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Minoring in Twitter: Most players are currently freezing

By Danny Wild /

It’s been a busy week, between Hall of Fame news and Stuart Scott’s passing and something about the Dallas Cowboys, and according to multiple Minor League sources with knowledge of the situations, it’s like really cold outside. By the way, thanks to colleague Sam Dykstra for picking up the slack this past month as I enjoyed some time away from the office.

Let’s start with the Hall of Fame as pitchers John Smoltz, Randy Johnson, Pedro Martinez joined second baseman Craig Biggio in winning trips to scenic Cooperstown, New York:

Braves outfielder and 2014 first-round pick Braxton Davidson argues that Barry Bonds should be honored despite his “situation,” which possibly refers to the time he may or may not have received drugs from a trainer who is currently in prison:

Jake Gatewood agrees, referring to the guy who was once indicted in federal court on four counts of perjury and one count of obstruction of justice:

Rob Whalen gives his take, with a nod to Mike Piazza, who ought to be in Cooperstown already:


Minoring in Twitter: Busy Winter Meetings shake up Heaney’s plans

By Danny Wild /


We’re all recovering from the Winter Meetings in San Diego, an event that is a vastly different experience if you work for a Major or Minor League team. It can also be a stressful and exciting week for players, who are passed around like the free beers we all got at Petco Park on Wednesday. Marlins Dodgers Angels prospect Andrew Heaney had quite a run by himself:

Yeah, you’re reading that right. Within a few hours, Heaney was traded from the Marlins to the Dodgers and then over to the Angels in two separate deals.

Chris Bassitt, in a really cool move, announced he’d be giving away his White Sox gear after Chicago traded him:

D-backs top prospect Archie Bradley was not traded, but he has been considering another team:

For others, like Padres prospect Ryan Miller, it’s been a less exciting offseason:

Apparently, he really has been working at Target this winter:’s Kelsie Heneghan tipped me off to Mark Appel‘s zoo adventure, where his subdued selfies tell the story:


Minoring in Twitter: Marlins guy at World Series distracts, annoys

By Danny Wild /

People continue to notice that guy in an orange Marlins jersey sitting behind home plate at every postseason game:

Who is he? His name is Laurence Leavy, and he owns a law firm in Florida. The 58-year-old claims he’s been to around 100 World Series and Super Bowl games. Must be nice to have a bazillion dollars and that much free time.

marlins guy

Leavy claimed the Royals tried to make him move seats, out of view of TV cameras. From the Miami Herald:

“The owner of the Royals was extremely upset that I was there,” Leavy said Wednesday. They offered him a private suite if he would move. They tried enticing him with free World Series goodies if he would get rid of the jersey. No way, Marlins Man said.

Nice. But either way, Minor Leaguers weren’t entirely pleased:

We’ve figured it out — he has money and wants attention:

Even Bryce Harper chimed in:

Time to leave, says Foster Griffin:

So, yeah. Now he’s Internet famous and will haunt you the rest of October.

Moving on, the secret to improving your swing? Here it is:

Blue Jays prospect Dalton Pompey says he’s never found anything he’s lost:

Padres Minor Leaguer Ryan Miller showing off his orange Camaro at the gas pump:

Kenny Wilson had an encounter with his dog. Admittedly, I needed to refer to Urban Dictionary to fully understand this one:

Duh. They’re reading Minoring in Twitter:

Whatever helps burn calories, right?

Luke Jackson shows off an old portrait:

A bike ride through farm fields and rolling green mountains. Nice offseason:

Or would you prefer blue skies and sunny beaches?

Meanwhile, Michael Chavis isn’t embracing the nature surrounding him:

Here’s that photo of Fat Burt you’ve been waiting to see:

Dace Kime had sushi with his mom, just so you’re aware. Stuff like this is what Twitter was intended for:

Gym selfie:

Minoring in Twitter favorite Todd Van Steensel has a special note for his fans:

Behold, a SeaHawks Jack-o-Lantern:

Someone was very hungry:

Hard to top onion strings:

Michael Kopech is getting a little discouraged:

White Sox speedster Micah Johnson wasn’t knocked out by Breaking Bad, one of the most acclaimed, awarded and popular show in decades.

Hunter Cole is having a rough day:

Need some quick cash? Here’s your man:

Corey Black has a mess to clean up:

Whenever I see people using this totally not real word, I think of that poor guy detained in North Korea:

Here’s dinner:

Trevor Gretzky seemed to be the only Minor Leaguer to acknowledge the incident in Ottawa this week:

Need a surfboard?

Homemade BBQ sauce. The offseason can only go down from here, huh?

Ketchup is delicious:

Chipotle Tweets of the Week

Minoring in Twitter: Verlander rear-ended, Minor Leaguers freak out over Ebola

By Danny Wild /

Even though the CDC quickly reassured Americans that Ebola “poses no significant risk to the United States,” the virus’ terrifying hold on the public has spread even as far as the Minors. Have you recently touched the blood of an infected Ebola patient? No? You’re probably good to go then. But…

In America, one guy has it. Not so much an outbreak, but…

The difference between Bryce Harper, who’s in the playoffs, and his brother, who is in the kitchen:

Hashtag Billy Beane:

Another bad idea:

Ben Verlander isn’t having a good week:

Neither is this guy:

Will Startup shows off some classic ball art:

Yankees prospect Eric Jagielo will miss the Arizona Fall League after getting hit in the face with a pitch. He actually looks pretty good, considering:

Ever wake up and immediately think about when you’ll be able to go back to sleep? Right? Like every morning, pretty much?


What about ketchup?

Stick to Chipotle:


Is that the new iPhone 6?

Lake Elsinore’s Hunter Renfroe is ready for the offseason:

So is Dace Kime:

But how was the food?

What an amazing world we live in (minus the Ebola):


Luke Jackson needs sunscreen:

Hitting golf balls is a full-body workout:

JP Crawford’s prediction before a ho-hum Wild Card game:

Offseason conditioning meets helping your friend move apartments:

Prospects doing some pre-Wild Card trash talking:

How’d he die? Too much driving:

Derek Jeter’s career is over, and the young New York native shortstop the Yankees drafted to potentially replace Jeter? He’s watching Disney movies:

Todd Van Steensel, separated from Chipotle and Jimmy John’s, is now stuck with a new problem back home:

Daniel Norris getting ahead of himself:

Beats old peanut butter, right?

Big day coming up for Ty Kelly:

Setting your goals high:

Breaking news:

Breaking news, Part II:

Never heard of this holiday, have you?

Who knew?

Taylor Swift thinks about this too:

Chipotle Tweets of the Week

Duh. No debate:

Close call:

Looks good. Chipotle quality though?

Minoring in Twitter: Our bus broke down, and our bus driver quit

By Danny Wild /


Ben Verlander. There’s a guy whose probably got it pretty good, right? Expensive exotic cars, popping champagne in clubhouse celebrations with his Cy Young-winning brother, beautiful women, even more amazing cars, posing in dugouts like an Abercrombie model, putting up seven RBIs on two homers. The guy knows Kate Upton. That can’t be understated: he knows Kate Upton, probably really well.

But he’s a Minor Leaguer, so that means while Justin Verlander is off driving his supercars with supermodels, Ben is occasionally stranded on the side of a highway for four five seven hours with a broken bus and a sweaty, frustrated bus driver named Gordo:

Verlander tried reaching out to Peter Pan (the bus company, not the peanut butter tycoon or the mischievous boy) for help:

And Peter Pan was like, “Hey, Ben, we have no idea!”

Other Connecticut players pleaded for help:

Concerned about our young men, we checked in with Ben after hour No. 4:

Tigers righty Josh Heddinger also said it was a flat tire:

Hours later… still there…


Minoring in Twitter: Minor Leaguers are sick of LeBron

By Danny Wild /

What’s the most inescapably draining, exhausting and never-ending sports story lately? No, not the World Cup — LeBron James, of course.

LeBron James

We here in New York have relative confidence that Carmelo will come back to our beloved, inept Knicks, but LeBron? ESPN’s speculation is about as accurate as a bunch of random Minor Leaguers on Twitter, and so you can guess what comes next:

LeBron is going to Cleveland to join Johnny Manziel:

Hillsboro’s Jordan Parr says LeBron is going to be in Myrtle Beach next year. Oh wait, wrong Pelicans:

Yes. Yes. About as frequently as says “prospect”:

Oh wait, even better:

Yeah, take that, LeBron:

Ouch. Yes. Florida sports fans are hard to sympathize with:

Minoring in Twitter: Minor Leaguers ready for July 4th

By Danny Wild /


You don’t need to be a Ben’s Biz Blog reader to know that Minor League teams can’t resist dressing up their players in themed outfits for just about any occasion, whether it’s something uplifting and charitable like cancer awareness, or silly like Star Wars (or Star Wars, and also, Star Wars). Another theme the Minors has no shortage of: patriotic flag-themed jerseys, caps, cleats and gloves. From the players’ iPhones to your eyeballs, enjoy:

Brevard County’s Brandon Macias even got a gift basket of red, white and blue flowers from Daytona Cubs fans:

If that wasn’t enough for you — and maybe it wasn’t since, this is being written on the eve of July 4th — here are some other memorable uniforms we’ve seen: 3629952108_0ff21022e0_z 7499345714_9dfbcfb26a_c 7506093898_df6face651_c Ah yes, who can forget Derek Jeter being forced to wear this during a Double-A rehab… 5899757994_ff70eae368_z Wisconsin, earlier this week, had a walk-off with these lovely tops:  10488674_451590288311684_1224931449_n Lakewood’s Zach Green had a healthy breakfast: a cracker, some processed meat, “cheese,” a chocolate candy bar and some sugar water:


Prospect Roundup: Games of June 18 features:

Stock Watch: Twins RHP Trevor May, Pirates OF Josh Bell news:

Cubs promote top picks Kris Bryant, Kyle Schwarber game stories:

White Sox 2B Micah Johnson hits first Triple-A homer

Angels OF Brennan Boesch hits three homers in twinbill

Rockies RHP Carlos Polanco shines in US debut

Athletics RHP Arnold Leon and River Cats combine on two-hitter

Blue Jays LHP Daniel Norris’ Double-A debut overshadowed by brawl

Twins C Stuart Turner homers as Fort Myers clinches title

Athletics RHP Joseph Michaud rebounds in style with Vermont

Other top prospect performances:

Pirates RHP Nick Kingham, Triple-A Indianapolis: 7 IP, 4 H, ER, 2 K — Kingham picked up his first International League win in his second start. The 22-year-old has a 0.64 ERA through two starts at the level with a 10-to-1 K-to-BB. (more…)

Minoring in Twitter: O’s Bridwell wants a diaper, Norris kills his fish

By Danny Wild /


I think this one needs to lead the blog this week. Orioles fans, your No. 17 prospect, Parker Bridwell, not only wants to wear adult diapers, he feels the need to tell everyone:

Here’s Bridwell with someone who flaunts his no-diaper lifestyle:

The other storyline sweeping Twitter has been the saga of Blue Jays prospect Daniel Norris and his pet fish, Caladesi. Norris, Toronto’s No. 1-ranked left-hander, revealed to the world that he had a new “toy” on May 28:

Yo. Take care of that little guy. He then Tweeted some words of wisdom about doing the right thing:

And then, he killed his fish.

WHAT HAPPENED? According to Norris, he froze his small aquatic friend by placing his plastic fish tank on the hotel’s air conditioner and turning down the AC to a chilly 60 degrees. (Related: a door nail is a nail hammered through a door, often for decorative purposes, in which the protruding end is then bent over to secure it to the door. Thus, the nail is no longer reusable and, I guess, dead?)

The mourning period begins:

That’s the first recorded usage of the “#RIPCaladesi” hashtag in Twitter history, by the way.

Norris then had a chance to pitch on June 2 in Jupiter. Perhaps an opportunity to dedicate his Florida State League start to his icy friend? He turned in a decent start– six innings, nine hits, three runs, no walks, six strikeouts, no decision. Quality start with a broken heart.

Would a fish survive with the opposite? No air conditioning?

Finally, a real moment of silence for a baseball legend:

Shawon Dunston Jr reached out to Taijuan Walker after a teammate apparently matched his high-reaching efforts in the Peoria clubhouse:

White Sox fans would prefer their prized stolen base champ, Micah Johnson, not bang up the legs that helped him swipe 84 bases last season (although he’s only 11-of-19 in steal attempts this year, so maybe it’s already begun):

There’s no bus or Chipotle in this photo, but it does include hideous uniforms, so it’s pretty accurate: (more…)

Minoring in Twitter: Cartwheels, cookies, crawfish and snow

By Danny Wild /

Not sure what’s more authentically Minor League about this photo: the guy doing a failed (but somewhat impressive) cartwheel, or the classic white plastic lawn chairs they’re using to set up this team photo:

Jacksonville manager Andy Barkett doesn’t mind a little road trip, as long as it’s to Montgomery, a place that apparently never has a shortage of the rare Golden Double Stuf Oreos (Related facts: and are operated out of the original Oreo cookie factory in New York City, and one of our editors often goes on missions throughout New Jersey to find the newest and most exotic of Oreo flavors).



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