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Minoring in Twitter: Catching up with Kris Bryant, J.P. Crawford’s dog, other top prospects

By Danny Wild /

I thought we’d check in with some No. 1 prospects this week. For example, Phillies top dog J.P. Crawford really likes his gigantic Game of Thrones direwolf dog:

Game of Thrones trivia: Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark) adopted her direwolf, Lady, after Season 1:



Dylan Bundy is still Baltimore’s top prospect, and he’s just staying cozy and warm in front of his really nice stone fireplace and decorative table balls:

Byron Buxton, the oft-injured Twins top prospect, shows off his current injury (and his child): (more…)

Minoring in Twitter: Decker, Barfield slug it out

By Danny Wild /

barfield decker

Fans so far are lining up behind Jeremy Barfield Cody Decker when it comes to their favorite Minor League personalities on Twitter based on our poll question on the homepage. Barfield had been leading with 43 percent of fans, but once we actually told Cody about the poll and his low vote totals, suddenly things turned around. Here’s how the poll looked around 3 p.m. on Nov. 13:



But then something amazing happened. About an hour later, Cody called upon the wildly popular El Paso Chihuahuas for help:



Minoring in Twitter: Best Halloween costumes from the Minors

By Danny Wild /

CNN made Justin Jackson a minor celebrity by featuring his Tupac Halloween outfit on the homepage:

Ryan Verdugo declared himself a “Beerfest character,” although he wasn’t totally sure. “A Bavarian I guess,” he said. He was like, this year, I’m totally wearing suspenders. With shorts. Done.

Cubs outfielder Anthony Giansanti was a bloodied, decaying zombie, but a zombie who still knows how to tie a neat bowtie:

Padres prospect Cory Spangenberg better have walked around the entire night in this exact pose, ripping open his shirt — otherwise he just looks like a dude coming home from the office:

The Gordon brothers, Nick (Twins) and Dee (Dodgers) swapped jerseys on Halloween in a unique but somewhat lazy concept. Surely one of our Minoring in Twitter readers dressed up this October as their father, Tom “Flash” Gordon, right?

The Arizona Fall League’s Salt River Rafters posed for a Halloween team photo:

Let’s dissect. I see Superman and Batman, Luigi (of Super Mario fame),  a cowboy (Woody?) in spandex pants, Peter Pan, the Grim Reaper, a banana and probably my favorite costume so far, some guy dressed as the late Kim Jong Il. Other guys here, I’m not so sure about … a ping pong player? A dude in a bike helmet? Someone in a sombrero? There’s one guy wearing yoga pants, a cup and a camo shirt? And the guy next to him is in red fuzzy pants? The one guy in the back in the burka is kind of funny — I thought initially he was a ghost wearing sunglasses — but again, Kim Jong Il gets my vote, I’m dying to know who that is:

kim jong il

More from Arizona, here’s the Scottsdale Scorpions:

Obviously we have another Spiderman, plus Santa, Snow White, Randy Johnson and a full-size bikini model. But come on, that is a weak Mr. Met costume.

Moving on, here’s the AFL’s Mesa Solar Sox:

I don’t even know where to start with that one. I see two guys riding inflatable monkeys… a viking… someone in jeans and a tank top? I guess the skeleton guy gets some points for just going with a classic look.

I can see the whole concept in this photo, but otherwise, if you’re just walking around in a sweater vest like that… I dunno:

D-backs Minor Leaguer Dallas Newton had this combo to offer:

Travis d’Arnaud‘s mask kind of makes you uncomfortable just looking at it:

Yankees prospect Peter O’Brien is outed as Salt Rivers’ Peter Pan:

I think this was a 2013 costume, but he tweeted, so it counts:

Princess Peach makes an appearance:


Another weird trio:

Cardinals prospect Mike O’Neill shows off his ball-spinning skills:

For those who forgot already, he’s channeling Will Ferrell from 2008′s Semi-Pro:

jackie moon

Colin Walsh revealed, however, that an entire team of Jackie Moons was out in force on Halloween night. Apparently they don’t sell jerseys of other Flint Tropics players:

Cubs prospect Addison Russell with one of the most terrifying looks of Halloween 2014:

Here’s Jake from State Farm and Flo from Progressive:

Blue Jays prospect Dalton Pompey went as Aunt Jemima, best known for her maple-flavored high fructose corn syrup and pancake mix. His teammates, unidentified, appear to be sunglasses-wearing blonde women in yoga pants and Ugg boots holding pumpkin spice lattes, and honestly, you have to admit these guys pull off the yoga pants pretty well:

Athletics outfielder Jaycob Brugman has sort of but not quite an adorable family photo:

Braves right-hander Alec Grosser. Boo this man:

More superheroes:

Reds slugger Donald Lutz didn’t actually have ceiling fan blades coming out of his mask (I think):


Tony Thomas with a classic, iconic character:


Not really a scary costume, but it involved multiple people:

Cameras were rolling for this behind-the-back catch and Batman-themed celebration in the Arizona Fall League:

The D-backs — and we’ll allow Major Leaguers here for now — were hard to beat:

The Albuquerque Isotopes’ front office dressed up, and no one went with a Breaking Bad character? Really?

This dog is just confused about that cloudy wallpaper behind him:

Asheville took a family photo but didn’t invite Mr. Met (I don’t blame them):

Frederick second baseman Jermone Pena basically wore the same thing the Fresno Grizzlies debuted this summer:

Kevin Pillar and his wife went as boxers, or more realistically, they put on hooded bath robes and used some of Mrs. Pillar’s eye shadow for a quick Halloween solution:

Allan Dysktra, the reigning Triple-A All-Star Home Run Derby champion, got his house dressed up:

Frank Viola III, released by Toronto at the end of this season, earns a spot here for this one:

Oakland righty Tanner Peters found a mermaid, and that apparently was his costume — standing next to her:

Yeah seriously, what’s up with this?

In non-Halloween breaking news, Joe Gatto took to Twitter to make his long-awaited public announcement that, finally, he’s growing out his hair:

Want to get trash-talked by a baseball player?

Indians No. 2 prospect and first-round pick and generally extremely talented athlete Clint Frazier was not able to get an offseason job as a part-time sales associate at a local athletic store. Wow.

Rockies left-hander Christian Friedrich shows the lineup at Game Stop when the new Call of Duty went on sale. A guy who appeared in 16 Major League games last season for Colorado, standing in the back of the line in a dark strip mall parking lot at midnight:

Finally, Todd Van Steensel keeps the streak alive!

Chipotle Tweets of the Week

A weak showing from players declaring their Chipotle love this week despite the Mexican chain offering $3 burritos after 5 p.m. on Halloween. I had high expectations, but we’ll have to settle for Rangers infielder Seth Spivey (no relation to Junior), who asked a simple but polarizing question:

Seth, this may be before your time in the Minors, but I myself asked this very same bold and important question to every single Minor Leaguer back in 2012 when we conducted player polls. Simple: In-n-Out or Chipotle?

Chipotle won with 66 percent of the vote.

Oh wait, what’s that? Pirates 2014 first-rounder Cole Tucker has made a shameless attempt to be featured here? Fine:

Minoring in Twitter: Awkward Chevy guy, LeBron’s return, and a stolen iPhone

By Danny Wild /

The San Francisco Giants have been crowned a dynasty (despite missing the playoffs twice in the past four years), but perhaps the most memorable storyline from Wednesday’s nail-biting World Series win was the hilariously awkward trophy presentation moment between Madison Bumgarner and a guy from Chevy. Minor Leaguers had their predictable congratulatory tweets for the Giants, but a bunch stuck around long enough to hear about the Chevy Colorado’s “technology and stuff.”

Also, this:

Some light offseason reading:

This is our weekly cell phone photo of Twins first-rounder Nick Gordon:

What did Walter White warn, tread lightly?

I don’t even know where to start on this one:

You can rely on Minoring in Twitter, every Friday, though:

Boom. Joey Pankake has publicly called out Hardee’s:

Minor Leaguers were excited about LeBron James’ return to Cleveland this week. And rightfully so, since LeBron himself declared his return to the city that absolutely hates loves him as “probably one of the biggest sporting events ever.”

Right. Greatest day in sports history, a mostly meaningless regular-season game in Ohio against the hapless Knicks.

Really? Chipotle? Oh, he went there…

Dodgers stud Joc Pederson has lost his mind, not over Lebron, but fantasy football and its painfully thin, unpredictable talent pool:

Blue Jays breakout prospect Daniel Norris has been posting some interesting photos lately:

His garage:

And this dreamy portrait from Instagram:

Great moments in offseason history:


Blue Jays prospect Casey Lawrence wasn’t happy when his iPhone was stolen while pitching in Venezuela this week. Watch the drama unfold:

Cardinals’ Minor League lefty Jordan DeLorenzo was thinking aloud while dealing with boredom:

I guess the camo shirt worked for Joey Terdoslavich:

Like the Chevy Guy?

Eric Cordier spent the large majority of 2014 with Triple-A Fresno before appearing in six games for the Giants. On Wednesday, all the hard work paid off:

Gary Brown also spent most of the year at Fresno, but he was focused on something else in the moments following San Fran’s win:


Not that crazy:

Lastly, in a scandal that rocked the Minor League Twitter universe, Zeb Sneed will be more careful in the future.

Chipotle Tweets of the Week

* * *

For those who missed it, the Minors’ reaction to Oscar Taveras.

Minoring in Twitter: Players mourn, remember Cardinals outfielder Oscar Taveras

By Danny Wild /

St. Louis Cardinals rookie outfielder Oscar Taveras died in a car accident in the Dominican Republic on Sunday afternoon. The news was crushing to the baseball community as players, coaches and teams reacted on Twitter to the stunning tragedy:




One of Taveras’ former coaches, Phillip Wellman, was crushed by the news:


Of course, Major Leaguers reacted as well:

NLCS - San Francisco Giants v St Louis Cardinals - Game Two

The Mets were among many teams to add a personal message:




Minoring in Twitter: Marlins guy at World Series distracts, annoys

By Danny Wild /

People continue to notice that guy in an orange Marlins jersey sitting behind home plate at every postseason game:

Who is he? His name is Laurence Leavy, and he owns a law firm in Florida. The 58-year-old claims he’s been to around 100 World Series and Super Bowl games. Must be nice to have a bazillion dollars and that much free time.

marlins guy

Leavy claimed the Royals tried to make him move seats, out of view of TV cameras. From the Miami Herald:

“The owner of the Royals was extremely upset that I was there,” Leavy said Wednesday. They offered him a private suite if he would move. They tried enticing him with free World Series goodies if he would get rid of the jersey. No way, Marlins Man said.

Nice. But either way, Minor Leaguers weren’t entirely pleased:

We’ve figured it out — he has money and wants attention:

Even Bryce Harper chimed in:

Time to leave, says Foster Griffin:

So, yeah. Now he’s Internet famous and will haunt you the rest of October.

Moving on, the secret to improving your swing? Here it is:

Blue Jays prospect Dalton Pompey says he’s never found anything he’s lost:

Padres Minor Leaguer Ryan Miller showing off his orange Camaro at the gas pump:

Kenny Wilson had an encounter with his dog. Admittedly, I needed to refer to Urban Dictionary to fully understand this one:

Duh. They’re reading Minoring in Twitter:

Whatever helps burn calories, right?

Luke Jackson shows off an old portrait:

A bike ride through farm fields and rolling green mountains. Nice offseason:

Or would you prefer blue skies and sunny beaches?

Meanwhile, Michael Chavis isn’t embracing the nature surrounding him:

Here’s that photo of Fat Burt you’ve been waiting to see:

Dace Kime had sushi with his mom, just so you’re aware. Stuff like this is what Twitter was intended for:

Gym selfie:

Minoring in Twitter favorite Todd Van Steensel has a special note for his fans:

Behold, a SeaHawks Jack-o-Lantern:

Someone was very hungry:

Hard to top onion strings:

Michael Kopech is getting a little discouraged:

White Sox speedster Micah Johnson wasn’t knocked out by Breaking Bad, one of the most acclaimed, awarded and popular show in decades.

Hunter Cole is having a rough day:

Need some quick cash? Here’s your man:

Corey Black has a mess to clean up:

Whenever I see people using this totally not real word, I think of that poor guy detained in North Korea:

Here’s dinner:

Trevor Gretzky seemed to be the only Minor Leaguer to acknowledge the incident in Ottawa this week:

Need a surfboard?

Homemade BBQ sauce. The offseason can only go down from here, huh?

Ketchup is delicious:

Chipotle Tweets of the Week

Minoring in Twitter: Minor Leaguers rejoice at return of ‘Walking Dead’

By Danny Wild /

Minor Leaguers, like millions of other ordinary, non-baseball-playing Americans, love zombies. Sunday marked the end of a seven-month wait as AMC’s The Walking Dead finally returned. Season 5′s premiere (which incidentally included a new character wearing a Detroit Tigers cap — he survived about as long as the actual Tigers did this postseason.) attracted a series-high 17.3 million viewers, some of which were the very Minor League players we may or may not want with us on a zombie takeover survival team:

Photo by Gene Page/AMC

Photo by Gene Page/AMC


Minoring in Twitter: Love/hate Katy Perry

By Danny Wild /

We found out this week that Minor Leaguers really like — and this will be hard to believe — college football, and maybe also Katy Perry. Ordinarily those two things are separate, but this week was a perfect storm on ESPN. Unfamiliar? Catch up quickly here.

Katy Perry

I mean, the fuzzy pink isn’t that flattering, but we’ve seen worse:

Zach Von Rosenberg couldn’t ask for more, actually. Not even Chipotle:


Minoring in Twitter: Verlander rear-ended, Minor Leaguers freak out over Ebola

By Danny Wild /

Even though the CDC quickly reassured Americans that Ebola “poses no significant risk to the United States,” the virus’ terrifying hold on the public has spread even as far as the Minors. Have you recently touched the blood of an infected Ebola patient? No? You’re probably good to go then. But…

In America, one guy has it. Not so much an outbreak, but…

The difference between Bryce Harper, who’s in the playoffs, and his brother, who is in the kitchen:

Hashtag Billy Beane:

Another bad idea:

Ben Verlander isn’t having a good week:

Neither is this guy:

Will Startup shows off some classic ball art:

Yankees prospect Eric Jagielo will miss the Arizona Fall League after getting hit in the face with a pitch. He actually looks pretty good, considering:

Ever wake up and immediately think about when you’ll be able to go back to sleep? Right? Like every morning, pretty much?


What about ketchup?

Stick to Chipotle:


Is that the new iPhone 6?

Lake Elsinore’s Hunter Renfroe is ready for the offseason:

So is Dace Kime:

But how was the food?

What an amazing world we live in (minus the Ebola):


Luke Jackson needs sunscreen:

Hitting golf balls is a full-body workout:

JP Crawford’s prediction before a ho-hum Wild Card game:

Offseason conditioning meets helping your friend move apartments:

Prospects doing some pre-Wild Card trash talking:

How’d he die? Too much driving:

Derek Jeter’s career is over, and the young New York native shortstop the Yankees drafted to potentially replace Jeter? He’s watching Disney movies:

Todd Van Steensel, separated from Chipotle and Jimmy John’s, is now stuck with a new problem back home:

Daniel Norris getting ahead of himself:

Beats old peanut butter, right?

Big day coming up for Ty Kelly:

Setting your goals high:

Breaking news:

Breaking news, Part II:

Never heard of this holiday, have you?

Who knew?

Taylor Swift thinks about this too:

Chipotle Tweets of the Week

Duh. No debate:

Close call:

Looks good. Chipotle quality though?

Minoring in Twitter: Minor Leaguers say goodbye to Jeter

By Danny Wild /

Derek Jeter (Danny Wild) (1)

In case you haven’t heard, Yankees captain Derek Jeter will play his final game in Boston this weekend, ending a 20-year career, one that, among other things, has inspired a countless number of current players in the Minors who grew up watching the Yankees shortstop. Jeter, who burst onto the Major League scene full-time in 1996, was drafted in 1992 and appeared in 462 Minor League games, beginning with the Gulf Coast League Yankees in ’92.

So many current Minor Leaguers and young Major Leaguers list Derek Jeter as their favorite player growing up, so you can imagine that his farewell was the talk of Twitter this week.




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