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Minoring in Twitter: Using the Internet to consider how the Internet covered a Minor Leaguer leaving tickets for Ronda Rousey

By Danny Wild /

espn 1

Cubs prospect Anthony Giansanti made headlines this week when ESPN noticed he’d been tweeting photos of the complimentary tickets he’d been leaving for UFC star fighter Ronda Rousey. Make no mistake — the nearly 100 articles on this “story” are exactly why your Facebook timeline is full of stuff about Donald Trump and those things that say, “This woman was given an umbrella, and you won’t believe what happened next!”

In other words, the lords of the Internet know posting stuff about Ronda Rousey will yield clicks and attention.

I’m not sure when the Iowa left-fielder made his crush public, but it looks like late last week Giansanti started things off innocently enough by thinking aloud about getting Rousey to be his date for a teammate’s wedding:

Cute. But with that going nowhere, Giansanti tweeted a photo of Rousey’s name on a complimentary tickets list for an Iowa Cubs game. Basically, players are allotted a few tickets per game for family or friends, which can be picked up at the ticket windows. So, he’s not literally buying a ticket for Rousey and leaving it for her, but if she were to show up? She’d have a seat for a PCL game:


Minoring in Twitter: Verdugo revisits Oregon Trail, Chavis focused on his clock

By Danny Wild /

Forget your fancy supplements, necklaces, superstitions, powdered donuts (Kevin Gausman)? All you need to perform on the field now is a delicious burger bun sandwich of Heinz Ketchup and Hellmann’s mayo (also sometimes known, when blended, as fry sauce or Russian dressing):

Durham’s Boog Powell took a dive into the seats to make a catch and showed off his bruises:

Do you remember how awesome Oregon Trail and these graphics were waaaay back in the day? I remember going into work with my mom — she was a middle school art teacher — and she’d let me hang out in the library and play Oregon Trail on the library computers. Salt Lake’s Ryan Verdugo:


By the way, May 15, 1848 — 64 years to that very day, after brave Americans crossed the Big Blue River (did they ford the river or caulk the wagon and float?), on May 15, 1912, Ty Cobb, “after listening to days of heckling by Yankees fans, jumped into the stands near the Tigers dugout and pummels a handicapped fan. The man, identified pseudonymously as Otto Blotz, cannot defend himself against the ‘Georgia Peach’ as he only has one hand.”

Moving on, is this real?


Minoring in Twitter: A bus meltdown, sharks and more from Professor Kime

By Danny Wild /

Dace Kime

If you thought Indians prospect Dace Kime was done expanding your mind and confusing the hell out of you last week, well… you were wrong. You were like 3.4 x 10^60 wrong. There was about a .00040379 percent chance you would have been right. I’ll let Dace take it from here, and before I forget, there will be a test on this next Tuesday. Please read chapter 3.

Whoa. Dude. The snozzberries taste like snozzberries. This is like. Mind-bending. Wait. What?

Google says “The ‘Planck length’ is the scale at which classical ideas about gravity and space-time cease to be valid, and quantum effects dominate. This is the ‘quantum of length’, the smallest measurement of length with any meaning.”)

Does Dace know kung-fu?



Minoring in Twitter: A science lesson and a hot bus adventure

By Danny Wild /

Columbus’ James Ramsey was in Louisville to play the Bats, so he stopped by to see how they make bats in Louisville:

Shark Week begins in three days. Still makes me think of one summer vacation in Cape Cod, watching shark shows on a tiny old TV:

Bryce Denton, the Cardinals’ second-round pick last month, crossed off some firsts on Wednesday:

Jose Berrios ups his photo/design game with this illustration of him throwing a flaming ball:

Here’s Vladimir Guerrero and his son, Vlad Jr., who signed with the Blue Jays and should be joining us in the Minors shortly:

New Britain’s Ryan Arrowood likes the caps the RockCats will be wearing this weekend:

Nick Gordon reports he has sauce:


Minoring in Twitter: All-Stars show off their selfies

By Danny Wild /

This week featured All-Star games from around the Minors, including the Southern, South Atlantic, Midwest and Calfornia/Carolina Leagues. You can actually read about those games on, but really, you just want iPhone selfies of players on the field, right?

All-Star Game dugout selfie:

And another from an All-Star game:

New Britain’s Ryan Arrowood:

Moving on, here’s a look at Johnson City’s Jurassic World-themed uniforms, which have a 1991 pajamas vibe to them:


Minoring in Twitter: Indians’ Dace Kime sees Jurassic World, wants his own dinosaur

By Danny Wild /


If you’re a frequent reader of this blog, you know my passion for the Jurassic Park series is shared only by Indians prospect Dace Kime, who triumphantly tweeted his viewing experience from start to finish on June 12, the day the movie premiered — the movie came out the day after Kime, a right-hander and 2013 third-round pick, held Salem to a run on three hits over six innings for his second win:

Using the same breakthrough science used in Jurassic World, we were able to create a rendering of what that might look like:


Moving along, what’s a spider doctor? (more…)

Minoring in Twitter: Ben Verlander and Kate Upton ride a horse

By Danny Wild /

Kate Upton turned 23 this week, and that, thankfully, was a good excuse for Lakeland Flying Tigers outfielder Ben Verlander to dig through his phone and find this awesome photo of him proudly riding a horse with Kate:

Kate Upton, of course, is the girlfriend of Ben’s brother, Cy Young Award-winner Justin Verlander, who incidentally is also back in the Minors as he rehabs with Triple-A Toledo. (Happy Birthday Kate!)

And this scenario (in which Ben went with the #stud hashtag) should not be confused with Derek Jeter’s girlfriend, Hannah Davis, who also apparently really likes horses:

Ben also weighed in on the current AL All-Star voting, which is comically one-sided thanks to Royals fans who apparently think the world revolves around Kansas City:

And then Ben let us all in on those conversations players have at second base:

And he fought back against the growing storm of rumors that he snores:

As I predicted earlier, Minor Leaguers went out and saw the new Entourage movie, and the reviews are in!

So Chris Heston threw a no-hitter for the Giants this week, and zero Minor Leaguers (as far as I can tell) tweeted about it:

Behold the power of Midwestern stormy weather:

Is this bad?

Jurassic World: The Park is Open!

Today, June 12, has finally arrived! Jurassic World is here, and Indians No. 25 prospect Dace Kime, like me, won’t be able to see it at midnight due to baseball obligations:

BTW, nice job by Dace, six strong innings for his second Carolina League win Thursday.

Todd Van Steensel is stuck here in Florida while his friends back in Australia get to see Jurassic World early thanks to time-zone magic:

And the Johnson City Cardinals come out of nowhere with the announcement of a Jurassic World-themed promotional jersey:

Speaking of dinosaurs, we found video of a T-rex (“You said you have a T-rex? Say again?”) delivering a ball to Justin Verlander for his rehab outing with Triple-A Toledo:

Anyway, tune in next week for the reactions!


Minoring in Twitter: The ugly side of Tommy John; Decker debuts new film

By Danny Wild /

What does Tommy John surgery look like? Last we saw Indians right-hander Dylan Baker, he was resting comfortably in bed, taking selfies with his good arm:

But after seeing this, you’ll wish you never wondered what the aftermath looks like. Viewer discretion is advised:

So apparently they just slice open your arm and then Scotch-tape it back together. Here’s another from Astros lefty Kent Emanuel:

Moving along to something less gruesome but perhaps equally painful for a certain video intern in El Paso, we present Cody Decker‘s latest short film, Wear It, a six-minute feature that chronicles the Padres Triple-A slugger dressing up a team intern who apparently had failed to adhere to the Chihuahuas’ dress code earlier in the season (viewer discretion advised specifically for’s Kelsie Heneghan, who is terrified of clowns):

I thought the credits with the clips of the intern in the dugout were some of the funniest parts. Was hoping for a little more Jason Lane screen time, though:


Minoring in Twitter: ‘Going deep’ with Cubs’ Giansanti, Pirates’ Taillon

By Danny Wild /

This week, we carefully wade into the entertaining though sometimes bizarre Twitter timeline of Cubs prospect Anthony Giansanti, currently in his third season with Double-A Tennessee. With that kind of experience, the outfielder appears to have developed a certain comfort level, leading us to this: the Tennessee Smokies as you’ve (probably) never seen them:

Giansanti channels his inner Tom Hanks:

And then he has this deep conversation with teammate Bijan Rademacher:

How many times do you think he tried to record this?

And, over at Cracker Barrell, he captures Smokies ace Carl Edwards Jr. turning to his iPhone during a checkers match:

The always quotable Jameson Taillon gives advice on insomnia:

Taillon, who previously bragged about his expert PB&J skills, reveals another winning combo:

And when the big Pirates right-hander tells you to avoid a certain map on Call of Duty, you best believe him:

Padres first baseman Cody Decker, who has five homers and 12 RBIs in his last eight games, got some encouragement from WWE Hall of Famer “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan:

First-world problems:

Red Sox prospect Mauricio Dubon isn’t afraid to embrace pink:

Indians prospect Dace Kime, again, is connecting with me. I’ve been planning to try the new “Jurassic Smash Blizzard” (peanut butter cookies smashed together with chocolate chip cookie dough) at Dairy Queen this week (“An adventure in every bite!”). The question here is, what’s the struggle? Just get it:

Also, congrats to Dace, who was promoted to Class A Advanced Lynchburg earlier this month. I downloaded this game a couple weeks ago, too (13 days until Jurassic World in IMAX 3D):

Nationals farmhand Bryan Harper announced he has finally begun watching Game of Thrones:

Another huge announcement:

What do baseball players do without Netflix?

Chipotle Tweets of the Week

Minoring in Twitter: Beach days, selfies, magic candy and purple shoes

By Danny Wild /

Phillies top prospect JP Crawford misses his dog, a frequently seen pet of Minoring in Twitter:

In case Indians lefty Sean Brady has ever checked out your hair, now we all know why:

Brewers catcher Matt Clark, who is only the third player in Minor League history with the name “Matt Clark,” reports the weather in Colorado isn’t currently ideal:

What do Minor Leaguers think of the NFL’s decision to lengthen extra point kicks?

We all know many Minor Leaguers feel they are underpaid, but Twins reliever Todd Van Steensel thinks he’s found a loophole for the future (if the Dodgers and Angels somehow allowed a MInor League team into LA, I guess):

Todd also revealed he’s not picky when it comes to how he likes his eggs:



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