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Minoring in Twitter: Prospects rally, react to US soccer advancing

By Danny Wild /

We here at Minoring in Twitter strive to find some relevant storyline each week, and so you’ll be very impressed by what I managed to get this week. World Cup. USA vs. Germany. Donald Lutz.


Who’s Donald Lutz? He’s a Reds Minor League outfielder — in fact, he’s played in seven Major League games this season — and he grew up in Germany. Lutz was born in upstate New York but moved to Germany when he was 2. He was a member of Germany’s national baseball team and somehow got discovered over there by the Reds, who signed him in 2007. He made his Major League debut in 2013 and hit for the cycle with Double-A Pensacola this April… but who is he rooting for? He’s American, he’s quasi-German, he (I think) still lives in Germany during the offseason. How many other Minor Leaguers are so uniquely connected to this World Cup match-up?

The answer is, I have no clue who he’s rooting for, but on June 21, he was all Team GER:

That was a day after the U.S. government, by way of a local village parking meter, stole $.25 from his pocket. That’s probably enough to make you abandon all loyalty to the flag. In fact, his Twitter profile picture is the German soccer team flag/logo:

Clearly he’s got the yellow, black and red facepaint on behind these tweets. But then?

So, again, who was this guy rooting for in Thursday’s USA-Germany showdown? He predicted a 3-0 Germany win:

And then this?

As we all know, us Americans showed how to lose and still win. Mr. Lutz was thrilled:


Prospect Q&A: Cardinals RHP Jordan Swagerty on Getting His Swag Back

(Quad Cities River Bandits)

(Quad Cities River Bandits)

Jordan Swagerty (@JordanSwagerty) is probably off your radar for the 2013 Minor League season. He didn’t pitch in 2012, so that probably explains that.

Here’s why he should be: Nine months after major surgery — and 16 months since his last MiLB appearance — Swagerty is healthy again, raring to go.

The last time we saw him in action, the now-23-year-old right-hander swept through three levels in the Cardinals’ system in 2011, compiling a 1.83 ERA and an 89-to-23 strikeout-to-walk ratio in 93 2/3 innings, his first since St. Louis made him a second-round draftee in 2010.

Forty-two days from Spring Training, Swagerty is in Arizona, completing two bullpen sessions a week, waiting to resume his trek to the Majors. I caught up with him on the phone this afternoon.

Me: How has the offseason been?

Swagerty: To me, it’s been about a 13-month offseason, but it’s been good. Still going to rehab everyday and getting my arm back in shape. It’s finally coming around. I’m going to be ready for Spring [Training], so it’s exciting to get back to baseball mode.

Me: What stage of rehab are you at?

Swagerty: I have been throwing pens now for  a while and actually, probably going to have to slow it down for a bit, just so I don’t build up too fast because I’m going to have a little extra time to play with, which is nice. I’m still strengthening everything, making sure everything is right, stretching everything out. It’s nice to have a couple weeks of time that is extra in case there was something that went wrong.

Me: Sounds like an on-time recovery.

Swagerty: Yeah, actually a little bit earlier than I thought, so everything is on schedule. That is nice thing.

Me: What have you been up to aside from rehabbing this past year?

Swagerty: I did I did a lot of hunting during hunting season, spent a lot of time in the weight room — I can’t do a whole lot of upper body, but whatever I can to strengthen my legs. Reading some books and finding a way to stay focused. I’ve been rehabbing here [in Arizona], but I did get time [in Texas] over the holidays. Two or three weeks at home, always good to see family.

Me: What’s been the challenge of not pitching in a game for more than a year?

Swagerty: Seeing your buddies playing, it’s easy to get you down because you want to be out there. I guess the challenge is staying focused on what you have to do on an everyday basis, going to rehab — rehab get’s very repetitive, so staying focused on what you have to do everyday and not trying to look toward the end of it, I think, is the biggest challenge.