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Minoring in Twitter: Players mostly indifferent about current events

CDx5f2IWoAApCMjBy Danny Wild /

It’s been my observation here that Minor Leaguers don’t react/comment on/seem to care about most of the larger news stories that make headlines today. Paris terror attacks? Nothing. ISIS threats? Not much. Bruce Jenner’s announcement? #StanleyCup playoffs? Rioting in Baltimore, which also impacted the Orioles? Very little response.

I realize they’re focused on baseball, as they should be, but maybe there’s a trend? On the other hand, perhaps these players are hesitant to inject their opinions into the hot-button issues of the day, aware of the sensitivities and smartly steering clear of any potential controversy.

Either way, here are the only tweets I could find from Minor Leaguers who weighed in on the week-long situation in Baltimore:

That’s pretty much it. How about the Nepal earthquake that killed 6,100 and counting? Two thoughtful tweets:

Oh, I know what will stoke their Twitter flames — independent Vermont senator Bernie Sanders announced he’s running for president, providing a more progressive option to Hillary for Democratic voters! Minor Leaguers jumped on it:


Oh. Nothing. OK, so what were players tweeting about? Well, to be fair, there was one tweet about Bruce Jenner:

This week in bus drama

We were discussing in the office this week the less glamorous realities of Minor League life — mostly the postgame meals and bus travel. Would a large investment from Major League teams in higher quality food and better travel options be money well spent? Would it make it more desirable for a player to sign with that organization? Would players perform better with better nutrition and sleep? Or do fast food, cold cut platters and unreliable buses incentivize a guy to play harder, train more seriously and push his way up to the Majors?

J.P. Arencibia is someone good to ask — the Rays’ catcher has spent most of his time since 2011 in the Majors with Toronto and Texas. Now he’s back in Triple-A and simply says, “play better”: (more…)

Minoring in Twitter: The perfect MiLB peanut butter & jelly sandwich

By Danny Wild /

Pirates No. 2 prospect Jameson Taillon has learned many things during his Tommy John rehab (snorkeling in a hotel pool comes to mind), and his skills have expanded to the kitchen. Chef Taillon bragged this week of his perfected peanut butter and jelly recipe:

Jameson Taillon PBJ

Look at that clean line of peanut butter! Mets prospect Chasen Bradford chimed in that he goes with honey rather than jelly, because apparently jelly … not sweet enough:

Reese McGuire, also a Pirates prospect, prefers steak to PB&J:

You may best know Taillon from the time he spared a bug on his windshield earlier this month.

taillon driving

Moving on, Pirates prospect Jerrick Suiter isn’t your typical rich pro athlete — he claimed this week he couldn’t afford dinner with teammates:

Instead, he went for all-you-can-eat General Tso’s chicken:

Biloxi needs some help when it comes to photography:

Less to carry into the hotel, right?

Red Sox shortstop Mauricio Dubon snapped this selfie as the Greenville team bus burned:


Minoring in Twitter: #MiLBproblems, burning buses, tornados

By Danny Wild /

Playing professional baseball may seem like fun and games (technically, I guess, it’s exactly that), but there’s also more to the story. What happens behind the scenes? Where do the players go when the ballpark goes quiet and the lights go out? How do they get to stadiums when, for example, their team bus almost explodes and they, our beloved baseball heroes, are forced to grab their travel pillows and backpacks and walk the streets:

Yes, Benjamin Moore, Red Sox catching prospect and heir to the iconic paint empire (not really on the latter, but let’s pretend) was, along with his Greenville Drive teammates, forced to abandon his burning coach bus and trudge through the streets of Asheville, North Carolina, on Thursday. The Drive could not drive.

A burning bus isn’t scary enough for you? Sign me up, you say — I’ll deal with sub-par travel conditions for a chance to play ball! To that, we defer to A’s reliever Corey Miller of the Class A Beloit Snappers, who, on Opening Day no less, dodged a gigantic tornado with his teammates when they found themselves in Clinton, Iowa:

“Tornado right outside the locker room,” is the exact quote from teammate Brett Graves:

But hey, relax — they survived. No prospects burned up, no one was swept away. Every Minor Leaguer returned to their lavish homes, furnished with the finest luxuries:

You know, Derek Jeter had a personal chef when he played ball. Doesn’t everyone?

This week, we honor our fine Minor Leaguers and the #MiLBproblems hashtag on Twitter, which helps us chronicle the bizarre troubles facing players today. Just imagine yourself on a team bus late one night when the driver turns around and yells… (more…)

Minoring in Twitter: Opening Day arrives, and Taillon spares a bug

By Danny Wild /

The Minor League season began with — and this is real — Rex Ryan throwing the very first pitch of the season. Buffalo hosted Rochester in the season’s first game, and the former Jets and current Bills coach was there to take the mound:

Looks… icy?

Ryan Verdugo is done with baseball season:

What the heck is Byron Buxton wearing?

Pirates prospect Jameson Taillon, who knows first hand the challenges and struggles of injuries and setbacks (he was the metaphorical bug to the windshield of Tommy John last year) spared a small, brave insect:

We actually were able to acquire a photo of Jameson’s roadtrip (the bug is too small to see, but wow…) (more…)

Minoring in Twitter: Players turn film critics ahead of Opening Day

By Danny Wild /

Minor Leaguers seemed to be pretty excited about movies this week, with Furious 7 debuting:

There’s also this classic, if Vin Diesel isn’t romantic enough for your taste:

Ew, yeah. They show some weird stuff now before movies:

Hey Boog, come to the movies with my mom:

What’s the worst movie to watch on a baseball bus ride?

And speaking of movies…

Dace Kime: Yes. The Park is Open.


Indians right-hander Dace Kime appears to be on my level of Jurassic Park fandom, especially now that we are 69 days away from June 12 when Jurassic World debuts in theaters nationwide! Dace, if you’re in New York in June, let’s go — IMAX 3D! We’ll spare no expense (get it?)


Minoring in Twitter: Minor Leaguers get tons of free stuff, and Ben Verlander watched a game with Kate Upton

By Danny Wild /

If you follow Minoring in Twitter, you know I’ll never pass up an opportunity to feature Kate Upton, especially when she’s tweeting about/taking selfies with a Minor Leaguer. Conveniently for us all, she took in an Orlando Magic game this week with her boyfriend, Detroit ace Justin Verlander, and his younger brother, Tigers prospect Ben Verlander:

Even the Orlando Magic retweeted the photo (although they were probably like, who’s Ben Verlander? Fellow Detroit prospect Michael Gerber is also pictured):

And then Justin totally called out his bro on fan etiquette:

He was also genuinely happy for him, too:


Minoring in Twitter: Bradley’s new digs; prospects burned by brackets

By Danny Wild /

D-backs top prospect Archie Bradley sees a future for himself in Arizona — look at that pool!

He needs help, though:

Do you think he’ll invite former D-backs outfielder Will Ferrell over for a pool party?

Our favorite Padres first baseman, Cody Decker, has been busy sharpening his skills at Spring Training:

And he also has thoughts on holding hands:

Austin Anderson, the Orioles’ ninth-round pick last summer, got some bad news this week — good luck, Austin!

Blue Jays prospect Daniel Norris gets deep:

Here, I’ll sum up all the March Madness-related tweets from the past week: (more…)

Bonus Q&A: New York Yankees lefty Ian Clarkin talks Draft, A-Rod, Team USA


By Danny Wild /

For the rest of our conversation with Yankees prospect and 2013 first-round Draft pick Ian Clarkin, visit You had committed to the University of San Diego. Was it a hard decision to put college on hold?

Clarkin: How the University of San Diego treated me over the years — I committed as a freshman in high school, and over the years they helped me with so much. It wasn’t the decision, it was telling them I wasn’t going to USD. That was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. I care about them so much. I care about the program and I still talk to the coaches — we’re actually going to have dinner soon. But that was the hardest part, telling USD that I was not going to USD. You were one of three first-round picks for the Yankees in 2013, Eric Jagielo and Aaron Judge being the others. What was that experience like, being a first-round selection — the last to be picked that round — and do you sort of feel connected to those guys or compare yourself to them at all in terms of development?

Clarkin: I don’t really compare our development. We all love hanging out with each other, and this organization is full of great guys. The difference of being a first-round pick is the pressure and the expectations that you have, that’s the biggest thing. I think all of us have lived up to those so far and we’re ready to do more. Just being a competitor every day, day in and day out — we’re all focused on each other and we’re all hoping for the best for ourselves.

Ian Clarkin jokes with Fresno State University outfielder and 32nd overall selection Aaron Judge. Photo by Paige Calamari/MLB Photos

Ian Clarkin (left) jokes with outfielder and 32nd overall selection Aaron Judge. Photo by Paige Calamari/MLB Photos What’s your outlook for 2015? Are you aiming to reach Double-A? Have the Yankees given you another innings limit? (more…)

Minoring in Twitter: Players react to Will Ferrell’s adventure, Kate Upton also likes Ben Verlander

By Danny Wild /


By now you’ve heard and maybe seen Will Ferrell’s improbable journey to play 10 positions on 10 teams over five Spring Training games in Arizona on Thursday. First, to all the haters who are asking, “Why?” the answer is pretty good (and has been widely publicized, if you’ve bothered to look) — Ferrell’s antics are part of a new HBO special from Funny Or Die in partnership with Major League Baseball to support the fight against cancer. From

This whole Spring Training extravaganza is about raising money for charity — close to $1 million, according to the actor — but Ferrell also revealed a bit of personal motivation to the two hosts: “What if today I play out of my mind, and what if I make the regular roster? … That’s kind of what the goal of today is — I’m hoping to land with a club.”

And that, of course, is the goal of a lot of Minor Leaguers and prospects who’ve reported to camps in Florida and Arizona — making the Major League roster, or at least playing well enough to get a higher assignment. Those same players? They had opinions on Ferrell’s day, and perhaps no one summed it up better than Padres prospect Rico Noel, who bunted back to the mound in Ferrell’s lone pitching appearance — Ferrell threw a strike, fielded the bunt and calmly threw out Noel at first:

And then everyone else weighed in:


Minoring in Twitter: Things Hunter Cole loves

By Danny Wild /

Hunter Cole

Giants outfielder Hunter Cole loves a lot of things. Recently, he was so excited about finding a colder area of his pillow, he took out his phone, went on Twitter and told everyone about it:

Other things Hunter Cole says you’ve gotta love?

Cheetos? You bet he loves them:

What, you may ask, does Hunter Cole not love?

We won’t stop there — Twins prospect Adam Brett Walker III has decreed that everyone — you included — must love Denzel Washington:

Back to cold pillows, Cole isn’t alone:

Rangers prospect Luke Jackson needs a bigger hot tub:

And he likes pancakes:

And speaking of pancakes:

This is Joey Pankake, to clear up any confusion:


Minnesota’s Trevor May needs help:

And then fellow Twins prospect Jose Berrios stepped up:

No, really — Trevor May really needs help. I had the flu last month and I worried about whether you could get the flu right after recovering:

And meanwhile, Berrios continued having fun:

The Phillies’ Venn Biter is a hero:

Ever wondered who is the greatest wife in history? Like, all-time, No. 1 wife? We finally got the answer on Wednesday night, and incredibly, a Minor Leaguer is married to her — Seattle’s Logan Bawcom:

Astros prospect Albert Minnis is overcome with saturated fat just thinking of this new D-backs ballpark treat:

That looks like this:


Everyone loves Ben Verlander:

Justin Bour is hunting boars:

Marlins right-hander Tyler Higgins bough a freezer, just so everyone is aware:

Nevermind Cardinals non-roster invitee Marcus Hatley trying to earn a Major League roster spot — he can’t even win when it comes to laundry:

Pirates prospect Cole Tucker is having a rough Spring Training:

Jeremy Barfield (who signed with the Rockies this winter) is having a day everyone dreads:

Phillies’ No. 1 prospect JP Crawford was really excited this week:

Crazy helium:

Fallen Yankees prospect Luis Torrens (torn labrum) tweeted this post-surgery photo:

This is pretty serious:

Dace Kime is still learning:

Hate Billy Joel? You probably don’t like Red Sox 2012 first-round pick Pat Light either:

Cubs prospect Carson Sands says he doesn’t like paying tolls when driving — to the extent he just doesn’t pay them and prefers paying fines instead. In his world, bridges and tunnels and roads just sort of crumble and fall apart:

In happier Carson Sands, the Chicago left-hander and 2014 fourth-round pick proposed to his girlfriend on a snowy baseball field:

Joc Pederson posted a photo of himself, and in the tweet told everyone he, in fact, posted a photo of himself:

The return of Minor Leaguers riding buses! It’s been a long absence here on Minoring in Twitter. Also, Battle: Los Angeles wasn’t as good as I’d hoped:

San Jose’s Matt Lujan thinks this is a good photo:

Angels 2014 second-round pick Joe Gatto would rather be in bed than prepping for baseball (but can you blame him? Beds are great):

Tacoma’s Nate Tenbrink showed off his beard new baby:

Can anyone help?

Chipotle Tweets of the Week

Also, Bryce Harper:


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