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Minoring in Twitter: Getting dressy, saucy and cuddly

By Danny Wild /

Marlins right-hander Trevor Williams used Twitter to reveal he and wife, Jackie, are expecting a baby. Get it?

Oddly enough, Trevor referenced the pregnancy with a jar of Prego, while his wife called the person growing inside her a “little gummy bear.” Can you imagine actually giving birth to a gummy bear? Also, if his kid is indeed born on Sept. 28, he or she will share a birthday with Ryan Zimmerman.

Dodgers prospect Joc Pederson issued a FIFA challenge to White Sox prospects Micah Johnson and Dan Black:

And then Dodgers catcher Chris O’Brien promised victory:

Brewers prospect Josh Uhen says there’s nothing better than the smell of grass:

Wrong. Bacon smells better.


Late Thursday night, this stupid, ugly dress somehow took over the Internet, and everyone began debating its colors. I would ordinarily ask, “Who cares?” But — it’s totally white and gold. My mom and sister agreed. And then I sent the photo to one of our editors here at and was told it was clearly blue and black. And then she saw a different Tweet and version of the dress and thought it was white and gold.

So what did Minor Leaguers say? (more…)

Minoring in Twitter: Players enjoy Valentine’s Day, Daniel Norris mistaken for homeless guy

By Danny Wild /

Last weekend was the highly-anticipated and much-dreaded Valentine’s Day. How did Minor Leaguers spend the night, you ask? We don’t know. We probably don’t want to know. But, there were some tweets, so…

OK, you get the picture — breaking news: baseball players pretty much all have really attractive girlfriends and wives. Some, though, just watched basketball:

And, on the other end of the spectrum, this:

Daniel Norris is not a homeless bum

Probably my favorite tweet this week (and so far this year) goes to Blue Jays top prospect Daniel Norris, who is on this hipster-esque journey to Spring Training in which he grew a beard and travels and sleeps in a vintage van and sometimes sips coffee. Oh, also, he’s the guy who got a $2 million signing bonus:

I mean, you’d probably throw a couple bucks at this guy too if you saw him asleep outside a grocery store, right?


Minoring in Twitter: Cards prospect offers $1 million if he wins lotto

By Danny Wild /

Cardinals prospect Will Anderson claimed he would give $1 million to a random follower if he won the lottery this week:

Keon Broxton has a request, or maybe some free advice, for Steak n’ Shake:

Someone who’d love a bigger straw, or just steaks and shakes and anything else on their menu? Jeremy Dowdy. The man is hungry:

Everyone loves the lazy dogs of Minor Leaguers, so here ya go:

Mets lefty John Mincone found an urgent request:

Yankees prospect Gosuke Katoh’s claim here is so incredible, I think it warrants more attention than being down below in our usual list of Chipotle fans — 12 consecutive days of Chipotle? And judging by his tweet, he’s not even changing it up with different orders. Can one’s body handle that much Chipotle for two weeks?

“Going strong.” Worth noting that, this was his last tweet, on Feb. 10. He hasn’t tweeted since. Overcome by Chipotle perhaps?


Minoring in Twitter: Pitchers, catchers getting antsy for Spring Training’s arrival

By Danny Wild /

This is the part of the year where everyone starts making the same comments about football being over and baseball is coming and whatever. I for one enjoy the offseason and the break (hey, baseball is a long season). But you know who’s more excited than the fans? Minor League pitchers. They’re the first ones to show up to Spring Training in February:

Awww, this tweet brings back memories of those mid-summer bus ride nightmares — but look how alive and excited he sounds now in February!

Of course there’s Daniel Norris, driving his old van to Dunedin:

Durham’s Kirby Yates is packing for Spring Training:

OK, we get it:


Minoring in Twitter: Marshawn Lynch, Kris Bryant’s shoes

By Danny Wild /

It’s Super Bowl week in America, but before we get to the big game and its storylines, I think we have to start off with this — Indianapolis’ Casey Sadler won Twitter with this photo:

Cubs prospect Pierce Johnson (I think he’s the one in the black shirt, long hair) hiked a mountain in Arizona:

Toledo’s Kyle Ryan hid in some bushes and waited to kill a small animal:

Moniker Madness favorite and Phillies outfielder Venn Biter, whose name is actually Venn Biter, could use some help at the gym, if you’re available. Like, ideally, right now, because he’s stuck on the bench press:

GTY 462417770 S SPO FBN USA AZ

Minor Leaguers talk about Marshawn Lynch not talking

By now, you’ve seen the videos and your friend’s Facebook debates about whether Marshawn Lynch is awesome or a huge jerk — after a bunch of fines this year, from ducking the media to grabbing his crotch, the Seattle star running back handled Super Bowl media days with — umm — grace and respect to the reporters who dared to ask reporter-esque questions.

Braves outfielder Braxton Davidson doesn’t understand why reporters insist on doing their jobs and asking reasonable questions to star athletes during designated media sessions ahead of the Super Bowl:


Minoring in Twitter: From ‘American Sniper’ to ‘DeflateGate’

By Danny Wild /

Minor Leaguers got the memo about American Sniper this past week, and the praise has been flowing like Randy Johnson’s hair:

It’s pretty rare everyone agrees on something in this country (even Michael Moore relented and admitted the film itself was good). For those not paying attention, American Sniper stars Bradley Cooper as Chris Kyle, the former Navy SEAL sniper who had more than 220 probable kills and 160 confirmed kills during his four tours in Iraq. The Clint Eastwood film shows Kyle’s struggle with taking lives and protecting his fellow American soldiers in a high-stress combat zone while also cycling back to his “normal” life as a husband and father. The ending is just brutal.

fb_share (more…)

Minoring in Twitter: Most players are currently freezing

By Danny Wild /

It’s been a busy week, between Hall of Fame news and Stuart Scott’s passing and something about the Dallas Cowboys, and according to multiple Minor League sources with knowledge of the situations, it’s like really cold outside. By the way, thanks to colleague Sam Dykstra for picking up the slack this past month as I enjoyed some time away from the office.

Let’s start with the Hall of Fame as pitchers John Smoltz, Randy Johnson, Pedro Martinez joined second baseman Craig Biggio in winning trips to scenic Cooperstown, New York:

Braves outfielder and 2014 first-round pick Braxton Davidson argues that Barry Bonds should be honored despite his “situation,” which possibly refers to the time he may or may not have received drugs from a trainer who is currently in prison:

Jake Gatewood agrees, referring to the guy who was once indicted in federal court on four counts of perjury and one count of obstruction of justice:

Rob Whalen gives his take, with a nod to Mike Piazza, who ought to be in Cooperstown already:


Minoring in Twitter: Trade reactions in 140 characters (or more)

By Sam Dykstra/

Danny Wild is off again this week, probably getting in the holiday spirit a week early in the wilds of Rockland County, so I’m back in the saddle for Minoring in Twitter this week. And what a week in the game of baseball. It feels like we hardly know the Padres anymore, given their acquisitions of Matt Kemp, Wil Myers, Justin Upton, etc.. Of course, these trades affect the Minors Leaguers involved as well, and many of them took to Twitter to express their thoughts.

Trea Turner, particularly, found himself in a precarious position.

Let us count the ways this day got interesting for the former NC State shortstop.

1) When he sent out that tweet, he was involved in the Wil Myers-to-San Diego trade rumors with Turner going to Washington in the three-team deal. First off, imagine how weird it must be to be going about your day, only to find out via the internet that you may have a different employer by day’s end. That’s got to be strange in itself.

2) Turner isn’t even technically supposed to be traded yet. As a 2014 Draft pick, he can’t be moved until one year after being selected, so he’s not eligible to head to Washington until June 2015. (The deal technically involves a player-to-be-named-later, although it’s widely reported that the name to be revealed later will be Turner’s.) That has to add to the blind side effect.

Jose Trevino noted just how weird this might be now:

Fellow Padres prospect at the time Jake Bauers had Turner’s back on this issue. Bauers was reportedly being sent to Tampa Bay in the same deal.

When the trade became official, Bauers needed a few more characters to convey his thoughts.


Minoring in Twitter: Busy Winter Meetings shake up Heaney’s plans

By Danny Wild /


We’re all recovering from the Winter Meetings in San Diego, an event that is a vastly different experience if you work for a Major or Minor League team. It can also be a stressful and exciting week for players, who are passed around like the free beers we all got at Petco Park on Wednesday. Marlins Dodgers Angels prospect Andrew Heaney had quite a run by himself:

Yeah, you’re reading that right. Within a few hours, Heaney was traded from the Marlins to the Dodgers and then over to the Angels in two separate deals.

Chris Bassitt, in a really cool move, announced he’d be giving away his White Sox gear after Chicago traded him:

D-backs top prospect Archie Bradley was not traded, but he has been considering another team:

For others, like Padres prospect Ryan Miller, it’s been a less exciting offseason:

Apparently, he really has been working at Target this winter:’s Kelsie Heneghan tipped me off to Mark Appel‘s zoo adventure, where his subdued selfies tell the story:


Minoring in Twitter: Getting that elusive @MLB follow

By Sam Dykstra /

Danny Wild is off this week, either because he’s filled with turkey and stuffing or he’s busy packing all of his cargo shorts for the Winter Meetings in San Diego next week, so I’ll be filling in as your Minoring in Twitter guide. Unlike Danny, I actually have a Twitter account, and you can follow me there: @SamDykstraMiLB. But this isn’t about me and my tweets, it’s about the Minor Leaguers and their 140-character thoughts.

We start with a roller coaster of emotion. Those who run the MLB Twitter account decided to start following some Minor Leaguers this week. Said Minor Leaguers received notifications of their newest big-time follower, only to be reminded that they weren’t quite on the big stage yet. Take it from Cubs farmhand Dustin Geiger:

Meanwhile, Dayton Dragons marketing manager Jason McKendree caught a case of FOMO:

Danny covered Todd Van Steensel’s Taylor Swift obsession last week, but in case you needed more proof (or wanted to be jealous because you are also a T. Swift fan), the Australia native threw it back to this picture from a year ago:

Not to be outdone, D-backs farmhand Steve McQuail has a female-singer crush of his own. (more…)


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