflix’s addicting docudrama Making a Murderer:

Others continue to weigh in:

Some interesting wood grain going on with these bats:

Can these sneakers make you run faster?

Braves top prospect Dansby Swanson — the No. 1 overall pick in last year’s Draft — got a makeover from the Vanderbilt women’s basketball team:

Thursday was “National Hug Day” (in additional to Squirrel Appreciation Day, for the record) and Yankees prospect Greg Bird sent a hug over Twitter to rival Mets prospect Brandon Nimmo:


What we all would consider a nightmare, Mariners prospect Conner Hale terms a “miracle”

Jeremy Barfield shared this old, magnificent bat flip:

Milwaukee third baseman Garin Cecchini (he was traded by Boston on Dec. 10) goes deep:

Kansas City’s Cody Decker shows off his former career as a comic book guy:

And now he’s hitting up Ian Kennedy for cash (maybe to buy a comic book?)

The East coast us bracing for snow this weekend and everyone is panicking:

Heyyyyyyy, give me some free stuff pls?

Get yourself together, Florida:

Matt Pare and his dog:

Chipotle Tweets of the Week

If you like Chipotle (or even if you don’t and just want to kind of be stunned), read ESPN’s story today on Celtics GM Danny Ainge’s addiction to Chipotle.

ESPN did not disclose Ainge’s usual order, but mentioned that he typically gets double chicken and withholds the sour cream and guac in his burrito bowls. It says he goes every day, sometimes twice, and up to 10 times per week. He’s reminiscent of Andrew Hawryluk, who ate Chipotle every day for 186 straight days.

Minoring in Twitter: Verlander unearths old beach photo, players get caught up in Powerball excitement

By Danny Wild /

Tweet of the Week goes to Tigers prospect Ben Verlander with this throwback:

Ben also joined the rest of the country in buying Powerball tickets this past week:

It’s no surprise, in a PB&J Minor League world, that players were crossing their fingers on winning $900 million in this past Saturday night’s Powerball drawing (the first huge one):

Anthony Giansanti got 622 retweets on this one but, of course, no one won this draw:

Tigers second baseman Joey Pankake tried to get in on the action too:

Some got caught up in the odds:

Others offered support:

Rays prospect Brent Honeywell says it’s worth spending $2 now:

Cardinals lefty Jordan DeLorenzo got one number:

Hashtag “Dame”

And the hype was reborn as Wednesday’s jackpot climbed to $1.5 billion:

Probably a better investment — Popeyes cajun fries are SO good:

“You just won a billion dollars! What are you going to buy?”

“New jeans!”

He’s right. Look:


Minoring in Twitter: Players react to Griffey HOF induction, Chipotle’s troubles

By Danny Wild /

Ken Griffey Jr. and Mike Piazza easily were elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame on Wednesday, prompting praise from every corner of the baseball community. Minor Leaguers, many of whom grew up watching the pair, took to Twitter to talk about Griffey’s induction and, more passionately, the three voters who didn’t select him.

Oddly, we couldn’t find a single tweet from a Minor Leaguer about Mike Piazza.

Some weren’t happy that Griffey wasn’t unanimously elected — three voters did not select him on their ballot:


Minoring in Twitter: Players react to shooting, Decker teases new deal and others survive Black Friday

By Danny Wild /

Yet another mass shooting took place in the United States on Wednesday afternoon, this one coming close to a Minor League team in California — the Inland Empire 66ers’ ballpark is less than three miles up the road. The club and baseball community, with many players coming from or having played nearby, were quick to react on Twitter:

In happier news:

Cody Decker’s ‘announcement’

Minoring in Twitter star Cody Decker signed with the Royals on Dec. 2, although the longtime Padres slugger intentionally tried to confuse his followers Wednesday night before revealing the news:

Cody then tweeted he “just realized….. I need to buy a lot of blue [stuff].” To further mess with his fans, he followed the Dodgers, Royals, Rangers, Blue Jays and Cubs on Twitter.

The fun ended when Yahoo’s Jeff Passan tweeted the news, both spoiling Decker’s joke and incorrectly referring to him as an outfielder:

Decker responded:

Passan apologized:

And then Decker pointed out he was due further credit for not only following MLB teams with blue colors, but also a Japanese team with a reference to 1992 Tom Selleck film, Mr. Baseball — he has since deleted the tweet, maybe because no one remembers Mr. Baseball.

For the record, Decker, who turns 29 next month, is a career .265 hitter with 154 homers, 504 RBIs s and a .348 OBP in 761 Minor League games since 2009. He’s hit 20 or more home runs in four of his seven seasons.


Kaminsky: Offseason workouts are crucial before Spring Training

kaminsky_blog_headerKaminsky headshotBy Rob Kaminsky / Special to

Indians Minor Leaguer Rob Kaminsky recently wrapped up his third season in professional baseball, one that saw the 2013 first-round Draft pick get traded at the deadline from St. Louis to Cleveland. The 21-year-old left-hander joins’s PROSPECTive Blog to share his memories, insights and thoughts on life in the Minors. Read more of his posts on

It is almost that time.

Baseball, believe it or not, is right around the corner.

These past two months have been awesome and tough in the weight room, between strength training, arm care, corrective exercises, etc. But the fun is just about to begin.

Throwing begins in two weeks. These past few months have been preparation for what’s in store in December, January and February. And the blood, sweat and tears we put in during the offseason will dictate how our season goes. This training is crucial.

As I have completed two full seasons and will be starting my third shortly, I feel I know my body and how long I need to get ready. I’ll start with light catches, then head into long toss/drill work, then throw bullpens, then one or two live sessions.


Some pitchers like throwing more ‘pens than others. Me — I like to have six full bullpens under my belt before I head down to Spring Training.Unknown-1

Day one of Spring Training, you must be ready to throw an aggressive bullpen. It is not an easy thing to figure out. You want to be ready, but you don’t want to be peaked.

I have not perfected this and I continue to learn and solicit advice from guys with more experience then me. But at the end of the day, you must figure it out on your own. No two players’ plans are identical.

I am excited to start throwing — it’s been a long time for me. I am counting down the days until Spring Training, as I am sure many of you are.  But until then, there is still work to be done.

Follow Rob on Twitter @Kaminsky21 and on

Minoring in Twitter: Minor Leaguers react to Paris terror attacks

By Danny Wild / 

Terrorist attacks around Paris shocked the world last Friday, and the baseball community took to Twitter to share their thoughts in the aftermath:

On the subject of the Paris attacks, a day after here in New York, I captured Army football’s tribute:

Minor Leaguers really like Justin Bieber

A’s prospect Matt Olson throws his support behind Justin Bieber, who is perhaps best known to sports fans as Floyd Mayweather’s bling:

David Dahl? Count him as a Belieber as well:

No, no – believe it. This is apparently a trend. Minor Leaguers really do like Justin Bieber:

MiLB feels for Ronda

Minor Leaguers had to weigh in after — spoiler alert — UFC champ Ronda Rousey was dealt a stunning knockout loss this past weekend. Now, y’all remember Cubs outfielder Anthony Giansanti and his absurdly over-publicized offer to leave Triple-A tickets for Ronda. He, like many, weighed in on her defeat:

Get over it, folks:

Minoring in Twitter: Verlanders golf, Glasnow feeds an elephant, Boog surfs and Reed wants to sell you his Jordans

By Danny Wild /

It’s a slow news week here on Minoring in Twitter, but when in need, there’s always Ben Verlander:

Kate Upton was also there:

This is what Minoring in Twitter was made for: Pirates No. 1 prospect Tyler Glasnow appears to be feeding bananas to an elephant while wearing a blue denim dress:

Now hold on, there’s a valid explanation for this. Tyler is in Thailand:

Hunter Harvey went hunting in Ohio, but didn’t have much success:

Cody Decker takes a shot at the embattled Colin Cowherd:

Red Sox righty Michael McCarthy has been busy teaching baseball around the world:

Rays righty Kyle McKenzie tweets about the taste of water and dating woes:


Minoring in Twitter: A comprehensive chronicling of Halloween costumes in the Minors

By Danny Wild /

Halloween has sadly passed — I wish October would just continue on for another five months — but at least we can now look back on the ridiculous costumes Minor Leaguers donned for parties and team photos. Sit back, there’s a lot to see:

Yankees prospect Tyler Wade:



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